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    All World War II history. I play Advanced Squad Leader and have over 30,000 battles in World of Tanks.
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  1. I get a smidge short of 50kts out of my Khabarovsk running speed boost and Sierra Mike Signal. How fast would you like?
  2. Take it over Okinawa any day or night.
  3. You're telling me you never had any of those signals?
  4. Maybe flying the no detonation signal would be a good idea in such an important battle. Save them for CW.
  5. It's so bad I won't play without the camo mod.
  6. I reported someone once...
  7. Cost of ships in credits is immaterial compared to the money you will save over the life of the ship if you get the service discount.
  8. I can't play when I'm at work but I can access these forums.
  9. What is the % chance of fire with HE from main battery?
  10. Rita.
  11. All your drivers up to date? I only ask because someone will.
  12. Oh jesus stick a sock in it.
  13. I'm not a hypocrite and here is why: I never complain on the forum if I lose a game because I can can accept that is a possible outcome of pressing the battle button. That is the underlying issue.
  14. And that is what the game is. Team based. The enemy teams are as bad.
  15. Yes it is. You're a flat-out liar and an elitist snob. If you had won more games you wouldn't be here complaining. Here is the news: You will get teamed with weaker players. Deal with that or uninstall.