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  1. Well let's look at the Wichita. CCs tried it, had time to decide and write their reviews. People see the reviews and think hhhmm might be nice that one. Then it gets nerfed and before too many CCs can re-review and change their initial reports into the nerfed version, it get's put on sale. I almost bought it based on the original CC reviews but spotted in a post that it had been nerfed. So I said, woah let me check this out first. having seen new version, definitely not for me. So, as a few people have said "bait and switch". THEN I read about the GC changes happening. What ever WG's intentions are, are irrelevant to me. I quite simply will never buy another premium ship knowing full well that they will change it after enough people have bough said ship. This is my choice and the choice of those who feel like I do. Others will not be bothered for whatever reasons they have and that is their choice and I will not judge on that. This will affect the number or sales. if it affects the sales too much WG will reverse their course quickly enough. The result is that there are probably quite a few people will no loner or very rarely buy premium ships going forward. The ships that I play the most at present are the Lightning, Jutland, Cleveland and Des Moines. I occasionally play my Bismark and/or Tirpitz if I have a mission that requires a high number of secondary hits.
  2. I bought this ship with real money, you change ship, fine, then refund my real life money, not in game money. It's like buying a BMW, having it swapped for a Skoda and being given a train warrant as compensation.
  3. gravelbelly

    PSA: Wichita in shop today, but nerfed version

    true, it's like buying a BMW, then they say it's too good, here's a Skoda or refunding you with Ford credits. I am not impressed by this ship, so I won't buy it. My choice, so I won't judge anyone who will buy it. However, even if I was interested, if they screw with the GC, after paying real money, then I will never pay any form of real money to WG again.
  4. gravelbelly

    PSA: Wichita in shop today, but nerfed version

    Most youtube videos were pre-nerf, so they would hope that people watched those video and bought it based on them. To give it back to CCs now would have shown how much it had been nerfed and affected potential sales.
  5. gravelbelly

    PSA: Wichita in shop today, but nerfed version

    This,, why pay REAL Money only to have them change the deal later? If they change the deal, they should offer "cash" refunds, not doubloons. It's like buying a BMW and getting a Skoda No more I have quite a few premium ships, most I rarely play. My 2 favorite ships that I play the most are Lightning (I have Cossack but prefer Lightning), Jutland and Des Moines, thus no real incentive for me to but premium ships. So why the hell would I buy an inferior ship that offers no difference in game-play and knowing that WG will bait and switch later anyway? Not a good business model to encourage my cash-flow lol
  6. gravelbelly

    PSA: Wichita in shop today, but nerfed version

    I looked at the CC videos and thought hmm might just spend some real money at this. Then I read these posts and saw that they nerfed it. Nope Wallet closed lol. Not a snowball's chance in hell will I pay any more with WG. Just like in WoT, I was interested in the premium Carnarvon, but the game play sucks so much I rarely play the game,, and British tanks are meh most of the time, so I simply cannot justify buying it, or any other premium for that matter. The same goes here lol
  7. gravelbelly

    DD tactics for 0.8.0, how do we survive?

    I have played 3 games since new patch. I've seen just how bad things can be for a team with a crap CV player who does not support his team. It was bad enough before the patch, now it just highlights the massive difference between a CV player who supports his team and on who just does his own thing
  8. gravelbelly

    Don’t buy PEF - she sucks hard

    I agree. I am really glad that I did not pay for this ship. Once I'v completed the steel missions, then this ship will remain in port most of the time.
  9. gravelbelly

    Attack of the 35% winrate carriers

    Most games I play with CVs in you get a good CV player who supports the team and then you get a crap one who has no clue on supporting the team. Good CV = win 90% of the time. Bad CV = loss 90% time
  10. gravelbelly

    How to Play HMS Cossack. Better than the Lightning?

    The Lightning really gels for at the moment. I'm usually coming in the top 4 of my team. I use it as a spotter and will only initially contest the caps if I have back up. I have racked up some great spotting xp in it.
  11. gravelbelly

    How to Play HMS Cossack. Better than the Lightning?

    I find that, for me at least, the Lightning is a much easier DD to play. I seem to have much better games and results in the Lightning, I love the gun angles and 360 turrets, than I do in the Cossack. However, in both of these DDs, the most common mistake I make is getting caught out of place and trying to be too sneaky.