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  1. Lebedjev

    This is getting unplayeble

    Well i still need to use a vpn, hello montana.... If i don't want to be kick by the game. :/
  2. Lebedjev

    This is getting unplayeble

    Actually, with the PR event and the fact you need premium time, in order to complete the directive, yeah i understand why some of us are kinda salty against WG right now.
  3. Lebedjev

    how can I evade rockets and bombs?

    The best way is hope. Hope the ennemy cv is braindead.
  4. Lebedjev

    [f2p] [Poll] Is Puerto Rico worth spending 6000 doubloons on?

    Yeah maybe at the end of the event, if i didn't success to get the last directive. =o But one mission from directive 7 title "Europe commander XP", ask to farm a kof reasonable kof amount of commander xp and the condition is to play with a "european" ship. Is it really the nation with only 3 ship... =.= If yes, wow that so "bip".
  5. Lebedjev

    [f2p] [Poll] Is Puerto Rico worth spending 6000 doubloons on?

    ... So what is an european ship for WG ? :/
  6. Perma camo can't be sell. And if it was the case, you will only get a few silver coins, so no point to sell it.
  7. Lebedjev

    What to do with the Mighty Jingles commander (poll)

    He is old, put him on a hospice.
  8. People really build secondary, other than to complete mission in coop ? :x
  9. Lebedjev

    WG Just removed their latest video

    Dockyard guide for Porto Rico. Meanwhile CC and player complain about the grind for this event and when the video was remove some imediatly think "They remove it, because WG know they f**k up".
  10. Lebedjev


    Wut ? MM don't work that way, look like you want two different queue in ranked bad/good (why not unicorn ?) But it's a dumb idea and at the end you only end up, with longer queue time or you will be enable to progress, cause not enought people can play with you.
  11. Lebedjev


    Errr, personnaly i don't see the problem. =o Like yes, playing ranked, you will inevitably end up with bad/average/good player and the purpose of MM is not to give each side the same "chance" to win the game, but to let you play with these people. If you find/think, you are to good for them, good new you will, climb this ranked quickly, if not maybe just try to become better. Yes you can't win only by yourself, but you have a duty to do and team need you... ... Yeah, i get blaped pretty quickly during my last ranked battle and i get carried. é.è
  12. Lebedjev

    Ranked Season 14: Battle of the Smolensks

    If you said so. But in that case, why some ship are okay with the HE spam meta aka worchester and other should be "nerfed to the abyss" aka became irrelevante. Because if you are spoted and you screw up your positioning, being heavly gundown will happen smolensk or not.
  13. Lebedjev

    Ranked Season 14: Battle of the Smolensks

    Minotaur can't HE spam...