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  1. Lebedjev

    Wargaming Ridicolous Service

    So you don't want the free container ? In that case just don't collect it... If clan battle is to much for you, take a break. Like server issue happen for all multiplayer game, it don't happen regulary in WOWs and said it's the case, will be just lying, so yeah go open in livestream your 102 container just to prove i am wrong.
  2. Lebedjev

    Grosser Kurfurst Torpedoes

    So what will you trade in exchange of torpedo ?
  3. Lebedjev

    are you serious WG

    But radar don't melt DD...
  4. Lebedjev

    are you serious WG

    Well you first reply is to say WASD work and after that you ask to the author, where the big meany hit him. But really CV are big bully and when they hit you, best counter is just praise.
  5. Lebedjev

    are you serious WG

    And if you still survive CV can coming for you to finish you off with a fresh squad.
  6. Lebedjev

    are you serious WG

    To see Manfred blap cruiser ? But yeah good luck to not get "crossfire" if you try to bowtank in a Moskva.
  7. Lebedjev

    A toxic community

    But that not toxic behaviour... It's more mistake from the player (or not sometime we just misunderstand what the player is doing), i mean maybe you also think like a youtube CC, you should never rely on your team, but come on will i hurt someone if i said he is kinda toxic and his fanbase too ? I mean, people will not alway play like you want and don't follow your big plan to victory, but it's really that bad ? Yeah myself i get sometime trigger by my teamate, but it's only during a short time laps, i will not hold a grudge against someone after that. Like the guy, i encounter yesterday, where he said bad thing about my mommy and he will do the most horrible thing he could do against me, blacklisting me... But hey he was right i didn't play so well and he did a great job with his neptune being... at the bottom of the leaderboard. Also yeah i am not a nice guy, so i repport him. But i am disagree, when some people think because WOWs is far to be the most toxic game, it's okay to be a bit toxic against someone. Maybe i am a old timer, but i don't understand how being toxic against someone, will help him to improve or learn from his mistake.
  8. Lebedjev

    So is Richthoffen worth the grind?

    Worth for what ? Competitive ? Random ? "Fun" ? Sky *edit* ?
  9. Lebedjev

    Azur Lane artwork for WoWs

    Artwork are the same. You can see them in the Azure Lane Wikia (for example) #sheistotalyflat If you dislike, WG resize portrait, you can still mods it, it's easy to do.
  10. Lebedjev

    time to maybe talk about the Halland?

    So are you talking about Smolensk or Halland ?
  11. Lebedjev

    Next Sale for Anniversary?

    14 septembre.
  12. Lebedjev

    Ranked Season 17

    Well they also need to drive a ship, in order to beat you. Maybe don't focus to much about what other have, and try to do your best in order to give your team a chance to win. ... Or you can just throw the towel. If the task ask you to much, there is no shame to do that and like many of us sometime we have better thing to do, than waist our time in a frustating game mod.
  13. Lebedjev

    Pommern compared to Kii

    If you wanted a T8 BB "brawler" with torpedo, why not pick Odin instead (or Tirpitz) ?
  14. Lebedjev

    Pommern compared to Kii

    You shouldn't compare a T8 with a T9.
  15. Lebedjev

    What to exchange for coal? Pommern vs Thunderer

    One of them ? Like it's your coal, your choise.