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  1. SDSmok3y

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery Thank you
  2. SDSmok3y

    guineas trade

    Hey WG anyway we could have a guinea trade ? Would love to be able to trade guineas for sovereigns at say a rate of 1 guinea to 10 sovereigns please ? the guineas i have are just going to go to waste and at the rate of 76p per guinea its would be great if i could trade for sovereigns and spend it on some stuff i would use , signals camos etc ?
  3. SDSmok3y

    prem halloween boxs

    Ok so i can see where to get standard but how do we get prem halloween box?
  4. SDSmok3y

    RN chests

    Would love to know the drop rate of ship missions in both the premium and non premium containers please? i have watched plenty of vids where people get all 4 missions in a few boxes . i currently have bought 10 premium boxes and opened over 30 normal boxes and yet no missions ...starting to loose the will am i just very unlucky?