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  1. RepSrb

    RTS revival idea - Stratosphere Gameplay

    This is a common myth propagated by many , which was used for crappy rework, that it should be dispelled by now.... I played slow yamato and was never deleted like that in any games cv focused me, lost to about 30-40% HP left and healed to over 50% always. I did get deleted by 1 solo torpedo which caused detonation from a dd., so DDs are overpowered?? Attack needed at least 5 min to combine all squads and get to target, not 30 sec common lies we hear!!! And after 2 atacks like that you usually didnt have enough planes to make full squads again, so you were starting to get depleted. And only a total noob would get autodeleted like that ..... 5-6 km from anybody and no panic AA cruisers or dds close by for that matter.
  2. RepSrb

    Ban enterprise from ranks

    solution is simple- ban any premiums from ranked and clanwars , only standard tech three ships! that should be fair play.
  3. RepSrb

    Ranked with CVs - Why again?

    Premium ships should be banned from ranked and clan battles in any form.... main unbalance is in that.
  4. RepSrb

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    finally , the weak are weeded out. good riddance. when i boycoted after awful cv rework you didnt move a finger... bring back rts cariers!
  5. RepSrb

    Clan battles season 9

    Games were great , i feel CV should have been implemented long ago even in RTS phase , then people would adapt and it wouldnt be such and outcry by weak and unprepared players.... Stalin is OP because its for steel+ its country of origin + its name. Venezia and Halland are OP because they are new, so that people would grind them , they will be nerfed soon enough. I do think there should be a 1 CV and 1 BB and 1 DD as a must per team in game , and the rest of 4 ships- can be CA or CL. That would make games much more interesting and unpredictible.
  6. RepSrb

    M.I.A. HMS Goliath

    ive seen it in clan wars ,and it kinda works against hakuryu because it can unlike other ships heal 50% od citadel damage instead of just 10%.
  7. Submarines were implemented also as add-on in old naval game navyfield with oxygen timer so they had to resurface after a while , also submerged there speed was much slower, and torpedoes were unguided and had low range. I like submarines but maybe limited 2 per side, and with that mechanic.
  8. RepSrb

    Gotta "love" how WG treat new players

    Yes the container is very expencive , its most expencive of all the containers by far.!!! That is very alarming. They put some flags and what not and price it over the moon... They could have made some of those missions available again ,a rehash like they are doing with bismarck and dunkirk missions. Dont expect understanding here, community and old players can be pretty toxic, they want every edge against new players they can get , and then attribute it to ""skill""...
  9. RepSrb

    German Carriers

    Did i see they use Ta-152 late war high altitude interceptor as torpedo bomber omg , instead of plenty Fw-190 abcd, bf-109 , arado 195 torpedo ,and ju-87 dive bomber stuka designs. seydlitz and graf cepelin as carrier were pretty real. germany at least had many real planes built for carrier operations.
  10. RepSrb

    Collections .. help

    yesss i posted this also many times. Where can we have the link to all collections that were in wows? and possibly planned ones in future... recently old hunt for bismark container collection was on.
  11. RepSrb

    Today's problem with WoWs, by Flambass

    Let me make it more clear. To have viewers and succeed on youtube you have to be controversial, make ""exciting"" topics, dramatic, hyped, and post all the time -with some good stuff or total b.s doesnt matter ...as time goes on, there is more b.s..... There is no pressure like that on the forum, you can post few times a day if you think you have something good to add , or stay off for months or years. there in no profit pressure in this, unlike youtubers that have it. i watched 0 of those videos , maybe by accidental link click 1 min, and its awfull.
  12. RepSrb

    Today's problem with WoWs, by Flambass

    i said it long time ago ,the problem is flambass and its ilk. there are many old players who joined this game from the start , who never bothered with brainwashing other young players for living...
  13. RepSrb

    [JRM] Recruiting

    Прво нисте написали на ћирилици, према томе , ништа....
  14. sinop is not the greatest....
  15. Thats true , i am grinding german dd and cl lines i had forgot in port and leberecht maass is turning out good , Yorck is crap. Both have good hydro ,but Maass is much better. Ill push as high as i can go with them, lvl-9 so far, untill i grind out. Then i will switch to Nelson. Took 3 mill potential damage in random (without superintendant and adrenaline rush specked captain).