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  1. RepSrb

    Petition for submarines in Ranked battles

    subs and cvs punish stationary, boring to death ,camping play , already seen 100s times.... its time for new tactics and new game situations ..... exciting times ahead.
  2. RepSrb

    Petition for submarines in Ranked battles

    bb-babbies and cruiser-babbies are too spoiled.... carriers and subs should be in ranked ,, and players number should be like 8-9...
  3. RepSrb

    Worst tech tree ships on each tier

    zao,zao,zao , why people bring zao into ranked omfg i dont know...
  4. you think ? infact there are many more ships counting carriers and submarines ,over 20 ships banned.!!!!! when will they finally get carriers back into clanwars, like they deserve, this is outrageous....!!!!!! i suppose they should expand to 8-9 players in clanwars to account for new classes , with 1 cv ,1 bb,1 ss, as a must , and rest dd and ca-cl.
  5. RepSrb

    CLAN TREASURY-2 questions

    i am old enough in this game to know there was talk about 2 way transactions with clan treasury-clan members , individual oil which was supposed to be used for purchases, etc.... plenty of empty promises
  6. RepSrb

    CLAN TREASURY-2 questions

    Ok , so clan gives me 20.000 coal to get a ship, but i cant give it back to clan after some time.... fail. and by the way players can donate, just login on another players account for 1 time ,and buy dobloons for him anyway.
  7. When will we be able to donate from players account to clan treasury- steel ,coal ,or dobloons?? Also what happened to talk about players oil rewards earned n counted individually , and used for something?
  8. Clan [SERBS] is recruiting active members for Clan Wars. We are in need for experienced players but we accept active new talented players. Klan [SERBS] regrutuje aktivne igrace zainteresovane za klanske bitke. Prevashodno primamo iskusne igrace ali i nove aktivne talentovane igrace.
  9. RepSrb

    Do we no longer get birthday stuff

    no thanks i wont buy anything with that. still waiting for the real coupon!!!!
  10. I would like to join the lottery , this year too ,maybe i get something this time. name Repsrb
  11. RepSrb

    The Most Wanted Ship - The Data

    agree. i run it in ranked exclusively ,and its a beast and fun . + sometimes FDR and Bourgogne.
  12. RepSrb

    The Most Wanted Ship - The Data

    even with radar mod in second slot (17k coal) + 20% , and captain skill + 10% consumable enhancements , it has 26,4 sec radar MAX....
  13. RepSrb

    Do we no longer get birthday stuff

    as an old player of this game whos birthday is plastered everywhere ,i must say this is shameful and total disrespect .since 10th october waiting and still nothing happens... OVER 2 MONTHS !