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    I love history from the pacific war and general navy war that took place in WW2 + some few other aspects

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  1. starkim1999

    [RESULTS] Weekend Event: Flying the Flags

    time to use the 100 of flags i have then :D thank you wargaming for this chance!
  2. starkim1999

    HMSR looking for 2 competitive and active players

    Thanks :D i just made one haha xD
  3. Hello there Captain, Let me present myself! I am Starkim1999, i have Started a little Clan. Mostly to do Clan battles, but also have a good time togheter. I've put some requirments i think is not strict as they have to match me too :) Requirements: - 90% know how to speak and write english. it's okey if you aren't fluently as long as we can understand you! - You have to be 17 or older to join the clan - You need to atleast have a winrate 45% - It is not required to have a t10 ship as long as you are able to get them via the mission by each clan battle - Experience in combat - Have a discord and a mic - Be able to meet up to clan battles as often as possible, preferebal 2 times a week when clan battle is up. but remember real life is more important the anything. We also be require you to join the discord to both Reply and Apply to join. Apply or join here: https://discord.gg/FnVXVu7 (the discord server will be updated often) P.S this clan was made 30 min before this post :D so we are noob friendly
  4. starkim1999

    HMSR looking for 2 competitive and active players

    well i agree with you :( and sadly i have more focused on getting ships i am intrested in then actually getting to tier 10. the closest i be to a t10 would be the montana that i thing i am able to research too if i want 2, maybe i should start a bit small hehe
  5. starkim1999

    HMSR looking for 2 competitive and active players

    I'll never really had a reason to actually play this game, cuz me being stupid and competetive, i rarely played. but if i got a reason to actually be competetive in this game. That would be great
  6. starkim1999

    HMSR looking for 2 competitive and active players

    i'm Interested :D, i been trying hard to find a clan that actually does clan battles :3
  7. starkim1999

    Looking for a Clan

    im looking for a clan, i mostly like competetive play >.< i can talk english over voice. i got much experience with Battleships, almost never end a game without a kill :3 i go for the game objective and not focus only on kill. i'm more of a team player, but screaming at me i do the oppesite duo i will not tolerate to be screamed at i'm from Norway, but i can also speak english, can't promise its good XD i'll hate salty people >.< i'm a CBT player i'll like competetive play i'll hate being a solo player, duo since im a team player i can't really play without a communicating team for more info that i forgot here contact me: Steam: starkim1999 Skype: starkim1999 Discord: starkim1999 Youtube: starkim1999 (don't responde there XD) TS3: have it but rarely use it discord chat where im hanging out: https://discord.gg/53BccsU Remind me if i forgot something xD
  8. starkim1999

    CBT Player Streaming with others

    add me on skype: starkim1999
  9. www.twitch.tv/starkim1999'' guys i just wanan say i wanted to start streaming world of warships and i would love you if u joined me
  10. starkim1999

    Public Test General Feedback

    server down 19:00 norway
  11. starkim1999

    Royal Norwegian Army

    ik thats why they not on list i currently researching it but its hard to find something
  12. starkim1999

    Royal Norwegian Army

    as i mant my battleship and carrier is just teory and speculation for norway since they had big trouble with counterattack so my guess they tryed to build bigger ships xD
  13. starkim1999

    Royal Norwegian Army

    remember They add ships from plans that dont exist 2 i think norway had some plans building battleships to counterattack gemen fleet i They Also was planning 2 carrier not sure
  14. starkim1999

    Royal Norwegian Army

  15. starkim1999

    Royal Norwegian Army

    hello again guys ok so this is the royal norwegian army yes it lot more then we tough norway had during WW2 i wanna know if someone can make a tech tree out of this ships and would love to see your techtrees of norway thank you post it here a picture of a tech tree u think fit for this (make some premium ships 2 ) Royal Norwegian Army: Coast Defence ships: E HNoMS Eidsvold H HNoMS Harald Haarfagre N HNoMS Norge T HNoMS Tordenskjold corvettes: B HMS Buttercup (yes it was norwegian during this time) destroyers: A HNoMS Æger (1936) B HMS Badsworth (L03) HNoMS Bath (I17) D HNoMS Draug (1908) E USS Evans (DD-78) G HNoMS Garm (1913) HNoMS Gyller (1938) H USS Hopewell (DD-181) L HNoMS Lincoln (G42) M HNoMS Mansfield (G76) N HNoMS Newport (G54) O HNoMS Odin (1939) S USS Sigourney (DD-81) HNoMS Sleipner (1936) HNoMS St. Albans (I15) HNoMS Stord (G26) HNoMS Svenner (G03) T USS Thomas (DD-182) HNoMS Tor (1939) HNoMS Troll (1910) Y USS Yarnall (DD-143) MineLayers and Minesweeper: Vale-class gunboat B HNoMS Brage (1878) F HNoMS Frøya G HNoMS Glommen (1916) HNoMS Gor (1884) L HNoMS Laugen (1918) N HNoMS Nor (1878) O HNoMS Olav Tryggvason T HNoMS Tyr (1887) U HNoMS Uller (1876) V HNoMS Vale (1874) HNoMS Vidar (1878) O HNoMS Otra (1939) R HNoMS Rauma (1939) T HNoMS Thorodd Patrol Vessel: F HNoMS Fridtjof Nansen (1930) H HNoMS Heimdal (1892) HNoMS Hessa HNoMS Hitra HNoMS Honningsvåg K HNoMS King Haakon VII N HNoMS Nordkapp O SS Oster P HNoMS Pol III T HNoMS Thorodd V HNoMS Vigra Submarines: U HNoMS Ula (1943) HNoMS Uredd (P41) torpedo boat: B HNoMS Brand (1898) K HNoMS Kjell M MTB 345 S HNoMS Sæl HNoMS Stegg (1921) HNoMS Storm (1898) T HNoMS Trygg (1919) Ships of the Royal Norwegian Navy Motor Torpedo Boats (19) Destroyers (13) Submarines (12) Motor Gun Boats (8) Corvettes (7) Motor Launchs (7) MS Trawlers (6) Coastal defence ships (4) Escort destroyers (3) Motor minesweepers (2) Summary 81 warships of 10 types. War losses According to our files the Royal Norwegian Navy lost 23 warships during WWII (28.40%).