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  1. Lebedjev

    CV Legendary Module

    You don't stay alive by yourself against a CV (aka panic plane remove/plane are faster than ship etc) If you stay alive, it's only because CV player was bad or unlucky during his drop.
  2. Lebedjev

    Holy s*** the Shchors is (a bit too) good!

    You look like a sellman, who try to hard to sell a spoon. :/ You can't say in one hand, "Wow the armor is so OP, you will get mostly overpen" and the other hand "I don't understand, why when i see a Schor it explose." And for competition, lol, nah T7ranked happened and if you wanted a true OP cruiser, you should instead pick Fiji or Belfast.
  3. Lebedjev

    About time they fixed Operations

    You can see greed everywhere, but even me think operation shouldn't be a priority.
  4. Lebedjev

    Some info new player here

    Wows is more credit friendly than Wot. Do you struggle right now with credit ? If no, keep playing with silver ship.
  5. Lebedjev

    Selling ships question

    You can get a SC each year with her, so even as a port slot it's a good deal. :=
  6. Lebedjev

    Tallinn appears to be a monster.

    But yeah it's still a topic about Talin, so who care ? If you want to resolve a potential conflit, do it in private.
  7. The change is not made to benefit DDs... But because WG think 10s radar was to short.
  8. Radar is a game mechanic not a "realistic thing". And duration time is still less than the regular russian radar.
  9. For farming secondary mission it's a good ship.
  10. Lebedjev

    Russian battleship accuracy pattern

    So why don't you ask instead to lower gun range ? Like what will be the purpose to be able to shoot at that range, when you are unable to hit anything ?
  11. Lebedjev

    Russian battleship accuracy pattern

    Did you put the word "only" on purpose ? Like it's not because you put word in the mouth of someone, that will be true at the end right ? :/ So yeah, it look like for me, it's more your idea... Should i explain why it's a bad idea ?
  12. Lebedjev

    Russian battleship accuracy pattern

    RU BB strong at close combat ? Yeah maybe first try to understand, why they shouldn't be play at close range...
  13. The same caliber as Dimitri Donskoi.
  14. Lebedjev

    New event and yet another disappointment!

    Where is the "pay for(?) win" ? Because previously event like that, were more gatcha. Some of us where lucky and get all the ship and other have none, now all of us can easly have one ship. I think it's better deal, even if i am not a big fan to be able to skip some ship like that.
  15. You could probably get her with coal later. Don't lose your mind for a single ship and play when you really want it, game should not become a chore.