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  1. GhostRiderMax123

    Are you going for the Alaska+ (AKA PR)

    I want to get it for free but no way do I have that amount of time available 0_o
  2. GhostRiderMax123

    24,000 doubloons for 'premium' Puerto Rico boosters.

    Flamu's rage video sent me here. Its all kinda shocking.
  3. GhostRiderMax123

    [-GBF-] Great British Fleet NOW RECRUITING

    hey :D you guys got space for an old wows vet? been away from the game for a few months but I've been slowly getting back into it.
  4. GhostRiderMax123

    [PORT] Now Recruiting

    ignore this.
  5. GhostRiderMax123

    Thunderer or Georgia advıce ???

    Only played a few games in Georgia so far but she is a really wonderful ship :D excels at deleting unaware BB campers. That speed is epic.
  6. I see some people are misunderstanding the role of the battlecruiser. The Royal Navy's BC's were developed as trade defense ships nothing more. They had the guns to deal with AMC's and cruisers and the speed to run away from anything that had similar sized guns. They were not built or designed to fight in the line of battle against ships of the same size or to go head to head with BB's. The Battle of the Falklands is generally a case study for how a BC should be used. Jutland is a case study for how not to use BC's When their creator Jackie Fisher was the first sea lord the doctrine was that BC's conducted trade defense which is something that the British regarded as being very important as at the time they had one of the worlds largest merchant fleets. Of course after 1915 Fisher resigned from office after the Gallipoli campaign failed. This generally/likely led to the change of doctrine that landed the BC's in the line of battle as a forward scouting element.
  7. GhostRiderMax123

    Downward sloping of carrier decks at the back?

    I assume your on about the Round-Down. Its shape is to do with reducing the air turbulence on the deck.
  8. GhostRiderMax123

    Its been a while!

    played a few matches and yea nothing much seems to have changed :/
  9. GhostRiderMax123

    Its been a while!

    Hi Its been a while since I have played the game. Think the last time I played might have been last year Whats changed in that time? Anything important and worth knowing? Any ships changed ect? :D
  10. GhostRiderMax123

    Clan Battles - Mercenaries

    Having Mercenaries wouldn't be a terrible thing to be honest. You would have a few communication issues but that's not a big deal really.
  11. GhostRiderMax123


    She's fine where she is. Saying that she needs to go to T5 is just rubbish.
  12. GhostRiderMax123

    Hearts of Oak recruitment thread [HOO]

    Not a bad bunch of people. Was a member for 2 years before a small number of people started making me feel quite unwelcome but don't let that get in the way of things. Most of HOO are a good bunch of people. Had some great laughs over the years.... Edit: Major sarcasm in use above......just run and join someone else.
  13. MINI :Smile-_tongue:

    1. MiniBrit


      GHOST! :D

      I have now properly joined the forums so yea

      fun times