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  1. omglaserspewpew

    Naval Battle: New Missions

    Did not work for me at all tonight - the UI did not record my attempts. And yes, I did engage.
  2. omglaserspewpew

    What will you spend your Soviet Tokens on?

    I find Lazo gameplay too one-dimensional to be of any appeal to me, so I'll get Vladivostok and Ognevoi permacamos (already have Kiev and Chapa ones), the rest is going into crates.
  3. omglaserspewpew

    Armada: Neustrashimy

    It would be worth the price in steel if ... it was the version of the ship with guided missiles.
  4. omglaserspewpew

    How do you play the Kronshtadt? Give me Advice!

    Two things are most important in a Kron, I think: 1. Superior map awareness and positioning skills. Ship takes ages to turn or move and if you find yourself in an overextended position where you suddenly need to turn in the face of some BB guns because some W00ster is farming you from behind an island ... you're dead. Not to mention torps. Torpedobeats in a Kron? HAHAHA ... no. Don't get into those situations in the first place. 2. Kron is a ship that absolutely requires advanced knowledge of gunnery, shell and armor mechanics, because you won't be able to utilize the guns otherwise. They have strange overpen tendencies and sometimes frustrating dispersion, so you need to know very well where to shoot your targets and with which kind of ammo. Kron is probably the first ship where I had to finally go through other ships' armor profiles and learn them by heart. Felt like WoT all over again, man. The bottom line: you're a cruiser, not a BB. No, really.
  5. Only if it's fully painted red - to go faster.
  6. I know, I know, but I wanna bring glorious explosive tehnological progress to the enemies with them in the game, comrade.
  7. Bah, wake me up when they introduce guided missiles.
  8. omglaserspewpew

    Saint Patrick's Day - no green river?

    I think right now every irish forum reader would like to know where you live.
  9. So it's not just me then? Torpedo spotting has been very ... spotty (I'll see myself out) for the last couple of days for me, both air-dropped and DD-dropped. Not only were they drawn way late, but sometimes alert didn't go off either.
  10. omglaserspewpew

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    He's dead, Jim.
  11. omglaserspewpew

    Should I skip a ship in the jap line?

    What are you smoking?? Nelson is a great ship, strong and fun to play. Some would call it borderline OP, but I think it's pretty well-balanced.
  12. omglaserspewpew

    Games + / - 2 tiers.

    I find it really "funny" how even the (presumably) smart people come to the defense of +2 MM, when its pretty clear that its by far the most important purpose is to frustrate the players, so they're more eager to climb the tech tree and therefore pay more money. The mechanism works in a way to put players at an artificial disadvantage, making them feel helpless. It's a pretty evil form of psychological pressure and manipulation that borders on extortion. So yeah, if you defend +2 MM, you're effectively advocating for a form of psychological violence. Guess what that says about you? The picture gets even more clear when you compare WoWs to other popular games that aren't pay-to-win, such as Fortnite, Overwatch or Dota 2. No wonder those have a lot more players in the West, where people generally don't put up with this much dev crap, while WG titles have more players in Russia, where gaming culture isn't on the same developmental level yet. Basically, if enough players demanded +1 MM, we would have it, and everyone would be better for it.
  13. There's a whine and then there's a critique. You don't seem to know the difference; the same way you didn't on WoWp. True - everything changes and everything stays the same.