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  1. Daisai

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    "Better" CV mains told you to hug AA cruisers ? So lets say that is the Worcester that is busy hugging a island and HE spamming a BB, the solution these "better" CV mains told you was to hug this AA cruiser?
  2. Daisai

    Leaked CV Rework CO-OP Game Video

    The good thing about this recording is that it is a recording of a kind of player the rework is meant for, namely a potato.
  3. Daisai


    A 5th class of ship ( although submarines are boats and not ships ) would balance out the game in terms of the rock paper scissor setup it currently has. But implementing something like submarines, WG would need to add another dimension to the game engine ( sub surface ) which might take some time to develop, time WG really is not to bothered to spend on implementing a class that might not even work in the current game.
  4. Daisai

    The CV Captains Cabin

    The video really show how retarded the developers at WG are and how little knowledge they have about their own game.
  5. Daisai

    The CV Captains Cabin

    If you think that it would increase queuetimes you do not get how the system would work, the queue would already be done by the time people get into the screen to select their lineup. Sure it might at first be difficult for a majority of the people in this community to think about what ships to take, the so called "potatoes". And about the rules, the only rule i would for now see being used is 1 CV per team, since when a game has to implement rules like 1 bb per team or 1 cv team it is a sign of poorly balancing, that is why last clan battles it was 1 bb per team, because the game is poorly balanced. It might at first be difficult to have it working for randoms and perhapse not needed, but it would be a good idea for ranked and would make ranked at least somewhat competitive and not just some flip of a coin grind to rank 1.
  6. Daisai

    The CV Captains Cabin

    There would be no difference in the behaviour of people in chat however it would solve the problems with poor matchmaking and save alot of time since it would no longer require WG to try and balance something that simply can not be balanced unless they decided to 100% mirror every single team.
  7. Daisai

    Is there a mod, that auto-exits queue when CVs are in it?

    If CV's werent banned from clan battles like they have been and if WG did not introduce more and more attempts to kill the CV playerbase there would be bigger player base playing CV's and the chances of a poor CV player matching vs a very good one would be alot less. However WG has decided to ban CV's from clan battles making it less likely new players would even bother going to T10 with their CV and WG has decided to implement more and more high AA ships to make it close to impossible to play a CV. So there are only a few new CV players reaching T10 and they are being matched vs very experienced players. So you have WG to thank for this and their current plan to get rid of the CV playerbase in order to reduce the criticism they are going to get when they introduce a dumbed down version of CV gameplay.
  8. Daisai

    The CV Captains Cabin

    Having no CV in a team would then indeed be a disadvantage for that team, so it would increase the amount of CV players since it would be pretty much needed to have a CV in a team, more people play CV less of a problem between different players and their skill. And a matchmaker being the best in this game you ever had does not really have to say that the matchmaker is good, it makes it better then it was but it is still not good, implementing the solution i posted would no longer make it necessary to try and somehow fix the matchmaker to mirror teams since it would simply let the players choose their own lineup.
  9. Daisai

    The CV Captains Cabin

    And how is that any different then the current state of the community in this game and people their behaviour in chat? So just because it could result in whining because of a terrible community is not really a reason not to implement it, since the current state of the game is just terrible. WG way of handling the matchmaking and their efforts to balance it in the current state is simply never going to work. And as for your example of 2 hakuryu's, the team would still be limited to 1 CV since the game is not balanced right now for more CV's per team.
  10. Daisai

    The CV Captains Cabin

    One way to fix the current problems with this game ( it is not just CV's that are the problem) but overall balancing the matchmaking is by changing the way teams are created. Right now you select a ship go into random battles and some RNG matchmaking system which is never going to work is trying to make a balanced setup for each team, which never ever works like it should. The way the teams are being made should be more done by the current team, so you no longer queue up with a single ship, you queue up for 1 tier. And when a team is made you and your team setup a team that your team think is balanced, if your team then has no radar ships its their own fault and not because of some bad matchmaking, this would also result in some increase in CV players since not taking a CV in your team would be rather risky. This would result in more balanced setup and matchmaking because the way WG is trying to fix the matchmaking problems is never ever going to work. It could increase the CV player base numbers and in doing so would reduce the skill difference between the playerbase, since the "skillgap" that people complain about right now is not because of a learning curve, it is because the player base is so small. It would fix the problem DD players have with to much radar since now WG could proper balance ships which could result in less radar per team. The least thing that WG could try to do is implement a system like this in ranked. ---- But it seems that WG would never do something like this.
  11. Daisai

    The CV Captains Cabin

    Not really true, only a small amount of those new people will be dedicated CV players, a large majority of those new players would just check it out and not really be to bothered with it. It happened in pretty much every single game that tried to do a rework, they end up losing a large part of the dedicated players and have a small increase of short term players and in the end worse of then where they started.
  12. Daisai

    well WG either you do something with MM or face the future od WOWP again

    It is very simple to fix the MM, however WG chooses not to balance the MM focused on gameplay but more focused on maximizing profit, at least they think that they are maximizing profit. I could probably make a plan for them that would fix the MM and balance issues in about 48 hours, probably less.
  13. Daisai

    the "carry harder!" thread

    When you run into a fail mino-midway division and still have to carry the team..
  14. Daisai

    My hopes for the new cv ui

    And that is exactly what Wargaming is aiming for.
  15. Daisai

    My hopes for the new cv ui

    https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500137537,WG-EU-Wargaming-Europe-A-Team/ This shows rather well how much WG likes CV's.