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  1. I got the Nikolai. I'd never heard of it. Had to look it up!
  2. +2/-2 or +1/-1 mm

    So, I ain't allowed to agree with someone else? Geez How long after you've got your +1/-1 do you think it will take for players to start demanding equal Tier battles? A few months? Geez Also, you are aware that when lower Tier the XP rewards are higher? Geez Also, all your talk about skill based, load out based MM etc. You are aware of the size of the player base? you understand that adding a more restrictive MM will increase waiting times? Geez See. I can be patronising too. Geez
  3. +2/-2 or +1/-1 mm

    What this guy said
  4. Simple sulotion for border humping?

    I hardly see any border huggers these days.
  5. ST - T10 Ship Specific Upgrades

    This should really help the Tier 8 ships that get regularly "up tiered". Fun and engaging? Yes, for the Tier 10 players that get to stomp even harder.
  6. List of radar ships?

    So this thread went downhill rapidly...
  7. List of radar ships?

    Hi, Is there a list of radar ships with Tier, Range, duration etc? Cheers
  8. Edinburgh. Ranked. Couple of questions: 1) Is Edinburgh viable for Ranked? 2) If yes, Smoke or Radar? Thanks in advance.
  9. State of the game per may 2018.

    So long and thanks for all the fish salt
  10. Thanks for the info mate!
  11. I agree with OP. Happened to me in ranked. I was like "WTF?" And...how will cruiser captains know the difference?
  12. Operation Hermes

    I agree with this