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  1. secondary build and close and engage. this is not a ship you play at range.
  2. for me I find that the QE plays very similar to the Warspite. the only real thing of note it the slow turrets. Wasnt sure at first but I do like her. Cant say the same about the KGV though
  3. I do think that MM needs to take into account the type of ship and the ships being used by players into account. for example I went up against a div of 3 shimas this morning.........and a div of 2 shimas later on to say that there was walls of skill everywere is an understatement. It made both teams just camp all battle Also I dont think that the issue is DD's themselves. I think it has more to do with the fleshy thing using them, I've lost count of how many times I have seen them charge into a cap and die or smoke up and then get torped and die...... Radar and hydro does need looking at in terms of making it not go through islands but as things stand I dont think it needs to go.
  4. Dont get your hopes up about that. To be honest expect to see it as a premium ship at some point.
  5. Speaking as someone who has up to T9 in the USN BB line and up to T10 in the German and Japanese BB lines. Id say go for the German BB line if your starting out as it is quite forgiving and the GK is a barrel of laughs if you put a secondary build on her. That being said all three if these lines are full of good ships the Iowa along with the Missouri and the Amagi are among my most loved ships. I won't comment on the RN BB line as I am only on T8 at the moment and I have yet to make my mind up about it but I will say that Conqueror is fun to play after i tested it on the PTS (I expect this line to be nerfed/changed)
  6. Got everything unlocked on it and then got fed up with it...and used free XP to get the Yama. Since sold Izumo......
  7. Ooh arr oh now we're my tractor gone.
  8. WASD hacks :) even bots have them
  9. Saw Flamu's video on her. She is almost an improved Amagi I can see her being a good solid BB :/ The torps are going to catch people out I think.
  10. Yea QE needs her turret speed buffed. Thats about the only thing that comes to mind with it for me. missed out on so many possible shots due to the turret rotation speed in my first battle with her.
  11. I've already started doing that with my Nelson
  12. While I do like the KGV I'm starting to have my doubts about it. but to be honest it is still early days yet with the tree. That said I'm not a fan of QE. she can certainly hit hard but I hate the turrets so so much. wouldn't mind seeing the turret rotation buffed to be in line with Warspite but eh again its still early days. Oh and the Orion needs a nerf
  13. plz nerf......the HE that is......
  14. Well as long as the issue is being looked into that's good enough for me.