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  1. EasyDuck

    Iwaki alpha

    I would never trade my Arkansas for the Iwaki, i just love the Arkansas to much. I really don't understand how people can hate that ship. Sure it has no AA and torps make mince meat out of you. But play it as a brawler and feast on low tier tears :D
  2. EasyDuck

    clan tab in port disappeared

    I got another problem with the clan page on the game client, when i try to look at my clan it says: Web Server Unavailable. Kinda hard to check who has been active lately when i cant enter the clan page
  3. EasyDuck

    DD rant

    If you are in a BB then make the DD chase you. Most times they have to get with in detection range to be able to torp a ship that is running away from them. use your plane to spot torps/DD's. If you see a DD showing his bow or stern to you then just fire, since there is a higher chance to get a penetration hit from bow/stern or stern/bow then they're broadside since broadside shots will most times overpen. In a CA/CL just look at what angle the torps are comming, then chase the DD down. Use Hydro/Radar to your advantage. Or make the DD chase you and ambush him around a isle or friendly smoke. That is what i normally do and it works
  4. EasyDuck

    Community Contributor Program - FAQ

    2 streamers that really have done a lot for the wows community, congratulation iEarlgrey and Delert_
  5. Here is a collection of my wonky MM: http://imgur.com/a/fWVBi
  6. EasyDuck

    "Chat Mute" or "Chat Hide" Feature please

    But your solo play shows in a separate widget now... And your solo stats aren't that much better then your division stats....
  7. EasyDuck

    [NEWS] "Save Keyboards and Ships with Curse Voice"

    So any one else think it is kinda silly that only new accounts get a bonus for using Curse? Wargaming could have given a bonus code to current subscribers as well to increase the incentive to actually use this feature, It feels a little bit like a slap in the face to use that have a curse/wows account that there is no incentive to actually use this other then listening to kids raging when they get killed, or a bunch of Klingon language. I know of a few people that wont use this because of this. My WoT clan has a TS that we use to communicate on, so why download a extra program just to listen to raging and/or languages you don't understand?
  8. EasyDuck

    The stat whores have arrived

    So you are willing to discuss it in PM, but not on the forum where you frequently tell people that they are cheaters? How about you just say it here instead so every one can see your reasoning for not calling it a cheat when its a feature that's not built in the game, but a webpage that has nothing to do with wargaming? Show me the error of my statements here so every one can see your BS.
  9. EasyDuck

    The stat whores have arrived

    yes i am comparing it with the MoD's as it is something that not everyone has access to the same way you are saying that not every one has access to MoD's and since your high moral prevents you from using MoD's as you see them as cheating then this same high moral standing should prevent you from using external webpages to track your stats as this also should be considered cheating from your point of view. It gives you a advantage over the people that don't know the web page and can't check what areas they need to improve. Either stick to your high moral standings on all fronts, or climb down from your tall horse and feel the earth. On another note, threatening to report people that takes what you write and gives it back to you shows that your moral standing is really sub par to most other peoples. So either you actually stick to your "high" morals, or you don't. Your answer showed that you really don't have that a high moral standing, so please stop trolling.
  10. EasyDuck

    The stat whores have arrived

    Isn't tracking stats considered cheating for you? It gives you an advantage over other players that don't track stats to see what you need to improve on. Isn't this just the thing you frown upon with your high moral standards? Or is it okay since you are also doing it? Tracking stats can be compared with using Mod's to change crosshairs etc since it gives you a idea of where to improve your playing. Not everyone does that....
  11. 10 Citadels, 6 kills 144k damage in OBT with the Kongo
  12. EasyDuck

    middle mouse button doesn't do anything

    Middle Mouse Button is for firing and following shot. You can also press Z to follow shots after you have fired.
  13. EasyDuck

    Battleships and HE ammo

    My main issue is when i see a BB captain shooting another BB with HE and end up losing the game that way. Happens way to often now that i see BB captains shot HE and only HE at other BB's when they would be able to destroy the other BB with AP. AP should be standard loadout for BB's, not HE. This would remove a lot of the "misfire" of HE at start. But when there is 5 min left of the round and you see BB captains using HE at everything, then its the fault of the captain. BB's are made to shot AP at everything except DD's, and frankly DD's are food for CA's not BB's. I love it when enemy BB's shoot HE at my BB, yes the fires are annoying, but chances are that the BB that shoots AP will win 9 out of 10 brawls.
  14. EasyDuck

    Battleships and HE ammo

    What is up with BB captains shooting HE ammo? I see more and more BB's at Tier 6+ shooting HE ammo. I love it when they are on the other team, but when i see my own BB teammates shooting HE at other BB's some thing inside me just dies. Its a sure way to lose, seriously 30 sec+ reload and you are shooting the ammo that does the least damage? Why not learn to aim instead and shoot AP and get those lovely 20k+ shots? BB captains needs to start shooting AP not HE. It would be great if WG could put AP as standard ammo loaded and HE as second ammo, that way less people would make a fool of them self by shooting HE in BB's. Just in case you are wondering, heres a video of what ammo to use: https://youtu.be/58jO2tSY4JU