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  1. Kronshtadt, an ok ship but not fun

    See Riselotte. [:o] Ystèrpyp totaly said Kron is not a Graff Spee bis. [co]
  2. Kronshtadt, an ok ship but not fun

    Yeah, but Graf Spee is not fun to play.
  3. Hindenburg Nerf - An conceptual failure

    Hindy is not the ship with the lowest concealment rating.
  4. Hindenburg Nerf - An conceptual failure

    What do you mean ? WG shouldn't touch "overperforming" ship and only buff other ? Nerf is now a rude word ? Because Hindenburg is still a jack of all trade for me, when Henry IV need to trade concealment, in order to have more reload.
  5. Upcoming T5 Ranked

    Maybe they are affraid to give us to much steel, so they choose coal... Because this ressource was totaly not rendering meaningless with ressource container. :=
  6. Upcoming T5 Ranked

    It's the official reward list or the actual one in public test server ? =o Someone have the full list to share ? é.è
  7. Erf duno. :/ Scharn and Graff have the same gun, one is T6, the other T7, so it mean they will mostly play T7 match. := For pure gameplay, i will totaly play differently a 1|1 ship, than a 2|1 ship. For armor tier for tier, i am doubtfully. Against AP : Graff spee main belt is worst than a Budyonny and with that you will probably not be able to tank BB ap, when show angle. :/ Where Kron&Alaska have the double main belt, than regular ship, it's hard for me to said " very much cruiser levels". Against HE : It's another story. #hemeta := Against Roon, bha because Kron have better hp pool, Kron have the upper hand, sure you can kitte him away, but that also mean you need to take evasive manoeuvre and denied area is kinda a huge thing in wows.
  8. I this Possible, citadeled by Hindenburg

    Yeah and he was sunk after 4 mn, so he probably die to heavy focus fire, maybe the two BB at the bottom crit him too.
  9. Bha i disagree with that point. =o Kron/Alaskha "share" only one data with that ship, other from that they are totaly not similar (gun arrangement/armor etc). For me the better comparaison would be Scharnhorst. And people really exaggerate how "bad" Kron gun really are.
  10. IJN Yamato Armour

    Montana lower citadel was not giving for free ?
  11. Correction : Alaska seems like a very nice ship that punishes "cruisers" that broadside. For BB, Kron will do the job better, than Alaska.
  12. IJN Yamato Armour

    Bha i am sad, because the reason you want citadelproof is to be able to fire with all your gun, whatever the situation (Moskva will be happy to have this buff too). =o I mean BB, should not be allow to sail like a nobrain in the battelfield, dd can't do that, cruiser can't do that... You ask Yamato to be a brawler, but this ship was not made for this duty. Yamato is already strong at long/mid range, asking to make it strong also at close range, is like building his dream boat. Sure it's nice on the paper, but you are not alone. And have a weakness is not a bad thing, you can rename it like a challenge. At the end, try to play yamato like a brawler is dumb, will give you more satisfaction in case of succes.
  13. Can we have less RNG based events ?

    You shouldn't take this so seriously. After all it's only pixel, take a deep breath, do something else and try again, but later. Pushing "luck" will only bring frustation, keep your head cold and be cool. [:o]
  14. Can we have less RNG based events ?

    Erf in one hand WG probably gain a lot via special container and turning the rest into a casino, but in the other hand you still have a tiny chance to earn a lot.