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  1. I compliment anyone who plays unselfishly. Even if they don't get much XP.
  2. EvilBob

    Lags, Spikes And Disconnections

    Since the last major patch i've been suffering from massive spikes and freezes in client, mostly at the start of the game. I'm suspecting the installation didn't go as smoothly as expected. I think i'll try the repair option, it exists for a reason. (i.e. Wargaming know of flaws in the installer)
  3. EvilBob

    Returning after about 2 years

    No DD's are not meant to be easy to play, but the CV change put a lot more pressure on anyone playing a DD. They already had extra responsibility for the team: Cap Spot Area Denial Then add on the normal responsibilities of Damage dealing Harassment and soon they may be the best defense against submarines too. Compare this to cruisers and battleships, hardly a fair balance is it?
  4. EvilBob

    Returning after about 2 years

    It might be a good well thought out post, but it also says: Oh my god, why bother with DD's, look at all that hard work! Not entirely encourage a new generation of players to go DD is it.
  5. EvilBob

    Possible german cv line

    Yes, battlecruisers, been waiting for these since Beta. I mean battlecruisers in their very concept are fun to play, fast, lightly armoured, heavy hitting. That there is good content. I'm not expecting wargaming to change, it's just frustrating.
  6. EvilBob

    Possible german cv line

    This is the problem, shoehorning content in to appease select groups of people, whilst omitting real content that people desire.
  7. EvilBob

    Possible german cv line

    Why another IJN CV line? They are a distant third in WW2 in regards to carriers: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_aircraft_carriers_of_World_War_II#/media/File:Carriers_ww2_by_country.png also please stop treating this game as allies v axis that is dying concept.
  8. EvilBob

    Mid tier RN CAs are unplayable - help!

    Horses for courses i guess, I found the Devonshire very tanky and the longer you survive the more you can influence the outcome of the game. Flew through her in 13 battles with 84.62% win ratio. In fact, i'm keeping her cause: She was real, She was fun to play. I got her free Surrey after a few battles is ok too, I have played much worse at t7.
  9. EvilBob

    Noob question about minimap

    The titles an oxymoron, in definition if you notice you have a mini map you are better than a noob and therefore better than 95% of the player base!
  10. EvilBob


    If i see you in game i'm giving you a + 1 for this post..... or a -1 depending on how angry i'm feeling at the time.
  11. My concern is how much people struggle with x and y axis, don't' be throwing in the z! Also i think wargaming have more important things to fix, not throwing in more balancing issues into the game.
  12. Also they were tiny subs with many technical problems, not much use beyond being a test bed.
  13. Maybe being a little too generous to the Montana, she wasn't laid down. On the other hand you are being a little harsh on HMS Lion, two of those were laid down. But over all yeah most T9 - T10's are designs, most navy's gave up serious BB production around the period of T8. (Lets ignore the mess they made with Monarch) In my opinion wargaming should have moved the whole time period back.... so that T9 is the end (would need to be creative with Yamato) and we could see more real ships lower down.
  14. EvilBob

    What is a point of Arsenal

    Well looking at their performances last season, I would say it was to provide an easy 3 points for other teams...... oh wait, i misunderstood the title
  15. "despite historically having higher RoF than Kronshtadt" Lets not get carried away with statements like this.... neither ship is historical, not in the slightest. Quoted design figures mean nothing until a ship is laid down, launched and then trialed at sea. Any land trials of guns needs to be taken with a pinch of salt, that is not operational conditions. There is no way you can compare the guns of one incomplete untested ship with that of another incomplete untested ship. That would be silly. Therefore Wargaming has a license to do what ever they please with either to make them balanced and fit the game.