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  1. So what now WG?

    So? remove cv and you can remove aa and scout planes , and everybody goes radar ,sonar ,whatnot , and dds are going to be worse off then by some random cv spoting... *Edited ruining any diversity and fun in this game plus many people will leave , cruisers picking aa instead of sonar , and lets not even mention captain abilities ,has made many dds alive and made them make kills , helping scout enemy dd while you run for caps in early game , but nobody mentions that , *Edited and i play all clases of ships.
  2. Musashi? are you joking WG?

    LoL, are you serious? I dont care about your stupid opinion , those ships have no cammo and no hide module that ruin accuracy just enough so if you try that every shell drops into the water and = 0 damage. His aiming is right because with his aiming you DO damage anyways ,and that damage adds up better , then citadel trial shots you have here- with no moving, nore angling enemy ,no lag ,and completely still mouse during firing... Can someone really be this dumb omfg.....
  3. So what now WG?

    this constant whines and b.s. ,HAS TO STOP . No , cv dont need work and are not wrong, imagine that, they function as they should and always did , in real life and in every game there is!!! why not permaspot dd? why?? want to permaspot minotaur?? ahahah good luck , when you buff everyones and his grandmothers AA , ofcourse im going to find what is weakest link ... the question is what is friendly cv doing? sinking some ships with that extra squad? people want to get away with worst mistakes possible at all costs , even removing every class of ships there is , you can do this for every class in game.... i want this game to have all classes to be more diversified, fun and interesting , to have submarines , ultrasmall ultrafast torpedo patrol boats , landing craft for harbour assaults , etc. that will make this game good not this whining b.s. from people who cant learn to play nore want to try.
  4. Musashi? are you joking WG?

    lol plz his shots are much more realistic then yours , completely still enemy and 40 shots point blank full salvo to prove a point ahahah, and who knows how many edited pictures trololoollll , good luck hiting that thin line and not getting hammered in the real game because ships turn and get angeled i presume you know that.... point is whole Jap nation line sux ! look how many japanese ships in clanwars !!!, (rentals not included) ,!!!! that just proves even more its going down the drain , and free xp izumo is not something to brag at all (you admit is sux ),worst t9 after which even mediocre t10 yamato looks like battlestar --which masks the fact yamato is completely obsolete and getting worse by the day , and no fancy sounds or lucky salvo is going to help that....infact i state here that if you had a good t9 you wouldnt buy yamato at all but would continue with t9. instead of making good t9 so i can sell this t10 crappato and finally enjoy da game, they again make another dumbdown toilet version of greatest battleship in the world , this makes even cinderella look like a sad story!
  5. Musashi specifications

    yamato si just crap period, worst T10 bb in whole game , i even started a topic for that reason , infact i can say whole jap line is now total crap , worst nation to play with seriously , hakuryu with 36% less planes then midway , yamato crap misses and bounces everywhere , zao - medium but minotaur 10 x beter , sima nerfed . its typical of this games the usual power creep , first ships become weaker as game progress because each new nation and ship has new uber ability or gimmick ....plus the constant whines , nerf carriers , dd killed me , whaaaaaa , yamato nerfes , but when yamato players say the truth then its just- meh play better, get skill!??, and the usual stuff .... seriously- smoke everywhere , ultra-longranged secondary ,mighty AA , rapid firing guns everywhere, premium stuff , superheals ,cammo and modules for lower enemy accuracy, and they report you when dont want to tank with yamato , well excuse me.....
  6. sapian too strong

    I have a pretty good score , but all of my defeats while i was using ranger were against a saipan , when i see it in match against me i dont bother at all , watch tv and click some random stuff....
  7. Yamato like Hellcat

    They seem to intentionaly forget that only t10 BB for a loong time was yamato and montana. it should be number 1, not 2 if it was so great....
  8. Yamato like Hellcat

    So other people have noticed the quite obvious yamato downhill trend and you want to laugh at them too?? what a character... only top earliest players that keep playing yamato keep that hog afloat by bare skill in tough t10 games , if you would switch players yamato would sink to rock bottom ez....
  9. its not incidents its a common thing , this is just latest in many , too hard for you to get it, that is punishment when you have 6- 9 shells , 2 hits and 0 dmg. you yapping all time about mighty gunnz but it doesnt work that way , i think yamato farms lower tier so its there with damage but i dies fastest - it cant stand upto t10.... then you bring in other ships i didnt mention and other classes you are totally delusional ... yamato is the worst now and its sad, no radar ,no sonar ,no special ability ,nothing.... no AA, no secondaries ,not highest HP , bulge?- kufurst get just 5k torpedo hit midship so?,.... and about those captain skills you would need a 40 pts captain to level all the things you recommend to be on pair with other ships.... rediculous
  10. all this talk about mighty shellz , 2 hits at kufurst at 22 km and 0 damage , broadside standing hindenburg at 10 km -1/6 hit 1.400dmg. fat rear of yamato the biggest from carrier i have ever seen , missury ,iowa all narrower , yamato its a barbaque plate it melts like paper 1 scrape of HE and insta-fire. now , t8 and most t9 BBs yes you hit you do 4k damage per shell and cruisers i think thats where most damage yamato does... but slugg it out with any t10 BB its pointless.

    Yes , izumo is worst t9 BB ,- period!!! pathetic sluggish hog soft from all sides that cant hit nore make damage , the team with most izumo loses 8/10 times. played it every way possible and it sucks more then monika on clinton... Its so bad that even at best mediocre -Yamato ,seem like battlestar , once you reach it,... and reason japan line players are satisfied with worst t10 BB....
  12. MortenTardo - snip- some random video like that doesnt qualify for being serious , really camping yamato and sniping half of game 20k away ,enemy team random noobs runing around straight.... anyone can pull that kind of videos for almost any ship out of his [edited]like you did....
  13. DFens_666-snip- oh, can you and other noobs cut the patronizing already (makes you look stupid!!!!!), i played game since open beta, and played other T10 BBs (not conqueror) on my friends computer , which inspired me to ask in this topic,... its remarkable how much more skill yamato needs just to be on pair with other battleships , and statistics prove it , kill/death is important , there are other ships besides but game is BB heavy ofcourse, yamato is shadow , and all that few ap overpenetrates too many times with i had hinderburgs at 10km standing still and broad , and spread was hillarious with just 1400 dmg. ,
  14. worst kill to death , lol ,...yamato is paper as i thought...