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  1. izy

    Looking for a new active clan to join

    Dm sent! :)
  2. Hello MrCor, Sent you a pm!
  3. izy

    Looking for a clan

    pm sent
  4. Hello Majorlook_1 Sent a pm for you.
  5. izy

    [_TWT_] The Wet Threat

    Thanks for the invite. Committed people to help out :)
  6. izy

    Unskilled player LF Clan

    close the topic please
  7. izy

    Unskilled player LF Clan

    Thanks for your reply I shall have a look
  8. Hello all. I always liked world of warships, but I am not a skilled player, regardless I am a quick learner and this time that I came back to the game hopefully I can learn to play the game more decently. I come and go from the game mostly because I reach a certain frustration level on the game that eventually compels me to leave. I play in the Eu servers, I hope I can find a clan that could also point me the right direction and give me support to improve my overall stats. I am a chilled player but I don't quite know when I am overextending and sometimes what fells safe for me turns out I didn't quite evaluate everything. Now days I am focusing on the Russian Cruiser Line enjoying Tier 8. I have a couple more boats and two tier 10 ( Montana and Gearing I love the Gearing ). I also enjoy to play with my Bismark. Lets see if I can find a home. Safe seas everyone
  9. izy

    LF Clan EU

    Hello y'all I've been playing wows on and off, moslty because, I tend to play alone. I am looking for a noob friendly clan, where I can learn more about the game, to improve my game play too. Anyway, I hope I can find a home...port.... I have headset, I would prefer, a discord voice chat,
  10. izy

    5.1: US Destroyer NERFs?!

    If WG wants to Emulate a Sonar mechanic in game, then, In what world can a Sonar detect a ship when, between them you have a huge Island that cuts the Line of sight to that ship. Sonar would draw the mass of that island and not the ship on the other side. Dont Call it Sonar, call it WG detector or something. I am trying to understand the point of the C hull, I mean its a waste of development resources. Why? more AA capability on a DD. I dont think its a viable option or even if it is a option.
  11. izy

    5.1: US Destroyer NERFs?!

    If you are hiding behind a Island, proximity detection should not detect ... Regarding the Mahan Torpedos, I think they killed the Ambush potencial on the USA DD class torpedos. I liked the fact that lower distance and higher Damage, with much more speed.
  12. izy

    Ranked Questions

    Hello y'all Some Questions and opinons. Any of you know, if they (WG) will implement Ranked Battles on Tier 8? When does the next season start? Another thing, I really feel that Afk players during RB, should be locked until you play Random match and during this gameplay not being flagged as afk, the lock would disappear . Also the game should detect afk players without the use of the report system, if detected as AFK, it should be transferred for A.I control and Flagged as afk. If so, after the match, force a 15 min BAN on him. I Think its fair, and reasonable. Also, I think the "plays poorly" would be for a good use if... You drop the name to "Recommended player", then this would appear on your Stats, as the number of recommendations the player have. In my opinion this could enforce a positive behaviour among the team. But then again only in Ranked match environment. I think sometimes, the balance between DD's, doesn't take into account the kind of DD's in each team. 4 JPN dd's Vs 4 US DD's is very difficult to find balance in here. ( It happened to me). Another sugestion, Historical Ranked Match. Usa Vs JPN, or Allied Vs Axis ...