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  1. RepSrb

    Im really over shock now of CV controls beta tester here

    can you stop bs and patronising... i am here from day 1of open beta and defeated many overrated youtube cv players in old days... we were not polled on this rework ,there was no trial period , there was nothing!!!!! we have people whining and we lost half of carriers in t9 ,t7, t5 , which really existed , yet added tonns of vapourware and paper ships in other classes . i paused for a year because of this and will again when i get tired of this crap...
  2. RepSrb

    Im really over shock now of CV controls beta tester here

    snipe some part of the post- check. make sarcastic smirk- check. nope-still crap....
  3. RepSrb

    Im really over shock now of CV controls beta tester here

    yes me and many many others liked more rts style then point and shoot arcadish thing with other ships , when you had fighters and you had something to DO with them , you avoided AA module ships, you fight with limited planes whole game and carry loser teams , unlike this trash.
  4. RepSrb

    Im really over shock now of CV controls beta tester here

    as a friendly cv comarade i can tell you CVs ARE RUINED!!!!! they did last year complete gameplay style change because alot of noob players were whining and its the worst...
  5. RepSrb

    Should the game return to RTS carriers?

    yes. this is unplayable.
  6. you whined about rts carriers , you deserve the worst now.... i hate this mode its worldofwarplanes with ships. a less entertaining and worse user interface version .
  7. RepSrb

    I really dislike Japanese BBs?

    Heloo to you too... Its really bad that you spread desinformation, and blind these new players into having terrible time in wows as meat for others, so lets look at some stats since you like them and see who is right.... KONGO AT BOTTOM!!! https://wows-numbers.com/ship/4287575760,Kongo/ FUSO LOWER HALF ! https://wows-numbers.com/ship/4288624336,Fuso/ everybodys favourite NAGATO AT BOTTOM !! https://wows-numbers.com/ship/4284430032,Nagato/ only AMAGI SLIGHT ABOVE AVERAGE https://wows-numbers.com/ship/4281284304,Amagi/ now lets look at some similar topics for our topic starter > my suggestion form earlier
  8. RepSrb

    I really dislike Japanese BBs?

    I suggested, and many others to introduce some superyamato class BB , and seems they have finally listened. met one in game as test ship- Yashima. 6 x 510mm guns. how much it would cost?-nobody knows...
  9. RepSrb

    I really dislike Japanese BBs?

    Yes , japans BBs is the worst. My first line in wows was with this ships and plenty of bad experience. They were solid but as they were oldest nation they arent look at ,and more and more lethal new BBs are introduced over time they get worse and worse. Future is dark for you so advice is beter give up , Izumo is worst bb by far, Yamato is now just meh with too many overpens , and it too sluggish , slow welded turrets , wide profile like tennis court that catches arcing shells in masse , and burns easy.
  10. in good old Rts mode cvs could often run out of planes, and there was no reload. in a prolonged game you had to be careful , people forget that. also there was magic aa button , and 2 minotaurs could cover 2/3 of the map horizontally.
  11. cao ,igram aktivnije preko zime , evo javljam se.
  12. RepSrb

    1 year CV rework anniversary

    Worst rework in the history of gaming.