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  1. Cyewasty

    Arsenal boxes for World of Warships collection

    Thank you for the answer, it clears things up. Cheers
  2. I am wondering wether Arsenal boxes will be available for three years World of Warships collection. If someone can answer or point me to an answer I would be grateful, thanks.
  3. Cyewasty

    Halloween - Terror of the Deep

    Thinking about certain issues and visiting other pages, I have found several things that should also be put out there for review. I will name them in the section below. UI SUGGESTIONS The torpedo alarm warning is indeed very distracting and shouldn't be present when submerged. Submerged submarine can avoid torpedoes that run at standard depth (3 m - 10 ft) unless they hit the conning tower. Because of this no damage should be done by torpedoes while you are submerged. This may be harder to implement, so I don't know what else to say here. Other UI suggestions are stated below. 1. Dive time to periscope depth should and oxygen supply time be under shown in port, preferably in manoeuvrability section. 2. Placement of depth and oxygen meter next to engine telegraph so it won't be in the middle of view. 3. Emergency blow should have a sound accompanying it so the player know when it's hard surfacing. 4. Limited periscope view only at periscope depth instead of whole screen (essentially just a giant periscope mask for camera), but with ability to fully zoom artillery camera and return to normal on button press. 5. Group torpedoes into only forward torpedo tubes (4 or 6 torpedoes) and aft torpedo tubes (2 or 4 torpedoes) that reload independently. GAMEPLAY SUGGESTIONS That depends on which submarine has a snorkel. Those that have it could do this, but those without should lose it the same rate. Snorkel was used on German submarines as far as I know, so make that a thing if it will be available into the game. Some suggestions for gameplay are listed below. 1. The speed of submarines while submerged should be far less that on the surface (varying from submarine to submarine), unless it's German type XXI class which could go faster underwater. 2. If submarines are slower underwater their oxygen supply should be extended (adjusted for the game, of course) as to correspond to times that oxygen supply lasted in real occasions. 3. The question I have is will sinking ships affect submarine when they are sinking and the submarine is passing beneath it? As in, weather you can sink if a ship goes down on your boat? 4. Interesting thing I read on another thread is use of batteries instead of oxygen supply. Batteries could only be recharged on the surface so it could make game balance a bit better. Just a couple of suggestions next to my previous ones. And now I have to present my own tech tree for submarines, which could become useful guideline if they do make it into the game. I do, however, have to say that this tech tree is purely something that I thought of and is not to be taken too seriously. This is all for now. GERMANY US TIER IV Type II S-class TIER V Type II V-class TIER VI Type VII Porpoise TIER VII Type VII Salmon TIER VIII Type IX Sargo TIER IX Type IX Gato TIER X Type XXI Balao
  4. Cyewasty

    Halloween - Terror of the Deep

    Hello there I would like to give some feedback for submarines and their mechanics right now that I've noticed. Some things will maybe be intentional, but I will mention them nonetheless. 1. Secondary armament (guns) on Zipper sub and Barracuda don't turn when firing, and I do think that they can fire behind them which shouldn't be possible because of the conning tower. 2. Submerge animation is not that good. Currently, it looks like the submarine just drops into water instead of submerging slowly (in several seconds, give or take) and going bow first. 3. Leveling out in the water is also too fast, it goes from 10 or 15 degrees to horizontal very fast. It would be better to level it out a bit more slowly, to simulate movement in water. 4. Surfacing the boat always brings zoomed out camera, which is annoying. It would be better if surface camera zoom (example is one zoom before periscope) would be the same as in submerged mode. 5. Aiming is not that difficult with that lead line. This defeats the purpose of knowing where to shoot, lead the target and calculate gyro angle. Maybe this could be avoided and not done away entirely, but right now it is a bit too easy. More testing and playing should be done for this as of now. 6. That being said if leading the target becomes more difficult, initial torpedo spread should be much larger (60-120 degrees) like it is in submarines. Most submarines could fire accurately 45 degrees on each side from bow (315 to 45) and stern (135-225) which should avoid going left and right. Submarine should carefully maneouvar into position, fire and get out before anyone knows it was there. SUGGESTIONS - Implement a mechanic where submarine can travel at 1/4 speed below 100 m and reduce it's visibility to 1 km. This would represent silent running below the thermal layer but greatly reduce speed and could be used for most extreme stealth situations. - Special game mode or scenario battle called "Hunters & Prey" where one team is in submarines and another is in destroyers of same rank. Destroyers mission is to escort AI merchant ships trough the map and submarines mission is to damage most or all convoy ships. Question: is there a option to start zoomed in, as in conning tower zoom which looks like you're on the bridge? That's all from me now, will give more feedback if anything comes to mind.
  5. Cyewasty

    Suggestions thread

    Submarine testing is approaching soon and an idea occurred to me of what submarine types could be added into the game. Being submarine enthusiast it is nice to see this mechanic, but it is important to mention that this is only a suggestion and should be not taken as advocating for submarines in the game. But if they are introduced into the game, the tech tree could look something like this. Types that are the same are different versions of submarines with letters after the number. GERMANY US TIER IV Type II S-class TIER V Type II V-class TIER VI Type VII Porpoise TIER VII Type VII Salmon TIER VIII Type IX Sargo TIER IX Type IX Gato TIER X Type XXI Balao
  6. Username: Cyewasty Server: EU