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  1. Hi guys, Been playing Killer Whale as it's back in rotation using Graf Spee and Dunkerque. Although I've been getting good results it's not really been fun. I miss the old Cleveland :-( So, which if any of the current Tier 6 ships come close to approximating playing Operations with the Cleveland? The characteristics I'm looking for are: 1) "dakka dakka" i.e. good rate of fire 2) A certain amount of "tankiness" i.e. can take a hit without melting 3) Decent AA would be nice but not vital I realise the Cleve was a beast but something must come close. NB: I would consider a premium Cheers!
  2. Realistic Sea Aversities

    Personally I would like this. IMO the game is a bit too arcadey
  3. What sights do you guys use?

    Dynamic. Just remember it's based on 30 knots not 20 like static
  4. Portal Logout Issues - Feedback wanted!

    1. Google Chrome Version 67.0.3396.99 (Official Build) (64-bit) 2. Home only (only tried from here) 3. Adblock 4. No Took a few repeated attempts to login. Seemed to be going in a circle. Also, once, got a JSON error similar, though not identical, to {status: error, message: login error} Nothing else was displayed/rendered
  5. Ultimate frontier ruined

    Played in Scharnhost. Killed all AA cruisers to the East, then headed to repair area to fight. As I was already damaged they started to focus me... FIRE. ...ignore... DOUBLE FIRE ...put it out... FIRE ...uh oh... DOUBLE FIRE TRIPLE FIRE DEAD Return to port Exit Game.
  6. Plus you might get gold/doubloons when she inevitably sinks!
  7. I'd like to see one option like "Show all ships in historical camo and original skins". No fuss, no muss It DOES seem to be getting a bit out of hand just now. How long till Gundam camos or worse skins etc. I realise some like them but quite a few don't.
  8. Cool mate. Cheers
  9. A bit long to copy and paste it all A Russian warship that sank 113 years ago has been found off the coast of a South Korean island, salvagers say. The Shinil Group say they found the Dimitrii Donskoi off the coast of Ulleungdo island, east of South Korea. Companies have claimed in the past to have found the wreck, amid historic rumours of treasure on board. The cruiser was scuttled by her crew in 1905 after Japan's victory in the Battle of Tsushima - a key moment of the Russo-Japanese War. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-44876968
  10. A pox on you ma man!
  11. possible bug autopilot

    When I first started I thought you were MEANT to use autopilot; like giving course to the helmsman or something. Took me a good few games (almost a hundred?) to realise the error of my ways. Idiot!!
  12. Yep. Was just curious. Cheers!