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  1. Großer Kurfürst secondary build question

    dont go secondary build go tank build instead
  2. Remove Missouri radar

    BB AP is a complete different issue......
  3. Remove Missouri radar

    A Missouri in smoke is kinda pointless as the second it shoots everyone can see it anyway due to WG's smoke changes Anyhow Missouri has radar people need to learn to accept that if your smart you will learn its radar range and stay out of it.
  4. Soviet battlesh... cruiser Kronshtadt

    it amuses me that this thing has more HP than Iowa
  5. World of Battleships?

    Maybe just limiting BB's to 2-3 per team would be a good start. might get people to start playing other lines.
  6. Division window in port

    +1 please change the div window back everyone in HEART hates it!
  7. HMS Cossack

    Indeed so WG better not bugger it up.
  8. the more and more I read and see of these french BB's the less I want to see them in game. I'd rather WG sort out the MM and redo the RN BB line.
  9. Roma - Tier VIII Premium Italian BB suggestion

    she does feel very tanky and does feel like a good all round ship. The guns on the other hand seem troll. they do hit hard but sometimes its just -_-
  10. [EU] Downtime Compensation

    yup we have had to stop play for now because for this :/ 10/10 WG well done.
  11. @MiniBrit Are you seeing this.
  12. Something useful for Clans

    a few of my clan mates have said something similar too.
  13. Voice chat should be enabled in ranked

    I think we have a winner for worst idea ever.
  14. What you got in your Santa containers?

    Far far to much WG loves me
  15. What you got in your Santa containers?

    I got Kamikaze, Nikolai and the Gremyashchy along with a ton of flags