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  1. Dr_Strangefruit

    British Premiums Reviewed - the bias is real

    OMG this is the funniest and most accurate Wiki for World of Russian Naval Power ever. Please please please review other premium ship lines as these need to be the new norm for WoW Wiki.
  2. Dr_Strangefruit

    Directive 2 - Luna Warriors

    The ships are available they are premium Pan Asian ships....or should I say they are duplicates yet again of existing ships that WG have set as premiums to try milk more money from people stupid enough to want a Charles Martel Clone, an Ogenvoi Clone and an Izumo clone. I am guessing that WG are now trying to break into the Chinese market by using ships named after mythical gods that the Chinese belive in.
  3. Dr_Strangefruit

    0.9.0 - British cruisers: Early Access

    Well just taken out the tier V Hawkins into battle and let just say that so far it appears to be total shite. Gun range 1.25km compared to all other cruisers that have between 14km and 16.5km gun ranges? Hell even destroyer's have a further stock gun range than this pile of garbage. Extremely slow gun reloads on the 5 guns, took on a Leander and the guy was laughing hard as he was able to fire faster, use more guns, hit harder and keep dodging outside my gun range. Yet another joke ship for the RN from the Russian ship biased games firm.
  4. Dr_Strangefruit

    Nerf or Remove Radar

    Rather than nerfing radar or buffing it why not add in a counter to radar, as currently it has none. Why not make radar become visible to all ships with in its radar range as soon as they go active for the duration of the activation. You might not be able to shoot them as they hug islands etc but at least it would give you a bearing on the ship so it could be actively hunted. Regards Doc
  5. Dr_Strangefruit

    Extra Special Lottery "Year of the CV"

    Hi, thank for being so kind as to organise this raffle. 111. Kidd please as I enjoy my DDs.
  6. Dr_Strangefruit

    Shipyard & Puerto Rico

    The PR directives are a total joke, I play roughly 30 to 40 battles a day most days and I have not even managed to make a dent in the 2nd set of directives. Whoever had the idea for a Xmas event as poor as this needs sacking, your Xmas event sucks, I used to look forward to these events now they are just a total bore and are putting allot of people off even starting the game up. As for the response from one of your managers stating that the event was aimed at the jobless or sick people that was a truly appalling statement and I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't make the papers as it was that disgusting.
  7. Dr_Strangefruit

    How to react to the PR thing

    I certainly wont be wasting time grinding for PR, nor will I be buying any Xmas crates, all I buy these days on rare occasions might be some premium time, and even that's becoming a rarity due to constant failures to balance the game properly by WG. It seems from posts that WG have fixed the results of the ships you might get if your really lucky, and you start by getting the lowest tier ships that you do not currently own followed by the tier above and that the high tier ships are as rare as WG having a good idea.
  8. Dr_Strangefruit

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    I would like participate please. Many thanks to all those who contribute prizes to ths years event, it truly is a great event.
  9. I do wish WG would fix the radar issue. Stop it from penetrating islands, reduce it range and reduce the time it is active as there are now so many ships equipped with it that its hard to enjoy high end games any more. I know they wont fix the island issue as they are not skilled enough to manage a fix, that and they are only interested in releasing copies and copies of other ships as over priced premiums or putting out truly shite in game events that bore players to tears for very little reward. DDs now are one of the weakest classes in game due to the over abundance or radar, next they will have rowing boats in game with radar
  10. Is it just me or do the new engines sounds on the destroyer's just sound bloody awful? They sound like they are about to break down? or Seize up due to poor maintenance. Sorry but the new sound effects are just appalling. Mario cart effects when you engine boost on planes, over use of wave sound effects lapping at the shore...sorry side of your ship. Please give us the option to revert back to the sound before 8.8 as these are just plain irritating. Regards Doc
  11. Dr_Strangefruit

    too much planes and radar against DD.....

    Agreed high tier is now totally unplayable, every cruiser and some DDs and BBs have radar. Game has become stale and boring at high tier, you have nerfed the crap out of torpedo's so they do no damage vs BBs, made DDs obsolete that use torpedo's, and tier 8 and 10 CVS are far to powerful with infinite planes. CVs should not have infinite planes its a total bloody joke.