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    All World War II history. I play Advanced Squad Leader and have over 30,000 battles in World of Tanks.


  1. FML

    I don't think they should have allowed this getting Tier X ships you've not unlocked malarkey in the first place.
  2. Sailing side-on a lot to enemy units in a DD, no module and no anti deto flag and this will happen. Five in a row though... oh dear...
  3. +T8 closed for BAD Players

    Op seems to feel he should be entitled to play at Tier VIII and others not? Why does he think the game exists for him and not for others?
  4. How many premium ships do you have?

    You know... I would if I could. I won it in a loot crate at Xmas.
  5. How many premium ships do you have?

    Thing is I've never had much regard for Italy's armed forces and even though the navy was half decent I'll not have time to develop it to make it worthwhile playing. Time could be better spent developing my commanders of other fleets.
  6. How many premium ships do you have?

    Easier to list the ones I don't have: Iawaki Alpha HSF Graf Spee ARP Nachi E Dragon Kii Kaga Ashitaka Kamikaze (Have Kamikaze R and Fujin) Musashi and Sninonomi - but will one day) Alabama Enterprise Massachusetts (Black and Flint) Marblehead Lima Oct Revolutyia Diana L Oleg Aigile DeGrasse (Have Dunqukeque but will never play it) Duca D'Costa Abruzzi Roma (Have Giulio Caesare but will never play it) Unlike in the tanks, where I've ground every line, I don't play cruisers without smoke much, if at all, and I'm not bothering with navies in which I have no interest. I don't play CVs much and I think I've enough premium BBs to be going on with. My buying has therefore slowed down a lot. I really like DDs and would buy any except from the Frogs and Ginos.
  7. Seven Jack Dunkirk on Conqueror (gets to play in the three premium BBs Hood, Duke of York and Warspite) Minotaur (although set as a Cruiser/DD hybrid for Befast, Gallant and Campbeltown - He'll move to a DD as soon as the line is released) Seven Segal on North Carolina (Missouri, Texas, Arizona, Arkansas Beta) Gearing (Smith, Kidd, Sims) Shimakaze (also plays in Fujin, Kamikaze R and Tachibana - I have a different guy in Harekaze) Khabarovsk (plays in all my Soviet premiums) Hsienyang
  8. winter mystery all year round.....

    I recognize that this popped up once for me this new year as a personal mission and I thought it odd because I have that flag already. haven't seen it in over a month though.
  9. I've yet to play anything French or Italian and can't see that changing.
  10. Known Issues with 0.7.1

    Many players want the ability to turn off the emblems and patches.
  11. Heads Up: All Controls Reset After Patch

    So I use a customised control setting centred around the arrow keys on my keyboard and a six button mouse and none of my usual keys worked as I went into battle. All controls reset to default. So, be aware if you are the same.
  12. OK. No offence was ever intended.
  13. Toby... It's called a re-roll.
  14. I'm giving it 18 months. Then we get HMS Vanguard.
  15. Instant chat ban needed

    But you are a Noob...