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  1. Lebedjev

    Napoli or Moskva ?

    My problem with Moskva, is the same, i had with kronshtadt, after unlock Stalingrad. :v
  2. Lebedjev

    Not recieved rewards for Ranked victories. WTF?

    Maybe he misclick and convert the dublon into free xp.
  3. Lebedjev

    Puerto Rico

    Thank you. :v
  4. Lebedjev

    Puerto Rico

    If i want to construct the full ship, how many doubloons do i need, after completing all the missions ?
  5. Lebedjev

    Remove detailed Ribbons

    He plays the game on a minitel. :v
  6. Lebedjev

    Newcomers from Ukraine

    Where did you find this "idea" ? Like the control and censorship of internet is not a new thing and even less a specific feature of russia. For exemple eu block the access of RT and suptnik.com, but you can still go on these website using a VPN. I mean for me, you kinda extrapolate a bit to much the separation between WG and Lesta. :v
  7. Lebedjev

    Newcomers from Ukraine

    That no how a vpn work... But yeah if you invoke a red alert tech everything become possible. := Where you could have simply said "They will create an internet of their own".
  8. Lebedjev

    T10 approach...

    Now, if you can. Some mission are more easy to complete with a T-10.
  9. Lebedjev

    Lolz.....the future of wows......

    Okay, so what ? I should finish your phrase, because you try to hard to be the Riddler ? I can understand the ship they choose is not your taste, but in that case just don't watch the video and go see your favorite YT talking about the ship you really like. They also spend time making their video, so maybe give them some respect. :/ But if you find, it's only hot garbage and even a toddler could make them. Well go for it.
  10. Lebedjev

    Lolz.....the future of wows......

    I don't understand the problem, WG is not allow to make video about ship anymore ? Or peoples will just take every opportunity to dump on the game, because they are frustated. :v
  11. Lebedjev

    Port music

    You can edit music bgm, remove it or replace it.
  12. Lebedjev

    Azure Lane content bundling & limited coupon

    My only complain is doublon captain, didn't want another Hood for that prize. :/
  13. Lebedjev

    choose container

    Like money have a true value ? :v Should he feel guilty to open a super container ? After all did he really get it for "free" ? Or he simply enjoy the game and get more stuff with the lootbox system is just the cherry on the cake.
  14. Lebedjev

    Does someone want to play with me?

    The wows discord link. You have a subsection in it, if you want to find team mate. If you have a more precise question don't hesitate to create another subject on it.
  15. Lebedjev

    Swedish Destroyer HMS Småland and Diesel sub Northcaper IRL

    This subject place should be in historical discussion, than game discussion.