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  1. Lord0

    Player interest in Operations

    Or both
  2. Lord0


    Might be for some but I play full screen and experience the bug too
  3. Lord0

    Open world

    The current game modes DO get a bit boring after a while.
  4. Lord0

    Staying at low tiers?

    The double CV is a killer esp when some of my fave ships at tier 4 have literally zero AA
  5. Lord0


    I'm from Cumbernauld mate. Add me/contact me in game if you want
  6. Lord0

    Please Explain Me this World of Warships

    Consider it a cheap life lesson for several subjects
  7. Lord0

    Had it with rampant toxicity in the game

    I have to say, i dont find the quotes in the OP "toxic".
  8. Lord0

    Half price premium account.

    Ugh, dont say that dude
  9. i.e. When can I start brushing them off?
  10. Lord0

    Operation Cherry Blossom?

    If only. I might start playing again
  11. Don't worry mate I take regular extended breaks from the game. Remember, it's meant to be fun, if it isn't just stop
  12. Lord0

    Dear WG - Please show PvE some love.

    Id be interested in seeing in some statistics about number of COOP games, operations played vs pvp.
  13. Lord0

    ST Hybrids

    More air spotting; that's good...right?