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  1. tamagotchi

    Captain xp and elite xp and xp on ship

    Not sure about wowp, but in tanks you have 4 to 6 crew members and the xp you give up can only go to 1 of them. This is like some 20% efficiency. In ships since there is only the captain, it would double crew leveling if the same is allowed, which I guess is too good to be true.
  2. tamagotchi

    Directive - Earn 7 stars

    I must have been playing in a different reality... I tried exactly this before posting on Saturday but was unable to find a proper div in 20 min. I got invited into a div frequently enough but the challenge was to get full 7 players to play the op...
  3. tamagotchi

    Directive - Earn 7 stars

    This is either an oversight or a very nasty move against those who do not play in clan. Since you need a 7-player division to play other operations than the tier 3 'operation of the week', I don't see how a solo player can finish this mission.
  4. This is nice! I recall seeing a post few days ago wondering when an event will come to UK and then here it is:)
  5. tamagotchi

    Errrrr..... what just happened to wows?

    For those who can't stand the lack of realism in this game, I highly recommend the comic strip called 'Naval Nonsense' (https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/naval-nonsense/), which is a good laugh for the very least. Back on topic, I think one real problem with the ice rink is that we don't really have that many CV players who can marvel at its magnificence. Is WG catering to the privileged CV master race again? Now do I feel missing out by not playing CV...
  6. tamagotchi

    Raptor rescue new feature

    Wrong post, sorry & please delete.
  7. tamagotchi

    Why can't the reward crates be as stated?

    The option description could be easily changed to '[type] + random' to better reflect what can be expected from said containers.
  8. tamagotchi

    Halloween 2018

    This submarine mission should be set as 'operation of the day'. If WG wants players to test it, why put a barrier here to allow only divisions?
  9. tamagotchi

    Bug Reports

    1. Description: Cruiser Svyatozar's guns do not fire at locked target, but all shell are flying toward random directions 2. Reproduction steps: Play this ship in 'Sun ray in the darkness' operation. I do not know exactly what triggered this problem. In one game I just played, it happened twice. Both time the guns started to work normally after about 30 second. 3. Result: Please see the attached screen-shot. I drew red circle around my shells to better illustrate what happened. 4. Expected result: I expect my guns to not works as fireworks:).
  10. tamagotchi

    How fast is your "Free XP" gathering?

    Operations + special flags is a very good way to horde free xp. Recently with operation Dynamo, I could easily get 10k+ free xp per match. Even with the other 'more difficult' scenarios, operations are still better than other game types in this aspect, since you can't win every random / rank battle, but on average getting 3+ stars win (which gives no less exp than a so so win in random) in operations is quite doable.
  11. tamagotchi

    PSA Compensation for clan patch issue

    Thanks op! Now I wonder if and who would be exceedingly lucky to get Lightening from this very box
  12. To design a map that is not completely symmetrical yet also does not favour a particular side is not as easy as it sounds. That being said, the maps do start to feel repetitive now. Thus I would actually recommend a compromise of creating alternative themes for existing maps (such as north vs. northern light).
  13. I played the operation twice (with Sims, but not an AA-specified capture, I even forgot to take def-AA) so far and both times got 5 stars. With this very small sample size in mind, I do have the feeling that this operation is not very difficult. However, I also find this operation very enjoyable since shooting torpedo boats never cease to be fun. Isn't this what an operation should be? Enjoyable, frustration-free yet some good rewards?
  14. tamagotchi

    All containers ever made for WoWS?

    Can't agree more! But come to think of it, now WG also wants us to love coal, conspiracy against Christmas confirmed!
  15. tamagotchi

    HSF Harekaze, any chance?

    Seeing how HMS Aurora / ROC ChungKing was sold as HuangHe (a post-war conversion plan that was never materialised) in game, I wouldn't be surprised if WG decides to sell Yukikaze as ROC TanYang with some dodgy conversion plan. Though the downside is that she would be going to Pan-Asia in this case.