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  1. My concern is how much people struggle with x and y axis, don't' be throwing in the z! Also i think wargaming have more important things to fix, not throwing in more balancing issues into the game.
  2. Also they were tiny subs with many technical problems, not much use beyond being a test bed.
  3. EvilBob

    Dev diaries 0.7.8 hints and clues - speculation mode ON

    Maybe being a little too generous to the Montana, she wasn't laid down. On the other hand you are being a little harsh on HMS Lion, two of those were laid down. But over all yeah most T9 - T10's are designs, most navy's gave up serious BB production around the period of T8. (Lets ignore the mess they made with Monarch) In my opinion wargaming should have moved the whole time period back.... so that T9 is the end (would need to be creative with Yamato) and we could see more real ships lower down.
  4. EvilBob

    What is a point of Arsenal

    Well looking at their performances last season, I would say it was to provide an easy 3 points for other teams...... oh wait, i misunderstood the title
  5. EvilBob

    STALINGRAD "FINALIZED VERSION" (just a 2nd Kronshtadt)

    "despite historically having higher RoF than Kronshtadt" Lets not get carried away with statements like this.... neither ship is historical, not in the slightest. Quoted design figures mean nothing until a ship is laid down, launched and then trialed at sea. Any land trials of guns needs to be taken with a pinch of salt, that is not operational conditions. There is no way you can compare the guns of one incomplete untested ship with that of another incomplete untested ship. That would be silly. Therefore Wargaming has a license to do what ever they please with either to make them balanced and fit the game.
  6. People still fail to realise hood was laid down in 1916! and then rate her quality from her performance in a battle in 1941. She was easily a match for the Mackensen-class IRL and in game, so yes T6 for Prinz Eitel Friedrich and T7 for Hood is pretty much spot on.
  7. EvilBob

    What ships do you think need buffs?

    All the ships i have should receive buffs, whilst all those i face in game should be nerfed. In fact it should be some kind of dynamic system that automatically detects what i'm sailing in at that time and improves it, whilst simultaneously reducing the accuracy, ROF, torpedo range etc... of the enemy ships. Oh and also removes any Carrier from that game and notify's that player, they are not welcome in my World of Warships. Sounds fair to me.
  8. EvilBob


    Purple clan != Purple player, it's rough indicator, but i've seen far too may purple clans players play atrociously to use it as a yard stick. Ranked star == level of patience the play has for grinding. ;-) Also looking like the Yamato and Shima did the majority of carrying, not the clan :P
  9. EvilBob

    WG: Please Ban The Mod That Place 'X' on the Map

    I think he only replied to get his post count over 4k
  10. EvilBob

    WG: Please Ban The Mod That Place 'X' on the Map

    I believe this also answers the question as to why wargaming don't seem to be interested in the effects of mods like x marks the spot. Yes it is a form of aim assist, but to them, the numbers of players it effecting is not great enough to merit the time and effort to ban and then monitor the game client for the mod. After reading quite a few of Mr Conway's replies to this thread, i'm detecting subtle undertones of "Hey this ain't a massive deal". Yes technically speaking it's breaking the rules, but fixing the hole is not worth it in a business sense. Like many issues, if they just keep replying with the same wall of text and bouncing people's responses off with technicalities, it'll just go away. Wargaming is a business after all, and if it's not having a massive influence on gameplay or play numbers, why follow it up? For someone like me who really detests mods and the effect they can have on player attitudes, it's frustrating, but until it becomes game breaking, I doubt i'll stop playing.
  11. EvilBob

    WG: Please Ban The Mod That Place 'X' on the Map

    Ahh the old double jeopardy defence. More likely last time only a couple of people mentioned it (as it was new), nobody really knew of its existence or cared. Well now its use is more widespread, alot more people have opinions and wish to express them. You're attempts to derail the mod hate train are not working ;)
  12. EvilBob

    WG: Please Ban The Mod That Place 'X' on the Map

    Clutching straws there. He so obviously aims up and down until the x meets the border. Very hard to do, as we all know, without a spotter up. Basically a free consumable then?
  13. EvilBob

    WG: Please Ban The Mod That Place 'X' on the Map

    It was the over reliance and "The Community's" acceptance of mods in World of Tanks that really killed that game for me. Why should i have to download and install addons' to even stand a chance of being competitive? Warships ain't that yet, but as soon as i see or hear about mods that can give people an advantage, I always think it might become so. I now hide my stats after hearing about the matchmaking monitoring (out of game XVM like tool). Why should i have people judging me before i even press 'w'. Keep the game vanilla! Let skill alone dictate how good you are.
  14. EvilBob

    WG: Please Ban The Mod That Place 'X' on the Map

    "the condition of sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common." His use of the words are not wrong.
  15. EvilBob

    WG: Please Ban The Mod That Place 'X' on the Map

    2 examples of in game usage, 50 seconds in, kills a Belfast, although we can't clearly prove that he solely used the mod to aim. (he does place the x over the last known position) 7:50 kills a Baltimore that had become unlit. The mod aids his prediction. (As he can line up the ship indicator and move the x ahead of it's direction) Now, let's clear this up. A video is NOT going to conclusively prove that the mod is the sole reason the kills were achieved, i'm sure a level of skill was involved too. This just proves how you COULD use it. Let the heated discussion continue! EDIT! No need for timecodes on this one!