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  1. Dr_Strangefruit

    The New and Improved Interface

    I think its rubbish, its non interesting and just looks lazy to me.
  2. Dr_Strangefruit

    Invisible ships

    Thanks. Can I see these replays without any mods?
  3. Dr_Strangefruit

    Invisible ships

    Sorry no replay available as I don't run any mods. He was firing all 12 guns over the low area without issue which was fair enough due to his gun elevation. Thank you for explaining why I could not see him due to hit box location, I assumed that the whole ship would be a registered hit box not just certain areas.
  4. Dr_Strangefruit

    Invisible ships

    Just has battle with a Cleveland. He was using a small island as cover, the island was half the height of his ship. Yet I could not see him even after he had fired. I can understand him firing over the island, and being concealed if the island was taller than him, that I accept. But when his ship and superstructure is taller than the cover surely he should have shown up. Devs you need to seriously fix these game issues before forcing more poorly thought out fixes and ship balance changes.
  5. Dr_Strangefruit

    Hotfix #3 - a consumer view - Shokaku (VIII)

    Er you might want to get your facts correct before posting trash on the forums matey. My Minotaur, Worchester and Des Moines have between 6.9km AA range with flags and AA buffs.
  6. Dr_Strangefruit

    New CVs

    Well from what I have seen of the update so far its fairly decent in regards to flying the planes as that's quite good fun, but:- 1. High tier CVs still vastly OPed with the amount of torps they can drop from one squadron and with unlimited planes and more cvs per side this gets exponentially worse. 2. Rocket planes are far to devastating vs DDs and are making DDs appear less and less at high tiers. 3. You were too lazy to work on the odd level tiers of CVs so now the power creep between tiers is ludicrous. Please stop releasing badly thought out and implemented downgrades, sack your dev team and employ some that actually care about the game and have the skill and brains to actually sort the crap out you have been trying to spoon feed us this past year.
  7. So basically from what I have read the update boils down to two things. 1. Your to lazy or unskilled to rework radar/hydro properly so as normal your going for the half assed easy route instead of removing radar/hydro and then redoing it correctly i.e it cant see through land masses. So your answer Is to increase radar range? and buff how long it last, you guys really do not listen to the player base at all do you. 2. Your nerfing DDs yet again and pandering to the BBabies as they don't like getting water inside their ships. Sorry but your programmers and developers are dumbing this game down to the point that you wont have a player base left soon. The CV rework is unbalanced and a total shambles, the directives and missions plus rewards are total garbage of late and you are money grabbing more and more with lack lustre premium crap.
  8. Dr_Strangefruit

    Bug Reports

    Torpedo's that are being dropped by planes form various carriers on occasion vanish until they are only metres from ship before being rendered. You see the splash from the planes as they drop then they disappear and turn into a new stealth torpedo that appears just as its about to explode. Never had this issue before the 8.0 CV downgrade. Plus not to impressed with the nerf to secondary's ranges, my Bismarck used to have 10.1km secondary's, now its 7.8 even with flags? Stop ruining the game, fix the imbalanced ships and bugs before making the game unplayable like you have been lately.
  9. Dr_Strangefruit

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    Thank you to all those who gave out great prizes for this year's lottery. I was one of the lucky ones and now have a shiney new Mutsu in my dockyard. Many thanks.
  10. Dr_Strangefruit

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    So are you at WG ever gonna fix the radar/hydro issue as I the game is utterly broken when a ship can see you through a mountain that are purposely hiding behind to avoid being shot. Stop releasing Premiums and all the other *edited* you feel we need and fix the game 1st as the game at high tiers is utterly broken now with so many radar ships.
  11. Dr_Strangefruit

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery
  12. Dr_Strangefruit

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    2 small boxes, 10 big boxes and 5 mega containers yielded me a shed load of special flags along with 12000 coal a Monoghan and a Perth. Would gave been better to just have bought the two ships as cheaper but then I did well out if the containers last year so aint complaining. Would have loved higher tier ships but might try for more next week. Last year's medium sized crates were far more lucrative...out if 15 crates I had Guilo, Indy, Marblehead, Anshan, Kamikaze and Atlanta.
  13. Dr_Strangefruit

    The World of Warships ModStation!

    Please return the improved ship carousel to the mods as I found it far better to view my fleet than the horrible white ship outlines we have as standard.
  14. Dr_Strangefruit


    I would love to see the ability to lock the opinions and freexp bars so you they cannot be accidently spent.
  15. Dr_Strangefruit

    British Destroyers Tiers 5 to 7

    I find the Gallant at tier a far superior ship to the Jervis which is tier 7, she has better concealment, better torpedo range and far better longer lasting smoke. I am just worried that at tier 7 this ship is a step back from the Gallant, yes I know Gallant is a premium ship but I find her far more deadly than the Jervis. Surely a higher tier DD should be slightly better than a lower tier one, even a premium ship, otherwise what the hell is the point of going to higher tiers? Oh and Bushwacker001, you can take your abusive comment and poke it somewhere where the sun don't shine, people like you who use others stats against them as evidence appal me and allot of the community, yes I am a below average player, so would you be if you were close to my age. I play for fun not for people like you to belittle others over insignificant stats.