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  1. Got Sims. Not what I wished for, but also not among the worst ones I could've received. I'm fine with it.
  2. Turnipsi

    Smith II Torpedo

    Those are Halland torpedos, just as a reference. What is weird to me is that it does show the correct reload, even though the rest is what Halland would have.
  3. The only ship I don't want from the box is California. Hood, Lazo and Haida would the ones I'd prefer and all the rest (Atlanta, Boise, Nueve, Poltava, Leningrad, Yuudachi, Abruzzi, Ashitaka and Sims) are ships that, while I wouldn't otherwise care about, am completely fine receiving.
  4. Went for a break when the campaign was initially released, came back towards the end of june and completed it in a month or so. I felt it was pretty straightforward and not too hard. Didn't quite complete with honors as I didn't get Småland until very recently and focused on the epoch campaign after getting Swirski.
  5. Turnipsi


    *edited* You see how futile trying to communicate like this is?
  6. Turnipsi

    PEF Event

    You completed all the directives for it without even realising. Considering the directives are pretty simple (as long as you play many different nations and ship types), this isn't too surprising. You should've paid a little more attention. The same kind of event went on last year with Duke of York and the year before that with Graf spee. You could either buy the ship for the mission sets, or earn it by completing a series of other missions.
  7. Turnipsi

    Ships that are better skipped using FXP

    Haven't free xp'd past any ships yet (though there certainly were/are a few that were/are bad enough for it, such as Karlsruhe and Emerald when they were first released, or Neptune as it is now). For me, experiencing the ships, no matter how bad or good they are, serves as an important lesson for future battles. Free xp I just use to finish grinds if there's only a little bit of xp remaining (both ships and modules), and of course for the free xp only ships.
  8. Turnipsi

    From the Scharnhorst to the Gneisenau

    I don't have FP on many ships either, but I have noticed that the reason I don't value it as much is simply because I pick all the other survivability upgrades (basics of survivability, damage con system mod 1 and 2, india yankee, etc.), so that is probably the reason why I find fires to be kind of a trivial issue.
  9. Turnipsi

    Stabbed in the back!

    No, as neither did Blyskawica players get a refund when the stealth fire nerf was implemented... Because it's not just a nerf to a certain ship. Azuma and Alaska also suffer the same consequences. If you want to play your Battleship dressed as a cruiser, you're going to have to live with some of the downsides of the battleships too you know.
  10. Had a similar event. Furutaka fired torps and 3/4 of those torps hit a target, each one hitting a different target too. 1 for Dunkerque, 1 for Nürnberg who was grinding against the side of the Dunkerque (because why not?) and one for PEF that had plenty of time to turn and dodge. The one torpedo that didn't hit anything was dodged though... ...By the bot Bogue...
  11. Turnipsi

    Tox me baby one more time

    Alright, now that we've agreed upon that, what is the point of your thread? Those people are the same kind of people who don't visit the forums, who don't read/watch guides and who have no intention of getting better. Their idea of fun is to fail their way to tier 10 so they can whine about their team more and continue to turn a blind eye to their inability to get better.
  12. Turnipsi

    Tox me baby one more time

    It has cemented itself as the standard in multiplayer games so firmly that the irony has become lost.
  13. Turnipsi

    Tox me baby one more time

    Usually the most solanine filled whining about teammates comes from the players who end up being the worst of the team.
  14. *Insert necromancy joke here.*
  15. Turnipsi

    Remove startrek Smoke binocular

    How much do you want to bet that the average WoWs player would not agree with you on this in the slightest? Not saying what you're suggesting is good or bad, but the fact of the matter is that WG took the game in the direction they chose because they want to appeal to as much people as possible. A lot of people just want some simple fun out of their games, not something where you need to focus on multiple things at once.