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  1. Damn, would have been much more fun if they went "gotta catch them all!" route (as in, not buying 90 euro package for that). Well, if anyone wants to do a 5 star operation, PM me in game, maybe we will be more lucky with last pumpkin.
  2. 4 star win, only thing worth mentioning is Chapayev camo. Next battle 3 stars, no rewards at all (like BombsAways said above). Does anyone know if its repeatable daily?
  3. Well, I agree with most of it, but I am not making a fuss or anything like that. Just stating my opinion that giving away something you DONT NEED to your fellow players, goes a long way. That´s all. TL;DR: congrats to all who got anything useful from this weird app and [edited]my luck
  4. No, I feel entitled to not being a selfish jerk, that is all. In fact, I gave away 5 (2 on this thread) invite codes and several premium days in AW + 2 more if anyone wants them. Even more, in any wild case I get a T-25 code, you will be the first to have it cause I already own one in WoT. I know that being selfless and sharing stuff you already have (especially when its a freaking digital ship) is a concept people like you would never understand, but guess I will move along and let your kind be the majority. Happy days.
  5. Yeah...not gonna bother. Enjoy your credits, they are really something special.
  6. Ok then, but there at least half dozen people in this thread boasting about getting several codes while having Marblehead and using them for free ports and credits. Like, seriously? And then you wonder why playerbase is toxic - it all starts right here on forums. As for me, while not getting anything useful, I am glad to give away all my invite codes to anyone who needs them - PM me or I can c/p the rest here (already gave away 3).
  7. No idea how some of you got 3+ WoWs codes even with several accounts but whatever... At least be so fair and let others get them instead of hording them "for lulz". Anyways, my invite codes (got like 5 more if anyone needs them): 2FTV-NSRGD-MPVFV 2FTA-AFTHK-GKG49
  8. Yeah, thought so :/ Dont think that commander is worth buying anything from WG anymore. But thx anyways.
  9. Does anyone know when do the daily missions reset? I am missing 3 items for a collection and got 12 duplicates... Since I couldnt play on weekends and my duplicate drop is so damn high, I was hoping I could get a lucky drop on last day but it seems it ends at 6 am and no idea if I can do one more mission tomorrow. Any thoughts or did I get shafted with duplicates?
  10. Just to add my 2 cents to all the comments about "not getting a different ship this time" and the difficulty of getting Kamikaze R. Well, I wasnt playing last year during the period you folks got the Kamikaze. And from what I read, it was much easier than this year "marathon" (cause thats what it is, no-life marathon for a tier 5 ship...). So imo, what WG should have done was: a) lower the point cost for Kamikaze R, so newcomers get a chance at it and b) give veterans, who already got it, a chance for a new premium ship (whatever that is) Instead of making both groups happy, they pretty much made playerbase disgruntled again. Well played WG, wp indeed.
  11. Got 4th Super Container with almost 200 opened. After first 3 were complete and utter shite, 4th one nailed them all: GG WG, nice trolling. Btw, if this is true: all I can say is - FU WG.
  12. Just checked - my last SC was in December. So far I opened 184 containers, and gotten SC 3 times. 3 freaking times, all useless stuff like Juliet Charlie flags and so on. Last patch was supposed to increase the chance - in my case, not even close.
  13. Nice, that is some epic luck there. So far opened 131 containers, all TYL and got Super Container 3 times with 2 of them being omgyougottabekiddingme: 1) 250 Juliet Charlie flags (detonation) 2) 250 Damage Control Party II (no, not the first one everyone got) 3) 5 million credits RIP my luck
  14. Yup, retrained them for free, and just to be sure, played 1 battle with newly retrained New Mexico 12 pts captain (Commodore I believe) transferred from New York. After the patch, he stayed on the New Mexico, but was retrained back to New York. Lel. Yeah, but WG support is telling me I made that up and that it wasnt mentioned anywhere. I mean, they can see the freaking logs, but they simply dont give a damn and think its easier to go with "you are making things up, that wasnt in our patch notes!!!!oneeleven" attitude. Serves me right for thinking WoWs support is better than WoT one. Oh well, thx all and gg WG.
  15. So, let me raise this one one more time. I actually did contact "support" (read = bot service) regarding this issue and I was assured I got it all wrong and there was no such "free retraining". It is not a big deal, only 4 captains that didnt get retrained, but my question is - was this a hoax and poorly translated and even more poorly spread out through the community (link 1 and link 2 are the first things I came upon without googling too much) or am I expecting too much from support amoebas to know what is going on in their game? Thank you