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  1. Lord0

    Auto return last Captain

    I agree. This would be very handy.
  2. Please stop saying mechanics
  3. Well if we DO lose the ship XP then I might stop playing them until they are "released": I see little point in grinding them twice!
  4. I've got a couple of the British DDs, Icarus, Acasta etc. What happens to the ship, ship XP at the end of the RN DD event? thanks in advance
  5. Lord0

    IFHE for Gearing?

    So, IFHE for Gearing? Yes or no and explanation of your decision please.
  6. Lord0

    Random Group saves Private Parks in Dynamo

    Private parks?
  7. Lord0

    Anniversary Event

    Got the Edinburgh perm camo: it's got icicles and everything. Literally cool
  8. On 4 August 1960 HMS Vanguard was towed from Portsmouth Harbour to the Breakersyard at Faslane in the Gareloch,Scotland, just a few miles from where she first set sail in 1946. Under the command of Lt. Cdr. W.G. Frampton were two officers and sixty ratings.She had been sold to the British Iron and Steel Corporation for £560,000. A look back at halcyon days. Tip top old boy!
  9. Lord0

    Duplicate Keys on Collections

    When do the anniversary missions finish?
  10. Lord0

    Duplicate Keys on Collections

    I thought they were for this year's too and bought some. Raging doesn't cover it. Grrrrr
  11. Lord0

    Unfairly Banned: Contractual Battles

    This is it
  12. Lord0

    From Reddit - 1 Day Premium on EU

    Cheers OP!
  13. Lord0

    So, got to Rank 15...

    I like this idea!
  14. Lord0

    So, got to Rank 15...

    I agree that skill should obviously be the only deciding factor in getting to higher ranks. I don't think that max Tier of ship owned should be a limiting factor.