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  1. I've sent in in-game application.
  2. Succinct. Thank you
  3. Thanks And if I had the Pensacola AND New Orleans? Would that result in Tier 6 Pensa, Tier 7 NO, Tier 7 A. N. Other, Tier 8 A. N. Other?
  4. Bumping my own thread - clan I tried to join changed it's recruitment requirements... I'll also add that I've been playing loads of Scenarios so playing in Divisions for that would be nice too.
  5. If I buy the Pensacola BEFORE the USN Cruiser split what happens after? I know that the Pensacola itself will move down to Tier 6. Will we be provided with one of the new Cruisers at Tier 7 as well, as a replacement? i.e. after split will I have the Pensacola at Tier 6 and A.N. Other at Tier 7 or...?
  6. No Campaigns for COOP?

    There is no reason COOP cannot be made more challenging...
  7. No Campaigns for COOP?

    Yep I agree
  8. No Campaigns for COOP?

    Do COOP only players pay less money into the game? Why should they get less content?
  9. No Campaigns for COOP?

    Preach brother!
  10. Hi there, Looking for a Scottish/UK clan to join. I almost entirely COOP and ain't very interested in PVP/Ranked etc. Mostly looking for some chat and people to division up with. Not looking for a "You must play X games a week", "Must have over Y average dmg" or whatever. Cheers!
  11. No Campaigns for COOP?

    That is kinda...disappointing. I realise us COOP players are 2nd class citizens but a few crumbs would be nice.
  12. No Campaigns for COOP?

    Am I right in thinking that there are no Campaigns that can be completed in COOP? (other than "New Year Raid" for which you need to BUY the Duke of York or complete previous, PVP/Ranked, "Battle of the North Cape")?
  13. quoted post removed [edited]
  14. Weird. I never have to rebind . Maybe add a poll?