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  1. Alsace nerf=pointless

    Yeah but his point was " all other T9 premiums are or were fXP ships ". Black was not fxp ship and WG can introduce more reward ship.
  2. Alsace nerf=pointless

    Black is a T9 premium ship.
  3. Now people buy ship for nation flag, not for the ship himself. That sad.
  4. Leningrad... Dedicated captain or not!?

    Errr if nicholas destroy you in a Leningrad, it only mean you had play very bad... Because you can and sometime you should remove ennemy dd at the start.
  5. Turn Alaska into a glass canon ? You know this ship have already a submerge citadel and good armor ? Give it "good" gun, by nerfing armor (?) and it will do better than Kron, whose score top rank in T9 cruiser. Also did not found poor dispersion/inacurate gun on Kron.
  6. What do you mean by that ? Have pinpoint gun ? Nice powercreep.
  7. Bha comunity want "historical" OP ship and WG agree, where they should instead give us challenge ship to play.
  8. USS Alaska sighted

    In the deep sea, we can already hear the infamous cry. [:o]
  9. None, because WG will not refund you after play x battles. [:o]
  10. Source ? Because we still have no acces to this ship model and it will probably not outperform Kronshtadt at the end.
  11. Moskva

    Yeah we all know how weak Hindy is in this current Meta... Because buffing Zao make totaly lot of sens, but "buffing" VMF ship hell no WG !
  12. Yeah. But...Moskva don't have a yellow name and if it's the rented one, it should be next to the regular one na ?
  13. I will be disagree. [:o] Blurred end chain could not be Stalingrad 1/Stalingrad 2/ Moskva. Because they all have a yellow name. So for me it's more Khaba/Grozo/Moskva/Stalingrad 1/Stalingrad 2/Blur ship (Peter ?) But it also depant if the ship are or not in the alphabetic order. I mean Moska before Stalingrads ship and not after, like it was previously (#flamuportview)