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  1. Lord0

    Nostalgia for the good old days!

    Haven't played for months now; subs have killed my love for the game
  2. Lord0

    Leaving the game!

    Used to love this game; in fact it was the only game I played Not touched it in ages; CVs but especially subs have killed it for me (at least for the foreseeable future)
  3. Lord0

    Best Tier 10 russian cruiser

    Moskva? Maybe
  4. You mean CV minimap spotting only would be completely idiotic or..?
  5. Lord0

    I want oared warships in this game

    I would be up for it but I remember in a stream or something they said that the game engine wasn't suited to wooden ships, cannon and sails etc. Mind you they say a lot...
  6. Lord0

    Captain: Full Secondary Build

    Thanks guys. Some interesting thoughts
  7. What would be considered a full secondary build for a Captain these days? Specifically for use in the new German CB line Thanks
  8. Boo. It was great for grinding and somewhat fun too
  9. Lord0

    T7 Brawls - What to play then?

    Prinz Heinrich for me. Its a monster.
  10. Lord0

    Volcano Details

    Tis rather nice
  11. Lord0

    T5 brawls: what ships to play?

    I'm enjoying Hill actually. The conceal is a bit of a pain but nice guns and speed
  12. Lord0

    Ships you dread to see in ranked

    Any CVs. They ruin stealth or conceal based tactics which is a major part of the game imo.
  13. Lord0

    Sea looks milky?

    Probably all the overboard seamen
  14. Lord0

    Gin court in the shop

  15. Free xpd them both. Felt like a slut. Don't shame me