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  1. CeKyPuTo

    COOP only game

    I dont get it... Whats the point playing only coop? Booring, too easy vs bots, no challenge, you dont get any exp and credits, all games are pretty much the same
  2. CeKyPuTo

    Swedish Legendary captain!

    In that case no swedish captain too! We dont have swedish tech tree, we will have Pan-Euro line wich consist mainly from swedish ships, but its NOT swedish line! In the future when Pan-Euro tree gets expanded it may consist ships from 10 different nations! If Pan-Euro gonna have special/legendary captain its have to be with fictional name to be neutral between all nations that going to be included in the tech tree
  3. CeKyPuTo


    The funny thing is that after the nerf french DDs have worse concealment than Khaba if its with concealment build! Khaba have heal/smoke, better AA (not like its a factor but still) better base reload and shell velocity...
  4. CeKyPuTo

    Ships suited for meta 2020/01

    Maybe Somers? Played only a few games without much succes, but overall i like it! Its more or less US equivalent of Shima, torpedoes reload faster, AA is pretty much non existent, but air conclealment is good, 2.5 km if im not wrong
  5. CeKyPuTo

    Germans, Carriers and Planes.

    @Jethro_Grey I didnt mean new ships exactly about CV's! Its overall for ships from any class! Dont care if its a paper line or not, as long as there is new lines to grind! Thats the fun part for me, playing something new and trying to get TX of that new line! If there wasnt anything new why should i play the game? It will become boring quickly with the same ships over and over again! New ships with some new mechanics means differeent approach to some situations in game! About the sales of prem ships there is more than enought players who buys them to keep the game running! Thats perfectly fine for me as i never buy anithing even prem acc (now i have only because a clanmate gifted me a year), full F2P mode Sry about my sh*t english, its not the best
  6. CeKyPuTo

    Germans, Carriers and Planes.

    Paper ships or not it doesnt matter! Its awlays nice to have new ships in the game! I hope to see and italian carriers (again most of them only designs, not real ships) If we had only real and less as possible paper ships in the game, there will be 50% or less ships in game... new ships and content means we the players will continue to play the game! If there is not new ships even if they are paper only, we will lose interest in the game, and thats not good to WG! More ships > new players/old will play more > money for WG > game will stay for longer!
  7. CeKyPuTo

    Poll: Royal (token) Bundle drop chance

    Devonshire in 1st bundle, nothing else in the next 4 bundles
  8. CeKyPuTo

    This is impossible....

    Yes, all ships and stats are transferred. I know this since we have a new player who joined in the clan from US server and he have all ships that he owned or researched during his time there. Maybe is reroll acc? In that case you keep all premium and special ships, but the stats are reseted
  9. CeKyPuTo

    Poll: Imperial (doubloon) Bundle drop chance

    What is the point to spend doubloons for something you will get for free after 1 month (if get any ships at all)? Maybe will worth it 1k doubloons only if you get Albemarle in the 1st bundle
  10. I got Devonshire with the 1st bundle, opened 4 for now! A clanmate opened 4 and got Devonshire on 3rd and Surrey on the 4th bundle
  11. Im still waiting Hayate.... Since the vote and after the results showed its gonna be for FXP they said its gonna be released shortly, that was almost a month ago....
  12. CeKyPuTo

    There will never be a BB with bigger guns then Yamato...

    Return of the Dockyard, have 10 directives, 1 day to complete each directive and each mission requires particular ship from one nation On topic, i never trusted to anything WG said! My expirience from 2011 playing WoT and from 2017 playing WoWs learn me to never believe to anything they say
  13. CeKyPuTo

    Mass reporting resulting in chat ban

    When should we expect this miracle to happen? And i hope you will not be the only one, there is plenty players like you who have to follow you!
  14. CeKyPuTo

    puerto rico for FREE grinders. yours progress?

    I got one booster with doubloons that i had anyway from SC's or other ways from the game and this morning got the ship! BUT one clanmate refused to get booster with doubloons even if he had them so it played a lot and today finished his last mission from 7th directive and will get PR for free... crazy man
  15. CeKyPuTo

    Daring HE shell dmg?

    And when you think about it that there are thousands players who dont bother to learn basic game mechanics and about gun calibres and what they can do, what ammo type and when to use it, or even what skills to use or are needed for particular ship! Sad story.....