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    All World War II history. I play Advanced Squad Leader and have over 50,000 battles in World of Tanks.

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  1. Hedgehog1963

    Black or Flint

    This was a question that kept me awake. My experience with smoking CLs at Tiers VI - VIII has been entirely positive and it took a lot not to go for Flint. Three battles, three losses in Black so far, and I've yet to really get to grips with it. Seems the ship is pretty good, so I just need to get better in it.
  2. Hedgehog1963

    your money and law, ,..and dubloons

    I wouldn't be so harsh on OP because I'm sure it is in WGs interest that people end up spending doubloons "by accident." I have to report that within the mod pack which I run in a popular tank game there is a lock on "gold" and on free XP. The client doesn't recognise the presence of either commodity if the little padlocks next to the resources are locked. Completely eliminates any chances of mistakes. Perhaps that would be a good idea for WoWS. I'll look more deeply at the Aslain pack I use in WoWS in case I've overlooked the same being in that pack.
  3. Hedgehog1963

    Blyskawica - WG says it can't buff it because of "stats".

    Given WGs heinous decision that RAN, RCN and presumably other "Commonwealth" nations cannot exchange their commanders with the main Rn line, you're not going to see this any time soon.
  4. Hedgehog1963

    Update 0.8.0 delayed for a week

    I pretty much gave up my last weekend to get all this done. I think I'd have had an easier time had I known there was another week to get this done. Oh well. I'm planning to take it easy with the ships for a while.
  5. Hedgehog1963

    Last Prinz directive

    Do you think the game is here for your convenience or as a means for WG to make money?
  6. Hedgehog1963

    Don’t buy PEF - she sucks hard

    Well I've done the missions got the steel bought the USS Black. I shall never play in the PEF again.
  7. Hedgehog1963

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Never imagined I'd ever get her
  8. Hedgehog1963

    Last Prinz directive

    So I got this done far sooner than I had expected.
  9. Hedgehog1963

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Biggest wad I ever had
  10. Hedgehog1963

    Last Prinz directive

    My biggest ever payday
  11. Hedgehog1963

    Last Prinz directive

    Yeah premium ships all the way, piled up with the right camo and signals racking up 600keven in a loss. I've never chased credits much and so I've got 1300+ zulu flags, 50+ gamescom camos and so on. I've made over a million credits twice (Missouri and Lo Yang) having never done so before. Far less of a challenge than I feared. Might well have this done before I go back to work on Wednesday.
  12. Hedgehog1963

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I was concerned over this credit scramble we're going for for the 4th stage of the Idle Fredrick grind. Couldn't decide on the 6th nation/faction. I needn't have been concerned. A modest win in a Taiwanese DD with "all the flags and camo" set to credit boosts and I score my highest ever rake-in.
  13. Hedgehog1963

    what would a legendary comander jingles get?

    Hit battle. 25% of the time you don't make it into battle. Station keeping. Follow any ship with a nice rear end at a close yet respectful distance.
  14. Hedgehog1963

    Is the Daring as bad as the Jutland?

    Because you kept all the DDs in the line up to that point and left the commanders in place. I knew this line was coming and bought a lot of RN Dasha Perova commanders beforehand, giving myself the leg up.