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  1. How to nerf Worcester (?)

    Agreed I just watched two of them take my team apart. This ship is just broken. Now im not one to rage but......when you get HE spammed by a Worcester and get 2 fires only to put those out and in the space of 30 seconds get 3 more fires you know something is wrong.......
  2. bismarck

    As I recall Bismarck could knock its own radar out by firing its guns........ Anyhow the less radar ships we have the better.
  3. Rendering Ships - delayed & failing

    I had this the other day. That Montana was like that for 2 minutes before I took this. Really wish I had recorded it :/
  4. Can we get rid of DETONATION?

    fair point. Still though detonations shouldn't be a thing in competitive game modes.
  5. Can we get rid of DETONATION?

    I was in a DM at the time
  6. Can we get rid of DETONATION?

    .....such a mechanic shouldn't even be in ranked or CB..... the outcome of such battles should be based on teamwork and skill not some random RNG mechanic....
  7. Can we get rid of DETONATION?

    Got detonated in CB.....my rage was epic.
  8. Moskva

    That could well be it. I have managed to citadel Moskva's with Montana at range so its most likely my aim with Yama which in all honesty I've only recently started playing again after a long break from her. Yea a few of my fellow clan mates are saying this too. At any rate I think I need to get back into the groove with yama :D Edit: should really look at playing though the Russian Cruiser line at some point.
  9. Moskva

    Interesting. Must be honest im only really asking because I was only managing to get 2-3k salvos on one in a battle with my yama. I was shooting from around 15k so in theory plunging fire should have been a thing? That said I suspect RNG was messing with me xD ended up just shooting at easier targets in the end.
  10. Moskva

    I have a question about Moskva....why does it need a 50mm bow and stern? I dont recall it doing to badly before? This isnt a rant or anything im just curious.
  11. Yueyang In Clan wars--> WHY?!

    I honestly hope we never get CV's in CB it would just ruin it.
  12. 419mm and 457mm

    leave the guns as is just buff AP and nerf HE and maybe reduce the cool down on heal a little (not much). Removing the 419's is pointless unless your going to buff the accuracy of the 457's
  13. Nerf or Remove Radar

    Honestly radar needs nerfed so that it does not go though islands same with hydro. Also I think Hydro shouln't be effective against stationary ships but that one is up for debate i'll settle for it not going though islands.
  14. Where is summer sale WG?

    yea that's got to be it xD
  15. Rituals before WoWs session

    no that's after I have to de-stress somehow