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  1. GhostRider_24

    What ship have you served on?

    My other half served in the Royal Navy His last ship was a Type 23 Frigate called HMS Portland :D
  2. Can they just remove CV's and be done with it......its getting really clear now that they can't be properly balanced.
  3. GhostRider_24


    The thing about Conq is that a lot of people see it as a very big threat and tend to focus it down the second it gets spotted. As for advise im not worthy of giving such info as my stats in her are well......poor as I found out to my amusement the other day
  4. GhostRider_24

    Being shot by team for not 'obeying'

    You are as bad as they are for doing this. Honestly you should be getting punished for this too....
  5. GhostRider_24

    Throw weight against powder charge

    Yes. please tell me the cake is not a lie.
  6. GhostRider_24

    West Virginia the wrong version

    If it wasn't for the lack of speed the WV in 1944 spec would be T8........sadly she is slower than a slow snail and would be outmatched by anything at T8 or above. She would be a tad OP for T7 too if she was given good secondary's ect like the massi. I suspect WG is going with the 1941 model because its a heck of a lot easier to balance and isn't going to be OP.
  7. you would think that but people still manage to sail into the mine fields. Already heard and seen this happen a few times
  8. GhostRider_24

    The problem with Seal Clubbers

    V-25 you say? A few clan mates and I ran into someone like this a while back. the player whos name I cant remember did nothing all battle apart from camping the edge of the map and sometimes trying to run to the middle of the map!
  9. GhostRider_24

    best buy for 750k free XP ?

    Personally I would spend it on captain points instead of ships. (just spent a shed load of free xp and captain xp on getting Halsey to 19 points)
  10. GhostRider_24

    Suggestion to fix the "sniping BB'" problem

    I definitely agree that the maps are also part of the issue some are just down right terrible and need redoing. Okinawa is definitely one of those maps.
  11. GhostRider_24

    Suggestion to fix the "sniping BB'" problem

    This.....This is the biggest issue of all. 100% agree. I've seen a fair bit of this in resent weeks. BB's at the back or shooting HE, Cruisers camping, DD's no where near a cap or just sat in smoke hoping someone else does the spotting.....I could go on. At any rate I find it hard to believe that its just BB players in the bad here. I think 90% of the issue is people not understanding their ship and that doesn't just apply to BB drivers. so its little wonder now that 99% of my games are now in a division because at least then you know you will have some support from your team! Anyhow on a slightly different note 5 DD's per team is just as bad as having 5 BB's per team....... Im honesty beginning to think that BB's should be limited to 2 ships per team and DD's capped at 3 per team. You could also cap radar cruisers but that could just cause issues really. A better option would be to stop radar and hydro going though islands.
  12. GhostRider_24

    How to nerf Worcester (?)

    This ship is evil incarnate......its quite annoying too one does not like being HE spammed constantly from behind an island -_- also the fact that it can get its range up to 19km is just......umm......really?
  13. GhostRider_24

    Anyone feel the Zao is in need of a buff

    In all honestly did Zao need the buff? everyone I've spoken to about it says it was fine before. Makes it seem a bit unneeded really.
  14. GhostRider_24

    Dev diaries 0.7.8 hints and clues - speculation mode ON

    Is this the CV rework followed by the CV removal because they no longer work
  15. GhostRider_24

    How to nerf Worcester (?)

    Agreed I just watched two of them take my team apart. This ship is just broken. Now im not one to rage but......when you get HE spammed by a Worcester and get 2 fires only to put those out and in the space of 30 seconds get 3 more fires you know something is wrong.......