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  1. Defence of Naval Station Newport

    The point is not go 'too far' into open water, not to strictly stay within the perimeter. The bots can all focus on you at one point and without cover to fall back too it would be difficult to survive for long. That being said, if more ships follow your lead to push far beyond the perimeter, or if someone can draw fire for you (not sure about the exact formula for this), it may be a good approach. But it will also need better coordination, which is not something you can expect from a random team.
  2. Defence of Naval Station Newport

    5 star is still achievable but seems to be more difficult than before. First, you need a suitable ship. Cleveland is certainly a good choice due to high volume of fire and good AA. If you don't have Cleveland, any high dpm light cruiser (or graf spee, which is more like a bb) will do, so just don't take Aoba or Molotov, I guess. If you like BB, any one will work. Don't take DD though, as bots are good at avoiding torps and DD usually don't last long in the mode. Then, you will need luck to bring you a good team. You don't need every player to be great, but you can't afford to have more than 1 clueless teammate because you need to kill the enemy ships fast, which needs everyone's contribution. This is pure luck, unless you team up with friends to form a large division. Now some hints: 1. If you are playing BB, you must tank. Without BB tanking, cruisers can be killed easily when focused by bots. If too many cruisers died early, you won't have the dpm to deal with later waves. In order to draw fire, you need to be close to the frontline, which also enables you to land more shells on enemies. Don't be afraid of eating few stray torps from enemy DDs. Low tier torp doesn't deal a lot of damage. 2. If you are playing cruiser, don't farm damage on easy target. You need to focus fire on there fast ships, especially DDs, to avoid the defensive line being breached. As you will see bow on target very often, be prepared to shoot more HE than AP if you are playing a light cruiser. But when bots are closer, they will show more broadside, so switching to AP will be more effective in this case. 3. Don't venture too far from the defensive line. You can't afford to stay in open water all the time. To avoid being focused to death, stay close to the islands dotted along the defensive line so you can break contact easily if you see all bots are targeting you. 4. Don't go to the repair boat before the 10 min mark. The team will needs all available fire power to deal with the 3rd wave and you will be less effective if you are on the 2nd line. In fact, you shouldn't need to be repaired before the main attack. If you are very low on hp before that, something already went wrong. 5. When the friendly cv appears, you must immediately draw fire from the 2 enemy cruisers chasing after her. Sail toward them aggressively and fire at them will do. If not, they can easily kill the friendly cv (usually due to fire damage), robbing you a star. 6. When the main attack starts, after killing the aforementioned cruisers, retreat to the inner perimeter and defend from there. You no longer need to hold the outer line and you will have better access to repair and cover from the inner perimeter.
  3. HFS event missed?

    I hope not, since people can still get containers to finish the collection (and hence to receive the Yamato camo). I would assume nothing would be obtainable anymore if the collaboration is officially ended. But who am I to assume anything given my poor track record:) Or, do you recall seeing anything with a firm date on it?
  4. HFS event missed?

    So Harekaze is gone? That package was called 'Harekaze - ranked' so I naturally assumed it would last until the end this ranked season... Now I can only hope she will appear one last time sometime before September :(
  5. Edinburgh. Ranked. Couple of questions

    I mainly played DD until rank 10 so don't have any first hand experience on Edinburgh in ranked. However, I've encountered plenty of Edinburgh and some of them played pretty good. So I think it is likely to be a viable choice. And for radar vs smoke: radar seems to be a better choice in ranked as it really helps the team (and in the process, gets to be the top player in the team). But it's also a high-risk option since you can't easily rain shells from relative safety. On the other hand, smoke Edinburgh feels kind of meh. That's just my opinion from observing how other Edinburgh captains played.
  6. Port music

    It has been like this since closed beta: you only hear the port music after login or switching to a different port. But after a battle, you hear the same vanilla music regardless of port. Nonetheless, it seems if you stay a bit less longer, it will switch back to the port music.
  7. Bug Reports

    Description: The icon of a previously spotted enemy ship stuck on minimap. Reproduction steps: An enemy ship is being detected, its icon shows up on my minimap, but the model of the ship is still not visible due to rendering delay Before the ship model is made visible to me, the enemy ship becomes undetected. Result: The icon of said enemy ship continued to be displayed in red on my minimap at its last know position, as if it was still detected and stationary. Expected result: The icon of said enemy ship should be shown in grey on my minimap at its last know position. Additional Note: I configured my game client to show ships' last know position. I do not know whether the bug would manifest if this configuration is different.
  8. Premium ships in rank games

    T8 gets into T10 matches all the time so I've seen plenty of them. Since you took the trouble to check my stats, you should know I didn't loose my way to T10 (or did you just saw these two numbers and immediately assumed I'm a potato? :). I had a very low standard in mind when I said anything about experience. Ever saw a Tirpitz who only sails in straight line? That's what I call inexperienced. This is what you can potentially get by allowing anyone to buy into T8 games (and what OP was referring to). Sure T10 players don't necessarily play well. But even if they convert XP and just spent money to get a TX, they'd still need to play few hundreds rounds to accumulate said XP in the first place (comparing to 0 match needed to straight buy a T8). After playing hundreds of match, I think it is safe to assume a T10 player is very likely to know that there are other keys than 'W' on her keyboard, that there is a thing called AP, that you can eat torp by sitting still in a puff of smoke, etc. When a player knows all these basics, I'd consider her experienced enough so I won't feel trolled by MM.
  9. Rank season 9 Discussion

    I mainly played Kidd and the grind to rank 10 (from 19) was not very painful. I usually 'team up' with 1 Benson or Loyang and try to kill some or all of their DDs early on. If we succeed, usually it would lead to a nice win for the team. I also played few games in Tirpitz and Atago to diversify the experience (yeah, call me a wallet warrior, but I just don't have any high skill commander trained for tier 8 silver ship atm...). It seems leading a push in BB can indeed help as the others would be more inclined to join the attack when they see their BB is not hanging back. One the other hand, playing Atago was not fun for me. I got focus fired whenever I was spotted, even more so than our DDs. Maybe because I was usually the only cruiser in my team so they all wanted to land some juicy citadel hits on me. Thus I had to hide most of the early games and only started to contribute more after enemy BBs started to sink. I've seen quite a few Edinburgh in my games and it seems radar Edinburgh are quite good for ranked (more so than with smoke). Among the 3 radar cruisers at Tier 8, New Orleans doesn't have the fire rate to deal with DDs alone, and Edinburgh's heal should not be underestimated when comparing to Chapayev. I played few match in Des Moine after reaching Rank 10. The matches feel (maybe not surprisingly) static. With many radars and long range sonars in game (Des Moines and Hindenburg seem to be popular choices), it would take some serious skills for DDs to perform. In some hilarious games on the 'North' map, both teams just parked close to the big island separating the map and exchanged shells. The team who then pushed first just got decimated and the game ended quickly after that. The game was still adequately intense as using covers effectively and making probing moves are not as easy as they may sound. However, it just feels strange in a way that it is more akin to WoT on water rather than WOWS.
  10. Premium ships in rank games

    You see this kind of WR at every tier so it's no surprise that TX get's its fair share. Though I must say the persistence of said players is sincerely admirable as I would have picked another game long ago if I just keep on loosing.
  11. Premium ships in rank games

    Yes, one can loose all her way up to TX, but at least you know she has 'experience', albeit whether she learned from the said experience or not is debatable. It is natural to assume that one who played that many battle to get a TX ought to learn something, thus should perform better and more consistently in a statistical sense (higher mean + lower std) than one who just started the game and bought her way into ranked by purchasing a high tier premium. But now I dare to suggest even a weak correlation between stats/experience and performance as whenever I say so, I get accused of being a stat-obsessed fool or worse. The world is unknowable, everything is RNG, yeah!
  12. Zao: rudder or concealment?

    The only two ships I ever took something else other than concealment are Tashkent and Udaloi (I don't have khaba and akizuki, which I heard may also benefit more from double rudder). For Ibuki and Mogami, it is curious that OP said double rudder worked well.
  13. Premium ships in rank games

    I am aware this can be confirmation bias as I don't have statistics but there is no need to extrapolate to the extreme. I do not assume people without insignia or have hidden stats are bad players but there is just a larger uncertainty due to lack of information. As for ranked battle, since the sole goal is to win the match, why not give your teammate as much information as possible to better gauge their expectation?
  14. Premium ships in rank games

    The logic is as follows: A player who don't like insignia at all tend not to touch it so her insignia would be the default one or some one from the first batch (if she played a bit with this feature at its introduction). A player who like the feature would select one she finds interesting, and imho, the high tier ones are generally more intricately designed, so are more likely to be used if she has them unlocked. Thus, if we exclude the default patch and few common one from the first batch (which I did mention in my post), there should be a correlation between insignia and the player's experience in high tier games. The correlation is undoubtedly not 100% (as surely there are players who have insignia unlocked but just don't like them), but I did find those who carry a high tier insignia are more likely to be one performing adequately in ranked battles.
  15. Premium ships in rank games

    Now we have those fancy insignias, so it's easy to tell who has experience and who doesn't. Usually I wouldn't place high hope onto those whose insignia is neither default nor the ones that can be only earned by playing alright in t8+ games. Not fully accurate, sure, as not everyone likes to 'show off', but still helps