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  1. Wonder how long time you have had to be absent ? It seems you get stuff based on your " account Rank ( 1-15 ) "
  2. Maybe long period of being absent from the game ? a "welcome back" reward ?
  3. Perguru

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I wish to join the raffle. Perguru , ingame too (EU server)
  4. Perguru

    Is an aimbot still a thing?

    Remember there is a 2 point Captain skill that gives you info that you are shot at , if you are more then 6 sec shell flight time away, the player might have had that.
  5. Perguru

    This is ridiculous - sudden CBT end/Betaship

    And its not easy to get 50 battles in time, when you get the beta invite (by email) and you start playing the first random battle in a devision and get stuck for 4 days, and they anounce the cut off time for beta reward as you have been stuck for 3 days already.... You feel kind of cheated on the Arkansas
  6. Perguru

    POLL: Biggest problems in WOWS 0.3.1

    The long timer on the different dammage status , you get a broken engine , or rudder , and you fix it with repair team , then an engine hit again ..... almost 2 min dead in the water , or set on fire , and you burn forever. Reduce the dammage/ broken status time to 1/3 , or so.
  7. Perguru

    Stats for seccondary guns?

    Would it not be nice to be able to see stats for seccondary guns ( rof , dammage , and so on ) just like you can on your main battery.
  8. Perguru

    Yubari 2nd.ary gun nerf?

    I had a look at the Yubari again after the patch , and noticed the (one and only) 2nd.ary gun just had 2 km in range .... did it not used to have 4km ? do I remembr it wrong ?
  9. Perguru

    Defensive fire skill - not working Iwaki Alfa

    Not tier VI or higher, and no dual purpose guns.... maybe? Yubari just miss the tier VI criteria, though it's not mentioned in the skill description, but it does not have the anti-aircraft ability to start with ( maybe a tier VI thing)
  10. Perguru

    Iwaki Alpha and Skill Smoke Screen.

    Make definsive fire so too ,and not "tier dependant" so Yubari (and Destroyers with dual puropus guns) can use too. ... Pleae
  11. Perguru

    Defensive Fire

    ..and Yubari have dual purpose gun(s), but still no effect of defensive fire skill,( or barrage ability on the ship) It should be stated it only effects ships with barrage tier 6 or higher.