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  1. Can't see shells (sky contrast)

    its a problem during sunset conditions if the sun is facing you, also map called trap i think from some angles , .
  2. Extra consumable for Yamato, and maybe Montana

    listen kiddo , i played this game since the 1st day of open beta , and one thing i hate mostly is some selfproclaimed experts and their charts taken as gospel of truth , i have same accuracy with missoury ( 9 gunns same as yamato) , as with yamato , and i practice same types of shots - so nothing special there, plus missoury is more agile slimmer takes less damage and fires ,so much more fun and maneuverable ship with great aa etc.... sure yamato is slightly better at 15km ranges but if you are smart you close down to 10km in 2 salvos and accuracy is the same there ! , plus were talking about bbs -thats 30% accuracy , that means with bow tanking in those ranges you get 2 hits out of 6 shells. that 1 is overpen or bounce , the second does damage but it can be just 1,440dmg.
  3. yes , many high ranking clans are using this too giving them unfair advantage , put an X on minimap too where your last position was when you were spoted , which is very usefull for radar and hydro use ....
  4. Extra consumable for Yamato, and maybe Montana

    1 tier 10 battleship- check ! doesnt have yamato - check!! talking out of his [edited]- check!!! yamato is accurate if you run accuracy mod , if you run secondary or aa mod its ggggg. and bow on it only has 6 guns , 2-3 miss 1-2 bounces , 2-1hit- damage 1,400 dmg. wayyy to rng dependant.
  5. German premium ships candidates

    i still wish it was a submarine.... :(
  6. who is this blogis guy who is this blogis guy you seem to talk about, i remember defeating him in my carrier some time ago (and he was even with AA cancer division) ... nothing special.... anyway when you have to carry a whole team..... (finally no lags , i comeback with vengeance)>
  7. Extra consumable for Yamato, and maybe Montana

    yesss , i was saying that long ago in my topic , yamo needs some help to stay competitive , its weakest bb now which is sad,.... i vote for shinkasen shells , aim at enemy aircraft squadron with main guns and delete them - that could be its special skill.
  8. German premium ships candidates

  9. finished ""Gold of France"" campaign completely ,with honors.
  10. CV’s ??

    Hmm yeah so imagine how inraged i am when i click battle with my full aa speced ships - see 2 cvs in queue ,and then teams load up , but no cvs in game, , damn it..... yet you dont see me starting whining treads do you....
  11. Game complexity grows, game quality degrades?

    I think that in chasing profits and new lines coming all the time -they put themselves into corner , the dont fix old problems yet pile up new issues (expected and unexpected) because of the rush to expand player base and game ,meaning too little people on the particular task solving ,and making more and more problems overall...
  12. German premium ships candidates

    Carrier , T10 -Europa
  13. Flamu's Discussion - WoWS: The Focus On Damage

    yes this wows commentators are all the same- they always make same fake lazy videos with maps full of noobs , taking easy shots and coasting trough , .... never some real videos with intense fighting where they get pulverized (as usually they do)..lol