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  1. Can CV's get Citadel ribbons?
  2. I'd rather not see it change. I've only just unlocked my first 19 point cpt.....
  3. Limit the BB's to 3 a side and introduce a system that does somthing like the following. 1. If a ship is in the border area of the map they get 50% of normal earnings while they are there thus meaning if you camp the border you will get less XP and silver.. CV's are exculded from this but their aircraft are not. 2. Cap points and the area's around them will net the player 50% more than normal earnings this means ships are rewarded for pushing. 3. everywhere else you will get normal earnings. Something like this would would punish those that do not push while rewarding those that do. Also no to Fritz X such a weapon is not needed.
  4. Dropping the max number of BB's in a team to 3 would go a long way to helping with this issue. It would give Cruisers and DD's more freedom to do their thing. Also worth looking at nerfing the AA of BB's too
  5. Looking forward to it
  6. I personally have no issue with the KGV at tier 7 and I also have no issue with "paper" ships as it is interesting to see what might have been. Had these ships been built.
  7. Where did you get this from?
  8. Ah another day another bunch of people getting their knickers in a twist. To be honest WG will do what they think best its really as simple as that. WG have a better over view of how the RN's BB's are currently working we do not. Now that being said I can see why the KGV might go to T7 and that is because every time I see one it tends to die very quickly. OK yes "new ship" is likely one of the reasons for this but still if the KGV is stuggling at T8 then it should either go to T7 or get buffed but if WG think that the Monarch would be the better T8 then so be it. AFAIK Monarch gets the new 15 inch guns which had better performace.
  9. Ah but in the Vanguards case she was the last battleship ever built. For this sole reason she will be a premium. Also the Iowa and Bismarck didn't use WW1 era guns......Vanguard did (afaik they were modified?)
  10. being put to one side for use as a premium.
  11. Very much so. Unfortunatly for you Emerald does have a repuation. But dont worry about it :) on the plus side you might get some free flags.
  12. Welcome to our group airbusss
  13. There is always the chance that the KGV might be a tier 7 premium. This sounds very similar to the in game Gneisenau and Sharnhorst.
  14. The key issue with BB players ect (speaking as someone who nearly has every BB in game) is that they think that because they have long range guns they can sit back. Certainly you can do this at the start of a match but you can also help your team by closing with the other team in order to do much greater damage but this only works if your team supports you as well as you supporting them. It is also worth noting that shooting at targets at long range can be a bit pointless depending on your target. speaking from my limited experience of being a crusier cpt ( Im working on this) the first thing I do when spotted at long range is to turn. You would be supprised at how many BB's will miss you if you do this. you can have between 12-10 seconds to react to a BB firing at you at a range of 20km this gives plenty of time to change your direction this is something that BB cpts should remember. Personally I have pushed many times with my team only for everyone to turn tail and run. This normally leaves me as the other teams main target Great things happen when teams work together and push.