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  1. Rybak1999

    Calling All Hands - To An Open Boycott

    Even if everyone who reads the forum actually agreed with this and boycotted, it wouldn't have a noticeable impact. Because only ~10% of WoWs playerbase actually reads forum/reddit etc.
  2. Rybak1999

    Public Test 0.6.0 Feedback - New Skill System

    WG... just because you spent a lot of time making that mistake, doesn't mean you should cling to it... Just let it go, please
  3. Rybak1999

    0.5.6 Incoming - Patch Notes

    I find it very disturbing that nobody cares about the fact you can finally make use for all the doubloons. Warspite here I come!
  4. Rybak1999

    The Gaijin Strike Back

    Taaaa... już nie mogę się doczekać 1-2 godzinnych bitew gdzie pancerniki próbują cokolwiek trafić, przewiercenia na wylot robią absolutne zero, amerykańskie niszczyciele strzelają ślepakowymi torpedami, i tak dalej i wszystko co najlepsze. Ja raczej zostanę przy WoWs, ponieważ preferuję akcję i zręcznościowość.
  5. Rybak1999

    Torpedo soup - why it exist and what can be done

    You people also keep forgetting that all ships can turn on a dime, avoiding torps and drifting like in fricken Initial D anime. Real life BB takes AT LEAST A MINUTE to make a full rudder turn. Here it takes seconds. Manouverability is compressed 5-6 times too.
  6. Rybak1999

    Someone forgot to adjust 'Situational Awareness' in 0.5.5

    Guys, guys, please. Just stop for a moment and read this. In a similar, Polish thread about this problem, we came to a conclusion that WG screwed up the new spotting mechanics, because: IT DOES NOT WORK. AT ALL. The only change that WG made is that SA icon will disappear when enemy loses line of sight to you, you're stealth-firing in smoke/behind island/etc., and this icon will NOT appear again (if you would get spotted because of penalty, normal spotting still works normally) during 20s of penalty which STILL EXISTS!
  7. Rybak1999

    Somthing need's to be done

    Me, playing BB's in a nutshell: 1) Sniping DD's from 12-15km? No problem, I just load HE and poor sucker gets smacked for 5-10k. 2) Nurnberg broadside on at 8km? NOPE. 80% of shots miss, rest(if hits) does only overpens. -___-
  8. Rybak1999

    Alanta buffs ?

    I don't care about arcs, smoke screens etc. etc. Just give her PROPER light cruiser-like mobility. Rudder shift time on Atlanta being worse than Yorck's is just outright grotesque and ludicrous. Seriously.
  9. Rybak1999

    What ship profits most from the current DD infestation?

    Atlanta. Lurking around islands, sticking close to them - and waiting for an unsuspecting DD captain to pop up at 2-8km. Then eating him alive in record time. <3
  10. Rybak1999

    Arpeggio of Blue Steel: What's next?

    I want to see Takao-sama the Tsundere-class Heavy Cruiser as the next ARP reward. I-It's not like I like her or something, idiot! >_<
  11. Rybak1999

    0.5.5 News (Supertest)

    Any info about Atlanta buffs(not including the across-the-board turret HP buff)? Anything, even unofficial..? Increased shell velocity for example? Please?
  12. Rybak1999

    Saipan is in the prem shop

    @Nechrom: Please do, my full AA decked out Atlanta will enjoy this.
  13. Rybak1999

    Saipan is in the prem shop

    @xXx_Blogis_xXx: Keep in mind that Saipan uses Essex fully upgraded fighters and bombers, so while she doesn't have many TB's, they are durable and can quickly strike and return.
  14. Rybak1999


  15. Rybak1999

    Some interesting info around the world

    Sorry for my rudeness, but can someone please summarize most recent "interesting infos from RU"? What will come in 0.5.5, for example? Digging through at least 40-50 pages of posts would take waaaaaaaay too long. I'd be very grateful.