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  1. dUG1

    Bonus Code on German facebook

    Yeah, to be more precise, 11:40PM or 23:40 CET. I mean, it doesnt matter now, but it was obviously s few hour code, unlike the last one that lasted for several days. Oh well.
  2. dUG1

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Oh well, [edited]my luck as usual. Congrats to the winners.
  3. dUG1

    Bonus Code on German facebook

    Just to add something - I tried it before midnight CET and it didnt work. I cant say the exact time I used it, but I logged in and saw it as clan message around 11:40.... So, midnight is not correct, except if it some other EU time.
  4. dUG1

    Bonus Code on German facebook

    Not working anymore, tried it 10 minutes ago :(
  5. dUG1

    Explain this one to me

    Ok, didnt know about that. Was it back in beta? If it would make BB gameplay harder - so be it, isnt it the thing playerbase wants right now? As for the other thing, most of my deaths in cruisers are due to citadels. Roughly less than 10% of those citadels are from other cruisers (I am looking at you New Orleans, that thing is a joke). Cruisers need a niche in this game, which they currently dont have due to not being able to survive as long as other classes. As a cruiser main, I may be a bit biased because I would perform even better in them without citadels, but lets be honest now, for a majority of folks playing this game it would be a new incentive to try out cruisers, after abandoning them due to no-fun factor (UK cruisers excluded). And thats what this thread if all about, if I am not mistaken. So, all in all, yeah, I realize WG will never remove citadels from them cause it would cause a riot for mentioned BBadies, but one can only hope. Happy New Year :)
  6. dUG1

    Explain this one to me

    Solution is quite simple, but would cause huge amount of rage in BBadie playerbase: remove citadels from Cruisers, making CVs and BB only classes that have them. That way, you are still paper and cant tank damage, but you are somewhat stronger by not being deleted by any windowlicking turd with good RNG. Easy right?
  7. dUG1

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Well, I will give it a go, maybe I win something for a change. Thanks for doing this! I would like to enter the raffle. 1. Alabama/Tirpitz 2. De Grasse 3. Doubloons 4. more Doubloons
  8. dUG1

    Why even bother?

    Pretty much this. It hurts like hell to lose a 5th battle in a row, top of your team, just to see you get as much exp as some scrub on winning team doing almost nothing. They literally took same mechanics from WoT and copied it here (as a note, its better in WoWp 2.0 where personal effort counts much more) If you play good, you should get rewarded for it, no matter how bad your windowlicking teammates are.
  9. Damn, would have been much more fun if they went "gotta catch them all!" route (as in, not buying 90 euro package for that). Well, if anyone wants to do a 5 star operation, PM me in game, maybe we will be more lucky with last pumpkin.
  10. 4 star win, only thing worth mentioning is Chapayev camo. Next battle 3 stars, no rewards at all (like BombsAways said above). Does anyone know if its repeatable daily?
  11. Well, I agree with most of it, but I am not making a fuss or anything like that. Just stating my opinion that giving away something you DONT NEED to your fellow players, goes a long way. That´s all. TL;DR: congrats to all who got anything useful from this weird app and [edited]my luck
  12. No, I feel entitled to not being a selfish jerk, that is all. In fact, I gave away 5 (2 on this thread) invite codes and several premium days in AW + 2 more if anyone wants them. Even more, in any wild case I get a T-25 code, you will be the first to have it cause I already own one in WoT. I know that being selfless and sharing stuff you already have (especially when its a freaking digital ship) is a concept people like you would never understand, but guess I will move along and let your kind be the majority. Happy days.
  13. Yeah...not gonna bother. Enjoy your credits, they are really something special.
  14. Ok then, but there at least half dozen people in this thread boasting about getting several codes while having Marblehead and using them for free ports and credits. Like, seriously? And then you wonder why playerbase is toxic - it all starts right here on forums. As for me, while not getting anything useful, I am glad to give away all my invite codes to anyone who needs them - PM me or I can c/p the rest here (already gave away 3).
  15. No idea how some of you got 3+ WoWs codes even with several accounts but whatever... At least be so fair and let others get them instead of hording them "for lulz". Anyways, my invite codes (got like 5 more if anyone needs them): 2FTV-NSRGD-MPVFV 2FTA-AFTHK-GKG49