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  1. Just got Hayate and played 2 games with it! Not bad ship but nothing special! is it worth it 2 mil free XP? NO! Smaland is better for that price tag! Wont play it often, but its nice to have an extra TX ship for potential anniversary SC's from where i will get 100 useless ramming flags
  2. Yes i got one container with 300 tokens from 15 opened (got 4 from PTS) Today logged in to get the daily shipment for my brother and got 300 there too, so i got 300 tokens on two accounts
  3. CeKyPuTo

    Possible Upcoming Coal Ships

    Benham wont be available from anything except Christmas boxes! Its good ship that many players want it and WG wont miss the chance to get money for it via christmas boxes! F.D. Roosevelt will be in RB in my opinion, only 2 ships there for now and WG will expand the choice of ships so people spend their money for dobloons and convert it to free XP and get the ship!
  4. CeKyPuTo

    New Russian Event is a Letdown

    Opened 12 containers so far (4 from PTS and 8 from directives) Was lucky to get one container with 300 tokens, the rest 11 were 5-10 tokens!
  5. CeKyPuTo

    Giulio Cesare

    Hard or even imposible to see Giulio Cesare back in the shop! Its a great ship not only for its tier but but even if its uptiered, dont have any problems to fight vs t7 ships! Glad i got it before it was removed!
  6. Thats bullsh*t! Everybody can have bad game at any time! You might fight for caps, spot or fight vs 3-4 ships alone because your imbecil teammates are lemmings and all go to one direction or even worse, your entire team is camping behind ONE island (seen than many times) So that way you are going to get punished because your team are ret*rds?
  7. CeKyPuTo

    Another Dockyard event for Odin

    Yes, the same thing as me, the only time WG got any money from me! Not going to pay ay dobloons for Odin, even after i have them from SC's and didnt buy any dobloons for 4 years!
  8. CeKyPuTo

    Another Dockyard event for Odin

    @MrConway @Tuccy Why we dont have the chace to get the ship completely for free even lets say the last directive and last two stages of building the ship is somewhat hard and challenging and requeires a lot of of time and games played?
  9. Good game and i enjoyed every second of it! Strange thing is that i didnt get the Kraken Unleashed award for 5 kills, probably because i killed the last enemy ship literally in the last hundredth of a second before the game end, and didnt even count it as a dead ship after the game ended, won by points advantage after 20 mins!
  10. Its pretty much the only game i play but never have paid for anythig in the game (except my time) All prem ships, doubloons and anything else i have earned is from SC's or missions! My acc is completely F2P and will stay that way! I play WG games since 2011, started with WOT and 2015 moved to WOWS, never paid for anything! WG simply isnt worthy to give them my money!
  11. CeKyPuTo

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Just got two SC's from TYL and what a surprise...
  12. CeKyPuTo

    Kirov and Moskva in port or just Unlocked?

    EDIT: WTF....Sry wrong topic :D
  13. Got Smaland at the day it was released so i dont have enough free XP for Hayate at the moment, need 700k more but i will get it at some point! @Crysantos Anything new for Paolo Emilio? Cant wait for that ship
  14. CeKyPuTo

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    From twitch mission containers i got 2x15k coal and just now from the 3rd container got a ship