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  1. Suggestions thread

    maybe instead fix radar so that it doesnt go though islands. The same can be said for hydro.
  2. Mutsu - Yes or No?

    Mutsu is just.......crap sure she has some good points but they really dont make up for all the bad ones. She can be very easy to delete with Queen Elizabeth and Warspite
  3. Secondary build cruisers.....why?
  4. Worried CV Rework

    Personally I think this "rework" could be a good thing. Could mean that we dont get a CV master on one team and a window licker CV on the other.
  5. HE for all secondaries?

    Secondary's are kinda pointless on the Mutsu as its generally possible for a number of T6 and up BB's to just delete you before you can get into secondary range. Warspite and Queen Elizabeth are very good at this So even if all secondary's are HE only its really not going to change much for the Mutsu.
  6. HE for all secondaries?

    See the issue is that you're playing a Mutsu.....no matter what you do making secondary's HE only wont help it.
  7. ideas to change bb playstyle

    Tough......too many BB's in this game they can learn to play other ships.......I would get triggered less by the sight of my team hiding in the corner of the map.....game play has gotten a lot worse in the past 6 months I am honestly surprised that some players in this game can use a pc without licking the screen every 5 minutes.......
  8. ideas to change bb playstyle

    Personally I think WG needs to limit BB's to 3-2 per team and at the same time limit DD's to 3 per team. This would help cruiser play. Lastly the XP system for BB's needs looking at. BB's need to be given an incentive to tank and push.
  9. Cost of Tier 9 BB's

    Same here it's very rare for me to have a game where i make a loss.
  10. Loyang question

    I've been using the long range torpedoes with a captain using torpedo acceleration. its kinda amusing really :D
  11. Best destroyer at Tier 7?

    Mahan's a good all rounder with a 10 point capt she can be very good at contesting caps when well handled. Gadjah is a fairly good DD but you cant really contest caps like the Mahan can due to the deep water torpedoes not being able to hit DD's other than that shes a nice little DD
  12. Huang He (Aurora)

    This^^ been running mine with DE and IFHE and she is a right little fire starter :D honestly almost the most fun I've had in years.......Almost ;)
  13. Tirpitz or Alabama

    Provided you have a T8 non premium BB first then go for the Alabama. Tirpitz is ok but its known as the Dirpitz for a reason.......
  14. A potential solution to camping Battleships

    The skill of the player base is a very large part of the issue at hand but I do think that maps have a large influence on it as well. However yes generally the issue is the fleshy thing operating the ship while trying to lick the nearest window or PC screen. had a clan mate post in the clan discord the other day about a player who was raging at him for not using torpedo's in the DM