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  1. Lebedjev

    Giulio Cesare stays as it is + balance of other premiums

    What do you mean by "acceptable" ? Like we will need to wait a big change, in order to have them back for all ? Missile cruiser ? Submarine ?
  2. Lebedjev

    Giulio Cesare stays as it is + balance of other premiums

    Well i hope broken ship, buy with true money, will never see clan battle or rank, never again.
  3. Bha you mix everything. :/ Premium Ship don't give you a "benifit", you need to play them in order to earn ingame currency. But okay, if i follow your logic, in the "potential futur compensation", WG should only give you silver or/and free xp.
  4. WG will not give you a share of their income, if you buy one of their premium ship. Some premium ship are not OP... So what is that "OP statut" for you ? A wingame ship ? If yes do you really enjoy to play them, when you already know the result ?
  5. Since when spend and investment are the same thing ?
  6. Lebedjev

    On how to balance and refund OP premium ships - an inquiry

    So premium ship should out perform silver one, to be "desirable" ? Because people want an over broken Pz.Kpfw.II Ausf. J, in order to bully with no brain the common folk ? Like they only want to uptier it, in order to rework her in the same time. I totaly don't think this ship will be the worst of T6 BB, but nah let's just grab our folk, like we did in the past, because my boat is not like in my dream.
  7. Lebedjev

    On how to balance and refund OP premium ships - an inquiry

    Because only silver ship can be nerfed ?
  8. Lebedjev

    On how to balance and refund OP premium ships - an inquiry

    After reading some people, it look like they totaly don't understand, what "virtual property" mean or didn't read the full contract, before check the box. Like the most logical argument is "Why they didn't do that before ?", but better one day that never, nah ? For me it look like they just don't want to see their precious ship, become "average", because difficulty or challenge are bad. So i am happy to see WG, want to look after some broken ship of their game, in order to make the product more pleasant for everyone.
  9. So 8.0, Kronshtadt (with Musashi) was removed from ingame store and people can only get her, via random luck. Reasons give for her remove was : 1) She was to popular (many will argue with that, but not me) 2) She will be replace by Alaska But will that happen too for Stalingrad ? "Some people" were kinda mad, to see this "clan war reward" fall into the common folk hand. And more and more people will get her at the end. Point 1 check. We also now a modernized version of Azuma will (maybe ?) come too. I am an average Joe (so i don't do clan battle) and if i succes to get rank 1, i will get 16000 stell and wait the next rank season to finally get Stalingrad. But steel is very more difficult to farm. :/ So my question is : Steel ship is pemanent or not in the ingame store ? Permanent like Missouri was permanent ? I don't want to [edited] to much on that subject, but steel really take time to earn. é.è
  10. Lebedjev

    Ranked Battles & Arms Race

    I kinda prefer more arm race ranked, than the regular one. In one hand, match end more quickly, positioning is more important (#bonus) and the "random" end cap. In other hand...Kitikaze and other few dd became very strong in this mod, but it's more a meta fault, than the mod himself. So for what i see and play, for me, it's a less painfull experience.
  11. Lebedjev

    Azuma 're-balanced' to Tier 9

    In order to outclass Yamato, like Stalingrad did with Moskva ?
  12. Yeah it's call a leak, hope no one get fired for that. :/ I don't think the fiction Yamato create by Wows is accurate IRL, just saying. And for the rest, if we look back most of time they prefer to "complete" a tree nation, before starting a new one. Why ? Because the nation, you want to play was not the chosen one this time ? And if it happen, how will you react if they are "bad" ? Because many complain how "bad" the current Roma is.
  13. Someone have a proof, that it's because VMF navy exist, we will never see Regia Marina in WOWS ?
  14. Oh please no, stop this dumb crap to give some T7, T8 slot. u.u
  15. Do you mean, since the stealth fire era, she struggle against other dd (premium/silver) ? Like i can't believe, she is the Krasny Krym of T7...