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  1. "The grounded sub" Even in this situation, i was still unable to hit you with my plane§§ u.u ... Was probably in Serov, "trying to do something". But i can't remember or i am so bad with cv, than my brain delete by himself thoses painfull memories.
  2. Lebedjev

    YOLO'ing sub games

    Just don't hit the start button.
  3. Lebedjev

    Upcoming Changes to the Tech Tree

    If you have already researched one of these ships but haven't yet purchased her, or if you sold her, or if you reset the branch, then the ship will be added to your account. Meaning, if you did a reset line and still didn't do your regrind, you will get GK for free. If you sold her, you will get GK for free. If you research GK once, but didn't buy it with silver, you will get GK for free. If you don't research GK, before the update, you will not get GK.
  4. Lebedjev

    I hate the Aircraft Bureau Rivalry

    First you need to choose a team and voilà.
  5. You can, even if WG will probably not give you a full green light, just don't forget to change your password when it's done. And thx MementoMori to be volunteer.
  6. Lebedjev

    The state of the game

    Yes. If you end up, in a "Mexican standoff" (the thing you dislike), you probably make this choice. You probably was driving a cruiser, hard to said witch one, but if it's the case, what the problem ? If it's your BB, yeah it's kinda sad... but if it's your foe, they could be free food or being useless for their team, overguarding a sector, so no point to engage them. I don't know what really happen during this battle, but sometime a quick look to the map is enought to break a stalemate.
  7. Lebedjev

    The state of the game

    Learn to read a map.
  8. Lebedjev

    Why am I doing so well with IJN cruisers

    Sample is just to small. :v
  9. Lebedjev

    General Submarines related discussions

    Game don't follow "basic" rule of physics. :v
  10. Lebedjev

    Dockyard reward

    Oki, thx. :v
  11. Lebedjev

    Dockyard reward

    Is the reward unlocked automaticaly collect, when the event end ? Or you must claim them ?
  12. Lebedjev

    Anims in world of warships

    Maybe he just want more anime in WOWs. Since the voice actor of Atago from AL get cancel, he fear, he will never get her as a captain. :v
  13. I don't know for other, but in a BB i prefer to face a dd, than a cv.
  14. Lebedjev

    Nerf HE BOMBS

    Just dodge ! It's not like plane can outrun any ship after all.
  15. Lebedjev


    Just scrool your mouse on it and a pop up will tell you, how to get it.