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    All World War II history. I play Advanced Squad Leader and have over 30,000 battles in World of Tanks.


  1. T10 battles minimum 53% winrate

    Gatekeeping alive and well in WoWS 2018. Why is your gaming experience more important than that of the weaker players? Do you thing WG think more of you than them?
  2. Deepest Ever Water Torpedo

    OK so there's "bad language" in the reaction but that Torpedo clearly went right through the island... https://clips.twitch.tv/LitigiousWrongCougarThunBeast
  3. Will get a free musashi within a week

    I got mine with free XP. I seem to make free XP a lot.
  4. Yamato vs Nelson

    I got Musashi, Nelson and Missouri already. I'm racking yop free XP to get the RN DDs when they are released. I'm trying to figure how much free XP I'll need to unlock an entire line... I have 400k right now.
  5. School Kids

    So you're unable to find teams to carry you?
  6. Can we get an option to opt out of Epicenter?

    Gets my vote. Don't like it.
  7. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    My highest damage ever came in my penultimate battle in Chung Mu
  8. The credit grind is ridiculous.

    I used to think the Ocean map was too salty... and now you come along with your sense of entitlement.
  9. MM need work

    Only happy when you're top tier?
  10. Lost My Unique Upgrade

    More pity by now.
  11. Less is sometimes more, as the saying goes...

    Things that stop me enjoying the game, in order of importance. 1. People incessantly complaining about the game. 2. My mediocre skills, which diminishes my success. All the rest is just people with a sense of entitlement wanting the game to be changed to suit themselves. This game is really good if you can get over yourselves.
  12. Not at all happy because I've heard horror stories. People can't launch games and WG support basically does nothing about it. This is why, for example, I never even tried WoWP.
  13. Swiss Tech Line announced

    Swiss Navy Knife is real