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  1. 12/16 items with 4 duplicates. I think I got lucky with only few duplicates. I also ran a simulation. From 10000 trails, you'll need 13.775 +/- 1.428 containers to complete the collection. This is certainly doable without Gallant, especially we can get 2 containers per day during the weekends. The figure below illustrates the simulated distribution: number of containers you'll need in the top pane and the number of duplicates you'll end up with (after completing the collection) in the bottom pane.
  2. Indeed smoke gives good estimate when the target is sailing at a more-or-less constant speed, but the shape of the smoke trail does not change immediately when the target is accelerating of slowing down. This is especially annoying when the ships (often equipped with that engine modification thing) is moving back and forth near an island.
  3. More often than not, I find the lead indicator to be much more useful than the torps themselves on torp-equipped BBs and CAs, as it gives reliable information about the target ship's speed and heading. For a start, it allows me to effectively shoot at targets hiding behind islands, even without a spotter plane in the sky. Furthermore, it helps a great deal when I am firing at bow-on and accelerating / decelerating targets. Although the smoke trail can be used for the same purpose, it is certainly not as useful as the torp lead indicator. First, you usually can't see smoke behind an island. Second, the smoke trail always 'lags behind' when the target ship is rapidly changing its course or speed but the lead indicator updates in real-time. To me, the availability of this extra information significantly improved the handling experience of ships with torps (even the most useless short-range bad-angle ones). The contrast is best felt on ships of the same / similar classes, such as Bismarck and Tirpitz, or Belfast and Fiji. Yet I find the advantage of torp lead indicator seldomly discussed on the forum or the wiki pages. In fact, I start wonder whether this advantage is an intentional design choice that has been taken into account during balancing or is it just an "unexpected" benefit.
  4. I experienced the same on Sunday and I stopped playing afterward. I submitted a ticket to customer support but they told me there was no server problem reported. I wonder did anyone else submitted a ticketed and got any (hopefully different) reply from WG?
  5. I got this too tonight. If this has been going one for some time, I wonder whether it can explain why land slide loss / victory are becoming much more frequent these days.
  6. Bought 3 admiral boxes, got 1 box of 40 x Ocean Soul camos, 1 x Ishizuchi, and 1 x Atago. Then I bought a captain box just to make the total spending a nice 'round' number of 15 quid, got an Atlanta in it. Thanks WG, what else can I say...
  7. Since this is the end of the month, which is the usual time for their 'collector of the month' sale, I bet they'll put all premium ships they ever sold before in the shop at the same time. That would be quite a sight, with Lo Yang, An Shan, Blyskawica, Yubari, Sims, Kamikaze, Fujin, etc. Probably minus Gremy and Imperator, through, thus the notion of 'almost everything'.
  8. I experienced the same. After a torpedo accident, I turned pink and the report said I have to play another 5 matches to turn back. However, I actually played around 10 matches before my TK status was gone. It seems you must do zero team damage in the matches for them to be counted. Yes, absolutely zero damage, meaning that even a gentle touch to a friendly ship would prolong the pink name.
  9. Yes I experienced the same. I played three matches so far and the detailed report was missing in all three. I have already submitted a ticket. By the way, the credit, xp, and mission rewards can still be received, so don't be afraid to play
  10. You are right... Well, as long as she stays in the tech tree, the day will eventually come. Anyway, I no longer feel the pressure of completing the impossibly hard (for me) 500 battles mission (which is a must if I want to get her, Smith, and Katori altogether) in the GNB event.
  11. If we get tachibana into the tech tree this week, it will probably also receive a discount during the weekend thanks to the Japanese fleet event. Is it too good to be true? We will see
  12. Just had a few games with Furutaka, must say I really couldn't love it. It's turret turned so slow that I couldn't aim when I was turning. Japanese destryers and US battleships also have slow turning turrents, but japanese destroyers rely on torpedoes and US battleships do not have to drastically change course very often anyway. This is, however, not the case for Furutaka. As a cruiser, it relies on its maneuverability to survive, so I had to zig zag around. As a result, I ended up with only 2 guns able to fire most of the time. The guns, DPS wise, are not particular good either. Furutaka's torpedo armament might be a redeeming point since the tubes have very wide firing arc. However, the torpedoes only sail for 6 km, meaning that I often needed to ambush (which is much harder to do in a cruiser than in a destroyer...) or suicide rush (death assured). Anyway, I haven't had a good match in Furutaka so far (even in bot fight) and am still puzzled about how to get it work. So I wonder what's your opinion about this ship.
  13. I also have few ships from the Kancolle edition. As I am not a big fun of Kancolle myself, I am thinking about drawing and then 3D-printing some classical-looking stands for the ships. Still not sure about how to re-create the name-tag through...
  14. As a very casual model builder (I never even dreamt about achieving the quality you guys presented here :-), I enjoyed building these 1/2000 scale destroyers. Although they were supposed to be pre-painted super-easy builds, some extra painting and repairing (such as using painted toothpick splits to replace missing gun-barrels, broken masts, and so on) were still needed from time to time. As you can see, the details on these ships are not as good as on 1/700 scale models, but just look how tiny they are, only 5~6 cm in length! From left to right: Isokaze (of Kagero class, not to be confused with the in-game Isokaze, which was the lead ship of her own class), Hatsuzuki (of Akizuki class), and the "legendary" Yukikaze (of Kagero class).