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  1. Figment

    Amazon Prime and drops?

    *eery threatening voice over* By which he means, you can never, ever, sell her. Or else.
  2. While that's true (1-3mins sounds about right, depending on how far and paying attention the target is), but those three attacks of the current CV would likely leave the target ship alive and if it didn't get citadelled, hardly damaged, whereas the one RTS would likely have killed it if not left it in a near death condition from just the one alpha strike. Most CV strikes now nibble away at the target. It does depend on which ship we're comparing though, I'd say a Shokaku is not at all comparible to the effectiveness of an AP CV in such engagements, as the citadelling today can be devastating at times.
  3. Sorry, meant to say t9 (in relation to ranked silver/gold matches in particular). Viribus, T5, Blyska is T7, Orkan T8 after all. Ragnar seems like it will fill the Smaland void in radar DD, while being a gunship as the Friesland? At least I'm not seeing torpedo stats. Wasn't aware of that ship coming.
  4. The latter alinea was about the current situation. As said, I specced for AA during RTS. Today I don't see the value and in Brawl a CV is a liability as far as I've noticed. An RTS CV would not have been, given it could have concentrated on a couple units and take those out in time. I don't see them getting such big alpha strikes today that they can wipe out even two ships reliably. Particularly not if they're say EU DDs.
  5. Figment

    RNG not really rng

    When a side is being steamrolled, it usualy means a flank collapsed early. As a consequence, the positioning of the enemy ships is likely to be far better at getting enemy ships to line up their broadsides, while more ships are training their guns on them. Consider how many of those ships are visible at any given time, not all, so the enemy fire is even more concentrated. Given the winning team is under little threat, they'll be more at ease and take just a little more time to aim just right. The more shots are fired at a target, particularly from better angles, the more chance there are of a citadel hit amongst them. This is just a matter of volume of fire. The opposite is true for the steamrolled team. Their DPS goes down, their amount of targets up. Their relative DPS goes down even further with every ship that is sunk, they'll panic, become hasty in their targeting and firing to optimize their reload times (amount of volleys over quality of volleys) and they get worse shots lined up as everyone points their nose towards them, while they have to chose who to show (partial) broadside to. What you're experiencing is pure maths and psychology. As for your Monarch getting citadelled, it's a pretty squishy ship from itself. And certain nations have really good citadelling angles on the Monarch at specific ranges, even from the rear and front (Russian battleships in particular, but Italian BBs can hurt a lot with SAP too and even get citadels with SAP occasionally). As for not getting as many fires as you should, first off, I rarely use HE on Monarch as HE damage can be restored easily, but if you're facing higher tier ships, more of them will have captain upgrades that reduce fire chance. If you face T6 ships, you'll do more fires, even citadels with HE at times. Not so against T8-10.
  6. I disagree, it is strong (not stronger) in competitive as long as there are at least 6 players in the match to stall the CV from being engaged quickly by holding multiple sides. In the Brawl, the CVs appear pretty weak due to not being able to put out their DPS. A RTS CV didn't need as much time, as it could guarantee double torpspread which could nuke some ships into oblivion in comparison. Sure there are some CVs that are still capable of putting out the hurt, but those are just not balanced very well as in those cases they either have too much alpha damage or too many short distance activating torps that can't be dodged.
  7. Only invest in it by secondary effect most the time (range extensions and rof upgrades for secondaries for example). Used to have AA buffs on the RTS CVs and Cleveland during the RTS CV period though. With a CV you need aircraft survivability to even make drops at times and the enemy CV usualy won't attack you untill the last bit of the battle anyway. Beyond that, for most ships I think the AA is either good enough or if it's not it's not worth buffing either. Too circumstantial as not every fight brings aircraft and if they're there, chances are they go after someone else. If they home in on you, sure, but there's likely more surface ships guaranteed to target you.
  8. Yes, and it was stated there were internal discussions going on about what to do with the captain on several videos iirc. Again, no details and they had no clear ideas at the time it seems because they put themselves in a difficult situation, but doing nothing to compensate seeing as a ship's stats are affected once a commander changes, doing nothing seems like the least logical compensation. So to me, commander wise, the most logical compensation options would be: A) Clone the captain (to a basic captain if it's a special captain, keep the special captain in EU) - this would result in an equivalent EU and NL captain and would therefore not hurt a player's playing capacity, if said player used the same captain on Friesland and other EU ships. Tbh, chances are people have a dedicated captain on the Friesland due to the Smaland being a far better EU premium, sadly removed from purchase now, despite it's overpresence in Ranked. Speaking of fairness, leaving some with an OP premium and not giving others the chance to acquire the same tool is IMO pretty meh. Balance the thing if you think it's overused due to OPness... :P). B) Transfer one EU captain by choice to the Dutch nation and change name, nationality and appearance. If it's a special captain, reset the special captain, create an equivalent base captain and free up all exp invested in the captain as captain exp to be distributed amonst any captains the player sees fit. A 3, 6 or 10 pt captain is pretty standard to acquire, so no player should care if up to a 10pt Dutch captain is awarded to go with a Dutch premium ship. This would however force a choice between either a good EU or good Dutch captain. C) Allow EU captains on the Friesland as exception to the Dutch ships. This would keep the Friesland in the same condition, but provide a training ship for Dutch captains, while not interfering with anyone's capabilities on the EU line. It would also ensure that the EU line isn't without a premium for some time.
  9. Two things: 1. Logic and fairness: you spend time training a captain on and for a ship, it should move with, or be compensated for. 2. Wargaming said they would compensate for the commander of people already owning the Friesland. Doable, but probably not what they'll do since it means extra work with a bit more complexity. Irrelevant. They actually said they'd compensate for the commandender back in may (see quote earlier in this thread). You're white knighting a revocation of a decision they actually communicated to us then. They're diggin their holes in both cases either with poor planning or poor communications, let them work themselves out of it. Regardless, as a consumer, compensation to keep your in-game item on par while promises are fulfilled, especially for a semi-premium ship, seems more than reasonable. There are an awful lot of Frieslands out there, it's one of the most popular high tier premium DDs next to Smaland. And it's a pretty unique ship at that since it has no torpedoes, therefore its DD commander will be uniquely set up. Please remember you speak for yourself. Sorry, but this is bull. :/ First, you're saying you'd not use a 21pt captain, simply because you could spend a long time grinding a substitute captain. No. You'd always keep that 21 pt captain on a different tier ship, since that one commander you're talking about is going to be trained for one ship only. Second, your access to free exp and captain exp is not equal to that of others. You don't think it's a big deal to train up a captain, whereas it is for people who have a lot less time to invest in this game. You're being far too self-centered and all your arguments are literally arguments of convenience around a speculative scenario. No, because there's a lot of people who have dedicated captains per ship. Meanwhile the if's and maybe's face reality: right now Friesland users lose their captain if they transfer to the Dutch line and lose their ship for their dedicated captain, OR don't get a Dutch tech tree premium, which was promised would be the case. You're trying to come up with excuses, but they all require you to theorycraft convenient scenarios for you and how you would personally go about things. That's all fine, but it's a worthless argument to other people. I'd be fine with a captain reset as well, say Swirsky going back to 10 pts, getting a 10 pt Dutch commander and all invested exp in the captain becoming free captain exp. I mean, that's exp you've earned for that ship/captain anyway, nobody outside you should care who it is invested in, or even if you shift it elsewhere. You'll end up with the same net worth of captain on either end.
  10. Figment

    Low tier seal clubbing recomendations.

    You putting words in my mouth? :x Misquote it seems. (I'm not saying it's bad btw, never used it, I just wasn't the one you quoted)
  11. Figment

    Srsy WG? How drunk are you?

    Sowwy. :(
  12. Figment

    Srsy WG? How drunk are you?

    12 x 1 = 12 6x 3 = 18 I bet most players will drop all 3 at once to optimize hitting chance and reload time. So that'd be a 1.5x increase in aircraft per engagement.
  13. Figment

    Brawl mode. Are you for real WG ?

    They're jacks of all trades DoT, hence situationally poor for CQB where alpha strikes and sustained DPS is more important. It can work, but for a CV your team needs to put up a defense to give you time, while they're likely rushing off in all directions getting picked off one by one, or all went to rush in the same direction, easily getting flanked.
  14. Figment

    Low tier seal clubbing recomendations.

    One of the benefits of slow ships is that you're often better at dodging torps due to the turning circle being smaller and thus less predictable. Oklahoma, Kansas, Minnesota and Vermont are, for their width and low speed, actually pretty good at dodging if you take the rudder upgrade.
  15. Figment

    Brawl mode. Are you for real WG ?

    In random battles people sit further in the back (especially BBs) because they fear concentrated fire from up to 12 ships. This gives CVs time to deliver their payload (flight time is significantly higher after all) and do their scouting (indirect damage by allowing allies to damage). CVs are timesinks. Which is why it's well possible to run down a CV if it has no screening escort ships that slow down the opponents, allowing it to get some damage output over time. It shouldn't surprise you that this mode is not well suited to CVs. They can still hurt, but if they have a few bad attacks or take too long flying or searching DDs, they'll have wasted so much time they can't keep up with the damage output of the other team. Havn't lost a single asymmetric brawl with a CV on the other side yet. :)