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  1. johncl

    How do I get better at the game?

    You are new to the game ...You're likely doing everything wrong ...But don't feel bad ....Your best commander likely has 10 points at best..... mine has 21 points ...meaning before we even start I have a big advantage Next is knowledge about the game ...you have a little ..... I have a lot Next is applying the knowledge in real time in each battle ....You can't do it ..I do it well So to improve learn ship's specifications get a good captain apply what you have learnt real time in game It's a bit like making bread you will bake a lot of bad loafs before you bake some good ones
  2. johncl

    The best Brawl matchup I have ever seen.

    I found brawls boring as To many Schlifs Found running round the island in cap got boring very quick ...Won't be invest more time
  3. Hi guy's I have had crashing issues with WOWS on my PC I run an NVidia card ...(An old one) I updated my drivers reinstalled game & game centre Deleted profiles.dat & gave admin rights to all WOWs.exe I created an new windows profile to run the game on Deleted all registry entry's to do with wargamming None of these fixed my problems I rolled back my driver to one that worked in the past and the problem is solved ..
  4. johncl

    Ruckus is not transparent and WG broke promises

    I disagree i think its plain and clear .....It's a Con to steer well clear of You have to be a total [edited] to buy in to this
  5. johncl

    Why keeping ships?

    I enjoy Secondary build ships I have kept the Gneisenau but its not that good (poor guns) Bismarck is a fine ship as the Secondary's become a real weapon at T8 OVER T7 I have 130 ships i don't sell them as we only get 50% return ..(im 100% free to play)
  6. johncl

    Why keeping ships?

    Just keep the ships you like ... Fiji Bismarck Riga KG5 Kagaro ETC ETC and play them
  7. Addiction Escape from a crap real life Return on investment However for me I enjoy the game still because I don't take it to seriously ...I'm a grow man this is just a computer game ..The word perspective comes to mind So Play for free Except there are many thing in the game you won't have Play the game for enjoyment of the game not for winning or losing as this has much to do with luck and team composition most of all when RNG is &^%$ing you in the A£ss ....turn off your PC get a beer some food watch a film ...come back to the game next week or in a few days Peace
  8. I play the game a lot i have completed the Dockyard event and im still not buying a slow ship with no tech tree associated ....its point less .
  9. johncl

    Some Co Op statistics.

    If coops where the only game mode i would never play this game ...They are good for a little ship testing of new ships nothing more I Agree with OP they could / should be so much more ...
  10. johncl

    Armada: Mecklenburg

    My Harlem has 2 points invested in AA and it munches planes bring on your CV plez
  11. I don't want to play this game mode so i will not play this patch ..Until you simpletons stop dictating and start to understand in the free world you get to chose .....I just won't waste my time here
  12. johncl

    Anyone Interested in taking over leadership of 2 active clans?

    Im off to bed now catch up with you in the next few days Many thanks
  13. johncl

    Anyone Interested in taking over leadership of 2 active clans?

    Hi I'm the commander of a clan. I have been recruiting any player i can get over the last 300 days(the age of the clan) to get the clan base up to a fair level . I am now starting phase two to get a better level of player to start out clan wars journey and it will all so improve our clan this is proving very hard . I would be happy to take 20 of your players in my clan. it would help us both me in getting a pre made group and you to keep some of your group together I will need all types of players from clan war commanders to recruiters as well as players Let me know if your interested this would be great for me and my players regards john
  14. johncl

    Hot Fix: Why We Need UX Research

    what is there constructive to say about such a crap company ..You can't change if you can't except the truth ..hence why you go round and round chasing your tails .in a word pathetic
  15. johncl

    Hot Fix: Why We Need UX Research

    Are you some type of court jester ..Opinion ...Not at all try fact....The community hasn't been listen too for year's ..Let me give a few facts ...CV rework OP ships Operations new maps Subs AA etc etc Just a few there are many more ..Quite solid facts that WEE GEE don't give [edited]what we say ..And you have the front to talk like you do ...You mug