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  1. CeKyPuTo

    Santa Crates, what did you get?

    Exchanged my New year Certificates for 19 Big Santa Crates Got Asashio and plenty of flags and camos
  2. CeKyPuTo

    Holiday Lottery 2021 - Try your luck !

    I would like to participate
  3. Somethimes its just impossible to win, your team is doing everything possible to lose the game...
  4. CeKyPuTo

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    1st daily container, picked More Resources and i got this.... Never been so happy for a tier 4 ship
  5. The game was going to be full disaster, dont know how we manage to win this
  6. I bought corporation tokens for credits and Free XP in the last Big Hund event if i remember correctly! I dont think there was any coal or if i have got it i dont remember that
  7. 165 mil credits well spend! Overpayed a bit as @Matty814 won with 117 mil but still happy with the 100k coal in return
  8. CeKyPuTo

    How would you repair WoWS?

    You cant repair WoWs because you cant repair the playerbase! Every player that plays the game have brain (and at least some of them use it) and own thinking and make different decisions playing the game! And again you cant fix playerbase, because we are all humans and everybody is thinking in a different ways and you cant expect from anybody to do whatever you want them to do! Just accept it and play the game with the bad and good teams you get! You cant win all the games! To get better at something you have to lose Adding new maps and gamemodes wont change anything, it will become even worse! That will make average and bad players even more clueless what to do and where to go on new maps...
  9. I was hoping for Haida, but got Z-39! Didnt expect much from that ship, but played few games with it and its not bad, im ok with it, its free ship after all!
  10. I expect this ship to be removed before the end of the year, its rly good, me vs 2x Hallands not a problem
  11. Compensation is credits if you got it for free from SC or when the change in the tech tree happend! If you bought it with doubloons or in the premium shop then compensation is doubloons
  12. CeKyPuTo

    So is this the future of not detonating?

    Well, if his answer was like that "buy detonation flags for coal" they might be removing the option to buy them for credits? If thats the case i might go and buy 500 or more detonation flags for credits just in case they remove the credit option
  13. Good game, 3 enemy dds dead, 2 solo caps, one burned down Iowa and some cap resets
  14. CeKyPuTo

    SO who is getting the Vampire II?

    Will get it at the moment i get Harugumo again! I have 48k RP on it that i need to collect and around 40k ready in the armory! Near 5 mil free XP too but im too big of a cheap bastard to use it and get Harugumo and respectively Vampire II right away