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  1. Figment

    About BOT focus fire in OPS

    Do a summersault!
  2. Figment

    About BOT focus fire in OPS

    Do a barrel roll!
  3. Figment

    Player Disguised as Bot

    I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't let you do that.
  4. Figment

    Napoli: secondary build viable?

    Was dumping a lot of air strikes on a Napoli (20+ hits) the other day and noticed it barely did any damage (~4,8K per strike) and didn’t start any fires. Wonder if the secondaries absorbed the damage.
  5. Figment

    Player Disguised as Bot

    New evidence! I had this bot start singing at the end of a coop mission. All that T1 Black Swan HE spam to get a camo was bound to do something to break the AI.
  6. Figment

    Player Disguised as Bot

    Perhaps you are just a forum chatbot without self-consciousness?
  7. Figment

    Player Disguised as Bot

    There's no reason to worry, this is a run of the mil military bot, where the software was written by Cyberdyne industries as Lesta was looking for new programmers to code their AI.
  8. Figment

    Tier X ships you own and hate?

    Just filter on everything but subs and they’ll be on the other end of the list. On topic, Hindenburg. It just… even when I do perform well in it the flank I’m not on just incinerates. :/
  9. Figment

    New ships - 0.11.9 Closed Testing (DB 368)

    I know, that’s why I’m asking when we could expect to see others. :) Basically I’m fishing for an announcement.
  10. Figment

    New ships - 0.11.9 Closed Testing (DB 368)

    If the S-class is introduced at T9, that would be pretty much where I’d expect it. Could also mean we would see a variant of it as a T9 or TX Dutch submarine. See the potential Dutch sub tech tree below. I would expect an S or T class as potential top tier Dutch sub. Still, you’d still hope subs get a complete overhaul mechanics wise, because the ping system is just so poor and interfering with potentially good and easily balanced gameplay… Subs can be modified to fit in, but WG first has to acknowledge they still need a lot of work. Which unfortunately we won’t be seeing, seeing as they concluded they can be officially introduced. @YabbaCoe Could you enlighten us what the rough timeline idea is with regards to new Dutch ship(line)s? I couldn’t find them in the roadmap. However, I’ve seen a Tromp in Randoms already and that wasn’t (as far as I could tell anyway) listed in the roadmap either. So in what timeframe could we realistically expect other DD, BB, CV and sub (lines) for the Dutch?
  11. Figment

    General CV related discussions.

    That and having the option of being out of reach (range limitations). The very least aircraft should have is a limited flight time, where failing to abort the attack in time to make sure there's enough fuel to get back to the CV results in the loss of aircraft. Spotting should be reworked, where only within a limited range from the aircraft (say within 14-18km of the aircraft) you actually get eyes on the target rather than just a map indicator, while detecting should risk aircraft getting to the edge if not within the AA range of the target spotted (AA ranges should be possible to be boosted to +40% of today IMO). Defensive fighter consumeable should be proactive rather than reactive. Reintroducing Ctrl-Click on aircraft should make it possible to target specific squadrons with your fighter for instance. There's so much more that can be done to make it fairer, especially at higher tiers, but yeah. :/
  12. Figment

    General CV related discussions.

    I did mention that two posts back regarding not being able to go dark in Thunderer. ;) For some ships being just 12km out is enough to spot it, which is stupid. Should be closer to edge of AA range.
  13. Figment

    General CV related discussions.

    I disagree, subs take a good whooping in comparison tbh and can die very quickly at the hands of competent players and can be rendered completely ineffective by again, competent players. It's very regular I kill subs and deny them doing any damage, but it's a lot harder to reach TX CV's and virtually impossible to avoid taking signficant damage from a T* attack. Up to T8 I don't really have many problems taken CV's out regardless of unit I'm playing, but the TX and T* simply deal too much damage, which in combination with the lack of attrition and the general punishment for showing offensive initiative at TX (protection and time granted by the CVs allies) results in a very one directional state of play. When there's also a skill gap between the two players bringing these units, the resulting impact on the game's outcome is too significant to ignore. CVs don't need to be a problem, if they're properly balanced in damage output and constraint in terms of reach and capabilities. Unfortunately, WG does not seem to appreciate this for whatever reason and this only results in more calls to remove the class itself.
  14. Figment

    Steamrolls even in cruiser brawls

    I always enjoy the bit where people think retreating into open water to "put distance" between you and the enemy is going to work, when you're just opening yourself up to attacks from any and all directions and giving all cover to the people behind islands with spotters and high cruiser arcs. Yeah... No. How about you go in and put those 6-8km torps to some use while hiding between the islands for ambushes?
  15. Figment

    Steamrolls even in cruiser brawls

    I don’t want to know how long that person has been in a queue in his life.