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  1. 14th for me. However, for some reason I was reported few times simply by taking her into coop game (yes, not even against players!). So this might give some indication about her poor reputation.
  2. Never happened since CBT. Permanent camouflage discount happened twice as far as I can remember but each time only applied to ships up to T9.
  3. I see your point, so this is not a technical oversight but intentional misleading..
  4. Because it can drop a mission for a ship you have in port at the time of purchase. So if you already have 3 out of 4 in port and only hoping to get the missing one, the odds would be really really poor. I still vividly recall the time around the CV container when @Tuccy went to explain that those containers couldn't drop duplicates (except of rare cases) to avoid us peasants hoarding cheap golds. But apparently the rule is different this time and it has not been clearly explained. In fact I wonder if I should ask for a refund now.
  5. tamagotchi

    new lootboxes ridiculous proce

    This is not so bad since you're guaranteed to get a 10pt commander, which had been sold for higher price. Thought you can get duplicate, so one could still be screwed if the goal is to 'catch them all'.
  6. tamagotchi

    RU BBs first impressions

    T8 Vladivostok is quite situational. When up-tier to T10 long range camp fest, you'd struggle to make any contribution. But as the lines are getting closer (if it happens), the guns start to feel very good.
  7. Actually a lot of great changes happened over the years, such as: removal of stealth firing in open water, nerfing to stealth firing from smoke for larger ships, making advanced fire training (that skill for adding gun firing range) not applicable to CL (so that CA becomes more relevant), making 'sixth sense' free for all (so that BBs have fewer excuses to camp), having a more informative minimap with firing range, ship direction, detectability range, etc. (so that the vanilla client no longer feels handicapped), addition of smoke timers and boundary circles, introduction of new pve content (operations), improvements to antialiasing algorithm so that the riggings on ships are no longer eye-cancers to look at, etc. I must say the game's mechanism does feel a lot more evolved than when it first came out. That being said, the game also feels more pay-to-win recently due to the introduction of many very competitive high tier premium ships, and the power creep is real. So be prepared to see your old favourites underperforming in the current meta.
  8. This really needs a lot of clarification! Specifically, does having any premium ship in port decrease the chance of getting another ship (or duplicate)? I guess this depends a lot on how the dice is rolled in your algorithm. My previous understanding was: 1) When a player opens a box, a dice is rolled, and with a fixed probability, the player is to be rewarded with a premium ship. 2) If the player already have said ship, another ship would be drawn randomly from the list of ships the player does not have. 3) And if the player has all ships in the pool, he / she gets doobloon. However, as now WG says one cannot get duplicate if he /she has all ships, there are at least two ways the algorithm could be implemented: a) Just add a 4th rule, such that if a player has all ships, the dice would not be rolled at all, but the previous rules still hold for all other cases. This means if the player has 3 ships and then buys a lot of boxes, he / she would still look at the same mathematical expectation of getting the missing ship plus some doubloons. Basically you'd be only screwed if and only if you have all ships in port. b) Or, instead of having a fixed chance of giving out premium ships, make the probability decrease linearly with respect to the number of premium ships a player already has. This implies that the more ships you have, the smaller average return you can expect from the boxes. If this turns out to be true, well, let's just hope it doesn't.
  9. tamagotchi

    premium carriers are here

    Bought 5, no ship, then bought a pack of 20, got Saipan Kaga and Enterprise. I think overall I almost paid the exact non-bloated doubloon price of the 3 ships.
  10. tamagotchi

    Wait for Yoshino or buy Salem?

    On the other hand, Salem feels too similar to Des Moines, maybe even worse at times. Not quite worths the coal if you already have Des Moines.
  11. Of course, I am waiting for CS's reply. Thanks to all for the comments, especially that Reddit link:)
  12. I recall seeing this before, but couldn't find the post... I have sent a ticket to customer support but they denied it was a problem and said I got the "credit" compensation. Initially I didn't understand what that means to be honest, but now I think they meant that 1 credit... Wow, they could really call that a "compensation" with a straight face!
  13. I am wondering has anyone received a duplicate Musashi, kronstadt, and / or Missouri from a Santa box? I received a duplicate Musashi yesterday and apparently I didn't get any doubloon compensation. I know these are special ships but shouldn't they give some doubloon compensation in this case just like other premium ships? Otherwise the logic would be quite funny if you think about it. No Musashi in port -> nice, you get the ship, so 750k free exp saved; Spent 750k hard-earned free exp to get Musashi in advance -> you get nothing, sucks to be you. I have already submitted a ticket but it would be nice to know if anyone experienced this before and how did it go... @MrConway
  14. tamagotchi

    January Combat Missions - Discussion Thread

    The azur lane missions started yesterday but can only be participated (had to click a button) from today. I know one day is nothing and there is plenty of time to finish them, but this is still a bit of upsetting. Next time maybe consider just changing the date (or announce earlier) so we wouldn't feel missing out?