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  1. Nothing new to say here really, everything has already beed said. But I still wanted to make a new topic so it would spread more. Is there some feedback from the developers or we are going to pretend that everything is just fine?? Because this is not leading anywhere good. I am at the point now, after few days, where I force myself to like this game because it was so damn awesome, one of the best games I have ever played, and I don't want to quit. But I'm losing it, and I bet many players will leave soon. Don't go the way World of Tanks went, react quickly and solve this Wargaming.
  2. Mitar96

    [ALL] ModStation

    There is no more option to remove the fog in port or in game. It was working great until now, and it is very useful for us players that play on lower end PC-s so it would be nice if that option comes back. Thank you for your work here !
  3. First I got a cool gaming PC few months ago, and now I'm suddenly a supertester. F**k you WG for this, not professional at all!
  4. Mitar96

    Hunt for Bismarck containers

    Yes I know that, but I won't get enough of them to finish it neither this time. Hope there will be new missions soon like those when you needed to win 4 battles. They were usually on weekends in the beggining of each month, smth like that.
  5. Greetings, I have a question, is it just me or are there only duplicates in these week's Hunt for Bismarck containers? I was so looking forward to these new missions to finally get that historic camo, but when I open those containers I always get the same 2-3 items. It is so frustrating, for months I am waiting to finish this collection and now I just wanna quit... Why WG?
  6. Mitar96

    i won gaming laptop?

    Or at least some premium time...
  7. Mitar96

    Naval Tour contest - Wrong ingame notification

    Now you can make another glitch in the system and send some premium time or super containers, ffs my heart stopped when I saw that message...
  8. Mitar96

    WG EU strikes again: The Naval Tour

    Logged in to my game today and a message pops up that I have won a gaming laptop from this competition. Of course I am not on the winner list and can't find out what the hell is going on. The message was on german, while my client is on english only, and also I'm not a resident of those countries listed in the competition. So again, what the f... is going on can someone explain please?