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  1. 14th for me. However, for some reason I was reported few times simply by taking her into coop game (yes, not even against players!). So this might give some indication about her poor reputation.
  2. I am wondering has anyone received a duplicate Musashi, kronstadt, and / or Missouri from a Santa box? I received a duplicate Musashi yesterday and apparently I didn't get any doubloon compensation. I know these are special ships but shouldn't they give some doubloon compensation in this case just like other premium ships? Otherwise the logic would be quite funny if you think about it. No Musashi in port -> nice, you get the ship, so 750k free exp saved; Spent 750k hard-earned free exp to get Musashi in advance -> you get nothing, sucks to be you. I have already submitted a ticket but it would be nice to know if anyone experienced this before and how did it go... @MrConway