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  1. Pivke

    Getting overrun, or overrunning the other team....

    that is interesting... it might explain some things. similar thing is done in Overwatch game by blizzard. a forced 50(+-2)% win rating for solo queue players. you can literally go AFK every game to try and tank your win rating. but eventually when your win rating gets out of acceptable tolerance you will get paired with increasingly better and better players who will win the match(es) for you anyway, with or without you participating. on the other side, for being good you get punished by getting worse and worse players on your team, until you are "put back in line" at 50% win rating :)
  2. Pivke

    Getting overrun, or overrunning the other team....

    yeah, it sucks. getting a bunch of those games lately. usually one team all dead or a lonely destroyer hiding somewhere, while the other team only lost a ship or two.
  3. Pivke

    soooo.... RN "Heavy" cruisers

    it seems to me that people are just too used to overpowered ships... and are a bit dissapointed at the fact that new british cruisers are not top notch (sorry, that is reserved for fantasy russian ships) in fact new british line is slightly above average good compared to other cruisers. every other complain about them is just a "learn to play" and adapt issue.
  4. Pivke

    What do former WoT players think of WoWs?

    i do not have a direct comparison between the two games, because i quit playing wot long before i started wows. i liked playing wot in the start when it was more slow and tactical game play. but over time it became less and less "world of tanks" but instead more and more "world of race cars with machine guns" which i disliked so i quit. hopefully wows is not taking the same route of ultra fast action 3 minute matches game.
  5. Pivke

    Port "London" causes my CPU to overheat

    same here bro :D love Taranto, but its always dark/night there now... maybe some italian volcano erupted in game and the ash clouds are blocking all the sun for weeks?
  6. Pivke

    Pay to Play PVE mode?

    absolutely not. because i almost never play pve. but let me tell you what i would gladly pay extra for, in a heartbeat, no questions asked! a random battle matchmaking with no aircraft carriers :D
  7. Pivke

    Thanks for the ARP ships! :D

    no. tier 7 matchmaking used to be quite decent, but now its beyond horrible! about 99% chance to end up bottom ship in a t9 game. it aint too much fun for a puny t7 cruiser to go against the likes of musashi, jean barts, alaskas, and similar which you can expect multiple of them in most cases. thinking of it, playing t7 right now is like bringing a knife to a gunfight XD
  8. Pivke

    Italian Ships SAP

    i find SAP ammo to be quite interesting. basically its a more reliable but less damage AP variant. its inferior to HE tho, no question. SAP is good for farming damage against battleship superstructure and upper armor belt, its very good against destroyers too. against (broadside) cruisers its a great dilemma, either use AP to try to get juicy citadels or end up with just overpens. or use SAP for no citadels but decent damage? the only thing that bothers me about italian cruisers is the horribly terrible long reload times! supposedly the whole line reload times are balanced around having the special commander Luigi and also getting confederate achievement in every battle, just to have a normal reload speed??? (not to mention, by the time you get confederate with that god damn pathetic fire rate the battle is pretty much ending anyway)
  9. Pivke

    Stealth Radar

    with those stats on the newly made up stalinboats....... stealth radar is the last of my worries lol
  10. Pivke

    Thanks for the ARP ships! :D

    good for you! i just sold about 7 ARP ships (kongos and myokos) a month ago. had to clean up my port inventory because "hide ARP filter" option is gone for some reason... and they were an eyesore XD never played them, not even once in all those years that i owned them lol i think i only kept one S.Dragon ship, in case if they ever fix matchmaking and tier 7 is fun to play again.
  11. Pivke

    Is Moskva worth grinding?

    i dont have any experience with Stalingrad, since i was inactive for last couple of years. but Moskva was my second out of three t10 ships that i managed to grind way back :) while i enjoyed the whole line a lot (lotsa pew pew HE spammers), sadly i do not really like the crown jewel of the line that is Moskva. that is not saying its a bad ship. no, far from it. its in fact a very good ship! :D Moskva will reward you greatly for your good aim and good positioning! sadly those two things are not my strengths XD thats why i dont like playing the ship that much. also i figured Moskva is not a good ship for solo playing random battles, it does not adapt too well to chaotic situations that require sudden and fast changes of position. but i guess instead of that it thrives when in full division or in clan battles, where situation is more stable. and where you can trust your whole flank of teammates not to die in 15 seconds or run at the first sight of any enemy ship, leaving your side wide open for citadel shots lol.
  12. Pivke

    Blyskawica Verdict? Worth Some Coal?

    it was a superb ship back in the day when stealth fire was a thing! but now? not really. its a piece of crap. heavily nurfed by stealth fire removal plus it got power creeped to the point that its easy meal for regular tech tree destroyers. it is not worth any coal. it is not even worth any silver currency (if that was an option) the only worth of getting Blyskavica ship is if you are a hardcore Poland patriot and you just want a harbor souvenir that you will never take in to actual battle.
  13. Pivke

    LOL russian cruisers split coming next

    is there any date or a rough estimation of when this split will happen?? also does the Kirov need to be fully upgraded for it to change in to premium? or is it enough if its just hull with stock modules sitting in my port?
  14. Pivke

    WG please remove AA completely from the game

    its more of a turkey shoot than a fox hunt to be honest. lol destroyer must show some unicorn levels of play just to survive more than a couple of attacks from even your basic potato carrier player. all this while destroyer is being totally useless to the team, forced to running for his life. no spotting, no torping, no capping, no fighting opponents destroyers, just trying to live trough the next air attack.
  15. Pivke

    Poll: Royal (token) Bundle drop chance

    nothing but flags and camo, or free xp and camo for me. but i see them ships a lot in random battles, so they must be dropping from somewhere :D