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    tier X repair and ammunition price

    I also write that i don't do that. But i see many people do. And i think repair bill is partly to blame for this behavior. I most certainly didn't see people do that in the battlestations games i played a long time ago.
  2. sumoo

    tier X repair and ammunition price

    i c. I guess i'll just have to wait for them to be cheaper. Maybe torp prices need to be cheaper for a shimakaze given the sheer quantity they can dish out
  3. Hello. To begin with i'm no expert. I'm probably a somewhat casual player. I recently got my first tier X, the Shimakaze. But i lose money when using it. In one game i noticed i spent 68k in ammunition.. If someone sink me it's so insanely expensive. Even with the india bravo terrathree flag. So.. The way i see it the devs wan't me to sit at 16km range to try and not get hit or sunk, only shooting a few torps so i don't have to pay a huge amount for ammunition. And if i think that we are losing i should run away to some distant corner. Obviously i don't do these things because i feel a responsibility to cap. But this seems to be how tier X games are for the most part. And i have to wonder if these prices are part of the reason. Do the devs not wan't us to use tier X ships? Does it cost this much to play with every tier X ship there is?