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  1. 0.6.9

    Today from around 1430 i have encountered latency issues, at times geting ping up to 500+ at times the ping disapeared compleatly. Resultin that vessel froze and then juming several hundred meters foreward.
  2. The German DD's have a much broader beam, this makes them very vourneable for AP shels as the AP fuse have time to arm before the shell exits through the other side making it an overpen, if you hit a DD straight on the bow with AP youll get normal shell dmg due to the travel time within the body of the DD.
  3. i can see the next post comming up like this: Cruisers should not getting any money/xp for sinking DD's cause most of them have radar / hydro and thats unfair against the DD's Or again the BB skippers wil make a new on the OP of cruisers he spam setting them on fire. I do like running my Cruisers and if you are a good cruiser driver you are able to dodge shells quite often, if your mot to close to the BB's.
  4. 1. DescriptionLoss of HUD elements ingame, port is laggy 2. Reproduction steps Restarting game client 3. ResultGame running normal 4. Expected resultAll HUD elements to be functioning as expected 5. Technical details Patch 6.3 after installing micropatch 31.03.2017 NOTE: Did an integrity check on client no errors foun.
  5. HM.. i think my Sims will have fun now
  6. The SC's are a random drop, so you better start praying to RNGesus, and the generator for the RNG is on your machine and not on server, had 2 XC's the first week after release and then it was compleatly dried up until yesterday, think the droprate is less then 1% as it should be, you might get luck at times and get 2 in a row but then you ARE lucky.
  7. 0.6.0

    First impression on the new skill tree : somewhat confusing ( i do not like the option for the carriers to launch flights while burning) to be honest if a carrier was burning ALL awailabel damage controll crew + extras was fighting the fire, if the fire was caused by shells or bombs hitting flightdeck you got craters in it and launching planes was impossible more or less, a carrier that was hit by one torpedo would list due to wateringress in free spaces and you would get what is called a free surface effect which is making it almost impossible to launch planes,
  8. 0.6.0

    You are running on the 6.0 cause otherwise you would not be able to log in. The udate this time was small and mostly for the new skill tree they are trying to impiment.
  9. Why cant we agree to test out the new skills in the PTS before spamming HE all over, been regularly playing on PTS and to be honest have not seen many EU players in there, so guys please come and join up in the PTS so we can get a proper test of this system before throwing the HE.
  10. Keep radar in game but they need to make it work as it does IRL. Radar CAN NOT see through mountains , radar do loose range in bad weather, the normal civ radar sets (as im used to use) have problems in heavy rain (X & S band). Radars in the timeframe of the game used magnetrons to create the pulses and they are easily countered as the german antiair radar operators found during the war. So why not give all vessels radars and chaff consumables as most of the ships had on a later stage of the war.
  11. 0.5.16

    1. Description After leaving division i was unable to get ready status for battle, 2. Reproduction stepsCame out of battle and division split up. Tried to get into new battle with same ship but was unable, tried changing ship with same result, not able to start battle. 3. ResultDisconected from server and reconected and was able to join battle. 4. Expected resultIn-game experience which should have occurred if no bug is present.Should be able to join new battle with same ship.
  12. 0.5.16

    Hawsehole??? last time i anchored a ship it was called Chainepipe. Even tho the german bb's have an open solution on the 2 main anchors they have a hawsepipe (chain pipe) for the center anchor. Looking forward to this pts session.
  13. 0.5.15

    On two games today i observed DD's moving eraticly, fluttering after beeing sunk, so this bug is still in game but not as prominent as it was in older versions.
  14. 0.5.15

    1. DescriptionGame freezes upon entering battle or when exiting if vessel is destroyed, 2. Reproduction steps Hard restart of computer (off-on) as everything was frozen, had then two more games and the same happened. After this restart i was playng for several hrs and game was functioning without any problems.3. Result Played several games and game was working perfect.4. Expected resultShould be able load in log out of battle 5. Technical details PC : Prosessor: i7 4470K Graphic: NVidia 770 GTX (latest Nvidia drivers installed) Ram: 24GB OS: Win 10 Pro 64bit.
  15. 0.5.13

    This is a gun statistic for HMS Leander and the Soviet Buyonny Cruisers. I have done some digging on internett regatding the guns used on the tier VI Brit and the Tier VI russian vessel and compared muzzlel velocity on the shells. On the BL 6" gun used by the british vessel the muzzle velocity on the shells are stated 840 m/s. So here you have done it correct, (you are actually 1m/s faster) On the 152mm/57 guns that is equipped on the "buddy" i found the following stats: AP 950 m/s, Semi-AP 950m/s, HE 800m/s. Hm... someone must have done something wrong here as your wikipedia states that the "buddy" have 950 m/s for both the AP and HE. That AP have this high speed is because AP shells need kinetic energy on impact for penetration, HE have contact fuse and explodes on contact with target and is not designed for penetrating.