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  1. Lebedjev

    [POLL] Great Match but no time left

    FALSE ! We all know, if we extend the timer, cv will runout of plane.
  2. Lebedjev

    Kreml, and world of Balans

    > do keep in mind that the citadel shown in armour viewer may not be representative of the actual citadel hit box for max damage You mean WG is lying to us ? > No idea if nerfing AA of all soviet BBs is a good idea though, but we can reduce hp of said AA mounts. Yes because we all know, ship like conq can't blap all your AA in one volley...
  3. Your love in a ship depand on how good, she is in current meta ? Heard what you said previously, you must really love Sinop. =o
  4. Lebedjev

    Mission Accomplished - RTB

    Well it look like smolensk will be the next steel ship. :/
  5. Lebedjev

    CVs unplayable - demand refund

    Yeah we all know all DM are simply brain dead, because they can't "dodge" ap bomb. =o
  6. And Smolensk ! ... Poor Excavatus. :(
  7. Lebedjev

    Is it time to limit BBs in Ranked

    I don't understand, what you are trying to say with these stat. :/
  8. Lebedjev

    Next patch, Arsenal and expiring coupons

    Don't worry Excavatus, since Smolensk is a russian ship. You can our spend coal and fxp freely.
  9. Lebedjev

    Time to stop CVs in ranked.

    True, brain's surface ship need to learn what to do, in order to counter CV.
  10. Lebedjev

    Time to stop CVs in ranked.

    We can play against cv ? Ah yes, the dodge meme again...