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  1. RickReaper

    LF friendly competitief clan.

    PM sent
  2. RickReaper

    [TO] Total Oblivion - Recruiting

    c'mon ladies we are still recruiting so sign up.
  3. RickReaper

    [TO] Total Oblivion - Recruiting

    that boy knows what he is talking about
  4. RickReaper

    Looking for a Good clan, or set of regular players

    Afternoon, I just sent you a PM.
  5. RickReaper

    [TO] Total Oblivion - Recruiting

    We are not the best Clan and we dont aspire to be the best Clan but we are a Clan that believes in making friends, having fun and trying our best to win.
  6. RickReaper

    Casual Clan

    sent you a PM .
  7. RickReaper

    Looking for English speaking clan [Close Thanks]

    I sent you a PM.
  8. RickReaper

    [TO] Total Oblivion - Recruiting

    statts are not as important as the people
  9. RickReaper

    CV looking for casual clan/div playing

    Sent you a PM
  10. RickReaper

    Casual Clan wanted

    Sent you a Pm
  11. RickReaper

    [TO] Total Oblivion - Recruiting

    Morning folks we are still recruiting so please feel free to message myself or Mao with any questions you may have concerning our clan.
  12. RickReaper

    Looking for a clan

    Sent you a PM