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  1. haha_ufail

    Mogami AP is un usable??

    nah i got the 203mm's about an hour or so ago
  2. haha_ufail

    Mogami AP is un usable??

    So far ive made it though to the mogami in alittle under a week, and having played the atago and the following IJN cruisers regularly im pritty familiar with the playstyle used with these cruisers, but so far in CA vs CA combat ive had nothing but trouble doing any damage to other players with AP, even though everyone says "shoot AP at a cruisers waterline and deal huge damage" i do it quite often in other ships but with this ship it doesnt seem to work at all, the past few games ive tryed swiching to AP in CA engagments and its almost like shooting 2 year old damp bamboo sticks at solid 10ft concrete walls with little to no effect, and then i get totaly deleted by a random shot into the bow of my ship with no citadel hits being posible where they landed their shots.... am i missing something, do i need to unlock some kinda of inner peace and learn the martial arts of their people tp make it work?
  3. haha_ufail

    server restart warnings?

    i know this i routine by now but going on a gaming streak and being randomly booted out of the game after a 160k damage battle is really disappointing, maybe disabling the battle button 20-25 min before the scheduled restart or even just a notification pop up across all chats in game would be nice.
  4. haha_ufail

    im lost with the atago

    get that a lot haha, and i'm normal fine with them so long as its not a direct insult.(which i don't see here)
  5. haha_ufail

    im lost with the atago

    I've had this ship for a while despite only having 30 or so games in it, but i cant make this ship work at all, along with having a very large profile, and a monstrously large citadel, it seems to be the main target for about every player in the battle due to its tenancy to become a 1 shot auto 40k for just about everything, i'm also having a really hard time dealing damage due to its "19%" fire chance with commander perks, but i'm barely landing fires once every 20-30 shots, though i though the 19% would be giving around 1 per 5-10 hits, and trying to use the torps isn't exactly that easy when the moment you're spotted trying to launch them at max range, you get focused down harder than most CV's at the end of a battle .
  6. haha_ufail

    water tight bulkheads and HUD damage indicator

    that was an idea, but i forgot to add it
  7. so this might have been on the forum somewhere but i havent seen it, so here it is, what im suposing is that Ships should have water tight compartments so that 1 torpedoe impacting the bow with a cooldown on the DC system doesnt instantly sink a ship, theres images of ships in ports with entire bow sections missing so 1 torp shouldnt be capable of what they currently do, this also tie's into the other idea of a damage indication HUD (heads up display), on the small ship indicator we currently have in the bottom left of the screen we could have 3-4 compartments (bow-center front-center back- and stern/aft) so when a torpedo does breach a section it indicates it on the HUD, and if 2 section are damage then the flood warning indicates, i gather that this is an arcade style of game but bulkheads are most of the reason that ships stay afloat in combat
  8. haha_ufail

    cant kill fuso's in a Mexico

    regardless of my angle i seem to be taking minimum 4-5k per hit but when i AP salvo the fuso im getting 1-2k max
  9. haha_ufail

    cant kill fuso's in a Mexico

    no idea why i'm running into this issue since everyones saying the mexico is better than the fuso... but 9/10 when i end up in a fight with a fuso.. i get annahilated by about 3-4 hits everaging 3-10k damage while im just sneezing 500's off with either HE or AP, it seems to be a thing with every jap BB i run into, take 1 shot then get sent to the depths in 1 salvo.
  10. just as a small imersive option, can we have an option to enable the alarms to sound more frequently,
  11. haha_ufail

    "Server busy - please try again later"?

    alittle word of warning would be nice, i mean its not hard to type "server maintinence in X time"
  12. haha_ufail

    after battle Fight to the Death option

    they might be able to make it so that sunken ships come out of battle asoon as its defeat/victory
  13. at the moment it seems asoon as the points pass 1000 is boom end defeat/victory, but i was thinking that they could have an option that excludes CV's(cause they can hide) that allows you to keep on fighting for the fun of it, it wont change the fact that a team lost or won, and is an optional thing, even if its 1 vs 5, at the end of a battle just for the fun
  14. haha_ufail

    torpedo detection range to short

    its easy to notice them from planes but even when planes drop them they only appear 1km away when its litteraly imposible to dodge them :/ "in tier 5 american NewYork BB"
  15. haha_ufail

    torpedo detection range to short

    no this isnt a torps are OP thread but ever since open beta started topedoes only appear when its to late to dodge them in a battle ship, and its normaly about 6-8 torpedoes and normaly 4-5 is enough to kill most ships, anyone else noticed this?