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  1. Tenshi

    ST - armor-piercing rockets

    Can we just get RTS cvs with nerfed AP bombs instead please? Like, can we grow as human species and admit cv rework is garbage?
  2. Tenshi

    ST, New ships

    Once upon a time WG said guns won't be bigger than 460mm WG also said no submarines or selling T10 premiums. ...but then spreadsheet said otherwise
  3. Tenshi

    Unique upgrades

    For Gods sake wg.... Can you people go one week without starting a shitstorm? It's just one after the other. Everyone already told you once; stuff your NTC upgrade [edited] somewhere far away and forget it ever existed. Why must we do the same thing again and again.... We all understand that making things from scratch is really hard, but you got about 30K (putting it generously) voices to provide feedback. Listen to at least SOME them every once in a while, would you?
  4. We can let the lesser evil slide and let those who really want to re-grind the lines again have some rewards, but here's what's gonna happen: The re-grind will be far too slow or will demand 4-5 times to purchase one ship Because of that wg will offer to straight up pay for the new currency (they already do) Due to money/time investment that is gonna be HUGELY unfair they will make the ships broken af to compensate All ships are T10 so they will be allowed in clan wars or ranked All balance goes out the window cause these new ships are broken WG strong-arms you into grind or spend money to be on par with everyone else You have no choice but to suffer either way (pay/waste time or leave) I am not a businessman by any stretch of imagination, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out that this is set up purely to bring money with minimum effort To everyone in WG: You are not smart nor sneaky. It's plain obvious what you are trying to do to all of your players. Sadly it's not obvious to you that all you are doing is killing your game.
  5. ARE WE BLOODY TALKING TO A WALL OR WHAT!? ANY BUFF, now focus here people who call themselves devs: ANY BUFF be it in randoms or clan wars will be MANDATORY because it gives A PLAIN ADVANTAGE over the same ship without it! By making the buff slightly less overpowered you are not making it optional! What fair play are you talking about? Is it fair play that someone has the exact same ship as me but objectively better in stats? The definition of fair play is starting out with the same resources at your disposal and letting your ability to use these resources decide the outcome. ......"Well you can always get the buff yourself, it's available to everyone" Well then it is bloody mandatory you muppets! Lastly any excuse you can make in regards to this NTC trash not being viable unless it has an effect on gameplay/stats is a worthless excuse If it doesn't work, DON'T IMPLEMENT IT. No one asked for this. NO ONE
  6. This training center idea is the single most idiotic thing you could possibly think of. Giving long term players, who are obviously BETTER than less experienced players, OBJECTIVELY BETTER versions of the same ship is outright retarded. Do you people seriously believe that newer players will look at someone with the same ship that has more HP, better dispersion, lower cdr for damage con and think: "Yes in 1-2 years I also will be able to dominate everyone!" No, they will think "What the actual F*CK is the point of grinding a line, when I have to regrind it again and again!" And what, devs believe that giving everyone prem consumables somehow mitigates this giant gap in ship stats? New flash WG: HAVING PREMIUM DAMAGE CON DOESN'T HELP AGAINST A BUFFED PREMIUM DAMAGE CON! You know, over the years wg have done some seriously idiotic decisions, but this... For a community that pleads with every single patch to stop adding more crap and just tweak the balance of the game, this is the answer wg thinks of... One last thing: How much anyone wants to bet that this new currency will eventually be sold for real money? Remember what EA does to games? How they will strong arm everyone to spend money to be on the same level as everyone else? Well, here's a new contender for sh*t eating dev position.
  7. [Situation typical; all fked up] Hello there~ We are a chill clan looking for new people to play clan wars, divisions and hang out with us! What we offer: A discord server filled with active people Ability to div up every time you play Ability to play in clan wars Chill atmosphere What we need: Stats that are close/above clan average [ Clan Stats ] (PR >1300 / Win Rate 53%) English on a decent level (obvs) Mic/Discord Desire to play with others and improve To go into more detail; we are looking for people to play clan wars or just hang and play in divisions. Currently we have a stable roster of 7 people + around 8 who come and go. We decided to run a friendly rivalry and depending on how skilled you are in any aspect of the game, you'll have priority to join the first team to climb to typhoon and beyond. As you can tell from our numbers we have both clan war divs running from time to time, so we can all play and try to get missions done. Aside from clan wars, we usually have divs running most of the time. Most of our players enjoy playing together, so if you want some casual fun, we also have that~ Here's our discord server: https://discord.gg/KPFj4AJ anyone are welcome to join! You don't have to be a clan member to come and hang out, maybe play a few games. How to apply: The best way would be to join our discord where you will be given a recruit role. We usually like to play/talk to everyone before we make decisions. The whole process usually takes 3-4 days.
  8. Did you people seriously just straight up remove have the carriers and thought it's just fine???? Are you friggin mental? If you can "balance" T4 and T6 how come you can't keep the T5 in the game? Oh I know why, must save time and money.... I can't believe this is actually real -.- More dramatic my [edited]... You remove half the content out of the line in order to make it feel like T6 is much better than T4? EDIT! I can tell a higher tier CV is better than the previous one without having to skip a tier! They also said it's faster matchmaking and economy changes. Because all of the cv players have such a big fkin problem waiting for a one and a half minutes in queue.................. I have never been more pissed about anything in this bloody game Honestly you try removing half the BBs out of the game for "balancing" issues and watch the community crash and burn. How come this is allowed for cvs!
  9. So I started a random game and wargaming blessed me with this gem *edited* I see nothing wrong here, no matchmaking problem at all~
  10. Tenshi

    Ranked season

    And the award for most triggering post goes to...
  11. Tenshi

    [AKI] Akizuki's AA Party

    Want a friend request? Seemed like you need it~
  12. Tenshi

    Stalingrad is a Minotaur NERF!

    I don't think Minotaur was highly regarded by general public for ranked, but I did see some good plays last season. Here's the thing tho: I understand that Stalingrad might be a direct counter but hey, that's the game. Meta changes, counters come up and at some point you just have to play different ships. Sadly our fav ships can't stay good forever T^T
  13. Any sort of real money refund for virtual goods is basically impossible in the first place. The money that you spent was already spent by the company on something else either way Just accept a doubloon compensation and be happy you're getting that -3-