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    High Tier Match Balance

    Im really curious if you even play DDs. You keep rattling about attacking outside of radar range or immediaetly leaving the range after launching torps. Are we even playing the same game? My torps have max range 8km and radar has 10-12km range!!! Where exactly is that beautfiul safe spot you are referring to? Baiting radar or being out of radar means I'd be playing a DD that cannot rush objective nor launch torps, so freaking useless. Radar is just so skillful that the instant a point starts being captured you can just pop it and the DD capturing is given 2 choices. Stay there and die or try to leave the objective before dying. Talk about high quality play level right there...There is a reason ships are divided in classes, because they all have different roles to fullfil. Completely removing the role of DDs rushing early with the press of 1 button doesnt seem balanced at all to me. Bottom line is, Cruisers are only vurnerable to lots of BB fire and can shoot/spot/kill everything if they wish while being able to dodge torps fairly easily with a brain. What were their disadvanages again?
  2. Windman

    High Tier Match Balance

    How can you play carefully when the enemy has a radar? This is not LoL, i cant bait their skillshot and then go in...I just cant get in range of 10km as long as they have that consumable and i have nothing to use outside that range. Playing carefully=Not playing!And i never said anything about BBs 1shoting DDs, I just said when a DD is spotted for 10-20secs, 5 cruisers/bbs will shoot at it and even if 1 salvo lands, you lose 50-100% of your hp because your armor/hp is paper.
  3. Windman

    High Tier Match Balance

    So can anyone enlighten me as to what WG is actually trying to accomplish here? Cruisers get the ability to be able to spot anything(even in smoke) in 10-12km radius for 20-30secs and BBs have extremely good turning radius. CVs can get like 8 squadrons out at once and flood at least 1/3 of the map with planes. Meanwhile DDs have an effective range of torps at around 10km or less which in the best scenario is smaller than the spot range cruisers may have... IJN DDs cant even hope to fight with any other DDs as far as guns and maneuverability is concerned(maybe with the exception of Shimakaze). Some cruisers also have weak torps than can exceed 10km just to be abnoxious... Is there even a reason as to why DDs(IJN specifically) should exist in the current patch of the game when most of em cant even outrun their cruiser counterparts? You know having a spot range of 5.7km but being spotted at 11km by radar or 15km by random scouting plane whose algorithm went rogue even for 15secs means gameover in T10 matches and there is no skill involved in that happening nor counterplay around it.