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  1. Interface QOL improvements

    When a player types something in the chat, blink her icon on the mini-map (in the same way as that of the F-key quick messages). At the moment, whenever someone says anything useful (e.g., 'come close to me, I have good AA ', 'DD go cap C, I'll support', etc.), i'd need to first check which ship she's in, then manually look for her position on the map in order to act intelligently (for example, I wouldn't take a promised support too seriously if it is coming from a border-hugging BB), which is quite inconvenient.
  2. Space Battles

    My five cents: The good: Space-ships looks really cool, certainly much better than the previous iteration in 2015. The bad: No smoke (I mean the one coming out of smokestack) means it is difficult to judge the speed and bearing of the enemy ships, making it much more difficult to land shells on target, especially when the enemy ship is bow-on (because I can't tell if she's sailing forward or backward); With only the grid, it is difficult to see where the waterline is, so landing citadel hits is even harder; Given the whole battlefield is quite flashy, torpedo and plane warnings / markers no long stand out, so it seems we all tend to eat torpedoes / bombs more often. With all of above taken into account, it gives the feeling (the keyword is "feeling") that RNG plays a bigger mode, which I don't like. The ugly: I absolutely hate the background music. I can understand the techno vibe here, but does it really have be as weird as this? Also, as I don't think anyone really took the scenario seriously enough to really play around the local weather patterns. Guess we just pew pew pew around like kids.
  3. HSF in tha shop!

    Does anyone know for how long the HSF ships will stay in the shop (which didn't give a sales period)? I'd like to get herakaze (seems to be a fun ship if I'm not mistaken), but I've spent too much on santa crates gambling so I'm not really in the mood to buy anything right now...
  4. Given that CV captains require a very different skill-set, using a non-CV ship to (re)train CV captains wouldn't be fun as it is almost like to play with 0 skill points. This can be OK in T5 and below, but certainly not so much so in higher tiers (where you can get more exp). Also, Graf is not available as well, plus you can't train US/Japan CV captains in a German ship (which has no CV line planned as far as I know).
  5. [PSA] Invite friends and win 4 premium ships

    Most newly recruited friends to reach tier 5. I guess that basically means a community contributor who can better publicise his/her invitation link. For a normal player who just recruits 'friends', I don't think there is any chance to compete..
  6. Removing some premium ships from the tech-tree is an understandable move as some tech-tree branches now appear to have more premium ships than regular ships. However, I don't understand why ALL premium CVs are removed. Granted, a new player suddenly jumping into a T7/T8 CV is not a welcoming sight, but now I even have less insensitive to start playing CV, knowing that I'll never get a crew trainer when I progress to higher tiers.
  7. You'll have New Mexico unlocked. So if you sell New Mexico after getting it from the campaign, you can always buy it back later without having to research anything. However, if you want to play New York or lower-tier ships, you'll still need to grind from start.
  8. The 90k torp damage mission was surprisingly doable. I finished it 3 times with Kamikaze in 6 matches, thanks to relatively inexperienced BB players in low/mid-tier games. The key is to play normal and don't get too desperate. I saw many DD players rushed (without support) toward the first ship they spotted and got killed within seconds while they desperately tried to launch their torps. Obviously this is not the way to go...
  9. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Happy holiday and many thanks for organising this! I'd like to join as well. My choices are: 1) Roma or Massachusetts or Harekaze or Kidd or a random CV (so I can suck in it :) 2) T61 or Aigle or a random ship 3) Doubloons Actually at the moment the premium shop is suspiciously devoid of ships. This is strange...
  10. Suggestions thread

    UI Suggestion: When someone types a message in the game chat, it would be really nice to blink her ship on the minimap in the same way as if a quick message (F-key messages) is sent so we can better judge the situation. More often than not, someone would say "DD go A, I'll support you" while she is sailing a slow battleship at the far end of the map, leading to the poor DD charging into the cap and got sunk because the support just couldn't arrive in time. A simple blink on the minimap could help greatly in preventing this.
  11. In the 2nd anniversary collectibles, there is one called "What's next, engine booster on battleships?". I thought it was a joke back then, but then they kept their words, amazing...
  12. Halloween event part 2. CV PLEASE!!!

    According to my experience, maybe you should not delay the destruction of the first tower. It cannot be saved any way, and the explosion can kill a bunch of enemy ships. More importantly, since the overall countdown time becomes longer after its destruction, you'd get more time to kill Rusputon and the enemy CV.
  13. the "carry harder!" thread

    I think this is my highest damage record to date... still a loss, and of course I got reported as being 'useless'.
  14. How is your Dunkirk Collection going on?

    12/16 items with 4 duplicates. I think I got lucky with only few duplicates. I also ran a simulation. From 10000 trails, you'll need 13.775 +/- 1.428 containers to complete the collection. This is certainly doable without Gallant, especially we can get 2 containers per day during the weekends. The figure below illustrates the simulated distribution: number of containers you'll need in the top pane and the number of duplicates you'll end up with (after completing the collection) in the bottom pane.
  15. Indeed smoke gives good estimate when the target is sailing at a more-or-less constant speed, but the shape of the smoke trail does not change immediately when the target is accelerating of slowing down. This is especially annoying when the ships (often equipped with that engine modification thing) is moving back and forth near an island.