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  1. can we have an instant detonation should we hit a minelayer with a shell
  2. we can now add people spamming HE in non RN BB's to that list. I see a lot of Bismarcks and Dirpizts doing that even saw a Montana doing it the other day
  3. Some good ideas but I can't see WG changing the line that much.
  4. cheating

    Deleting ships sat in smoke is one of my favourite pastimes. So easy to do with 9 to 12 16 inch guns and a spotter. Smoke makes you invisible (bar your shells) but smoke does not make you invinsable.
  5. "cough" "cough"
  6. got the 55 pack and got 10 free xp crates :3
  7. Didn't WG say they would look at other methods of release as well?
  8. can people plz keep repairing 1 fire Its fun to set a fire or two on you afterwards
  9. CV kills BB and the world ends....... most other CV's in game can delete BB's too yet no one seems to moan about that.....
  10. yea BB AP and its effects against DD's needs looking at :/ Iowa and Missouri are among the worst for this.
  11. Torp reload is the way forward
  12. Form a div and win did it this way twice. First time 4 stars second time we got 5 stars. A good div is the key
  13. The best thing to do is to limit BB's to 2 or 3 per team. people will soon start playing other ships due to que times :D
  14. The thing that really bothers me is that you can't use the rental ships in the training room. Which is an issue because if you have not played that ship before you are going into CW with no experience in it. Also makes clan training for CW very hard.
  15. we do have two WW1 BBs at T6 if you discount the fact that they have been rebuilt.