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  1. Erratic72

    Oil counter dissappears

    Oops, yep your right was reading it wrong. :-/
  2. Erratic72

    Oil counter dissappears

    Ok, so as I (maybe mis-)understand it you need 10 oil per level of clan to "get access" to perks in the clan. My clan is L3, I've got 40 oil, yet no perk is shown (research price) dispite them having the upgrade for relevant tier. Do I have to be in the clan for so long or can higher ranking member turn my acces on or off perhaps?
  3. Erratic72

    Oil counter dissappears

    How can I see how much oil I've collected (not the clan amount)? Previously I've seen it in the upper left of the clan screen, now its disappeared entirely. Not installed any mods that would affect at all.
  4. Erratic72

    How to sell ships?

    to Hawker_gb & Loran_Battle. After restarting the game twice, it worked as you said Santares (and as I remembered it working). But when I wrote it didn't work, as I originally said , right click just showed ship stats. Thats why I asked, just incase it was an interface change of some sort, but I guess it's just a ui bug. TY
  5. Erratic72

    How to sell ships?

    Been a while since I needed to sell a ship, but can't seem to how to in the current version. Didn't you just have to click on the ship and a menu came up, with option to sell (I certainly don't see any menu)? Left click now just seem to select ship and right click just shows the stats.
  6. Erratic72

    Anyway to clear missions?

    Ok thanks, so atleast atm I got to temporarily waste a slot and time on a DD to fix gross oversights by WG. Hopefully this will be fixed soon(but going by WG's record I won't hold my breath).
  7. Erratic72

    Anyway to clear missions?

    Is there any way to reset the missions without completing them? Reason I ask is all 3 of my missions have changed to "sniper" in which I must get torp hits, now as I have no ships with torpedoes I have no way of completing any of them. As I'm struggling for cash, the small bonuses from missions would really help but I'm missing out. I think they should either make it yhat you could "re-roll" a mission or after a certain amount of time without completion the missions are re-rolled to different ones.