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  1. I'd definitely be up for some training room trials
  2. Lord0

    XP nerf in operations (or a bug?)

    I solely played COOP for years. I only started RANDOM when I realised so many of the missions couldn't be completed in Coop; the rewards were so poor etc. I feel like I was forced into it.
  3. Lord0

    XP nerf in operations (or a bug?)

    Operations getting the shaft as per usual. Move along nothing to see here comrade
  4. I'm probably imagining this... Did there used to be training room games set up around the Upcoming Events? I seem to remember there was...
  5. Lord0

    in the service for the motherland

    This is exactly what I did. Good advice
  6. I think we were at cross purposes mate. No worries
  7. 1) Check my stats: I've hardly played either of them yet alone been a career clubber. 2) I doubt new players are aware of either of the ships so I doubt they will cheer when sunk. Veterans on the other hand... 3) I wasnt suggesting they would care about Nikolai/me getting sunk, rather wondering what they thought when they were the focus of the CVs. 4) you seem angry
  8. Yeah they just loitered over me and struck me three times, all the time. Imagine how new players find this?
  9. UPDATE: 3 games in Nikolai - killed twice by CV. You have literally zero counterplay. My AA was doing like 5, 6, 7, 8 dmg.
  10. Sadly i think you're correct. The first strike always seems to get through
  11. Given the current CV heavy state of Tier IV and the lack of AA on the two aforementioned ships are they worth playing/fun or will I just face strike after strike from CVs until sunk? (not fun) Bonus question: is the Ark Beta a viable secondary platform? I seem to remember it getting a buff in that dept.
  12. This, unfortunately, is the correct answer. As mentioned in other, similar threads: I'd rather pay for modes like this and more Operations rather than fantasy Tier X ships. Obviously it'll never happen. Shame.