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    All World War II history. I play Advanced Squad Leader and have over 50,000 battles in World of Tanks.

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  1. Hedgehog1963

    WG: Will Benham be put up for sale in the Premium shop?

    I did a little of what they wanted either side. Worked my way up to 425 coal then bought the big bundle of containers. Probably the best way since I didn't end up playing too much of the Waterworld mode, which I didn't like. I don't think I played much more than I would have anyway and i can easily afford this so... Is the ship worth it? I'd say so for me, but might not suit everyone.
  2. Hedgehog1963

    Most beautyfull ship? and yours?

  3. Hedgehog1963

    Make the Map Border behave the same way as an Island.

    I'd vote for this.
  4. Hedgehog1963

    What do you guys think of the Exeter?

    Like all cruisers it had better not be seen by a BB. I don't understand why it doesn't have the smoke that RN cruisers get.
  5. Hedgehog1963

    [POLL] Great Match but no time left

    I've played chess on and of casually with friends all my life. Taking it more seriously now and I play online and there's a clock. I never fully realised just how important the clock is to proper chess, which is surprising given tens of thousands WoT and WoWs games under my belt. Playing to the clock is very much a part of the game in WoWS, whether it be the overall game timer ot the cap timer in standard mode. The 20 minutes seems fine to me.
  6. Hedgehog1963

    One shot kill but no detonation flag on a 75% HP YY

    We've been aware forever
  7. They're not even remotely similar ships. Should I sell my Black now I have Benham?
  8. Hedgehog1963

    New French DDs event... Who s gonna bother with it?!

    Not me. I don't play the French.
  9. Hedgehog1963

    Hill worse than Nicholas?

    I'm having fun with mine. I have a 19 point guy from Gearing in mine and I expect my experience counts for something. I think I have been a but lucky. Although there is an additional gun the rate of fire is low enough to bring no advantages. It has no stealth and yet I seem to get the drop all the time. The AA is pretty good though. I've splashed a lot of 'planes. When you're being shadowed by attack 'planes over a capping point you can generally clear the sky.
  10. Hedgehog1963


    WG want you to either buy premium time, premium vessels or play many many mid-tier games to fund your high tier play. This is how they make money.
  11. Hedgehog1963

    Rogue Wave Free XP to starting nation ship.

    I do hate it when the services don't get along...
  12. Hedgehog1963

    Thinking of rebuilding some DDs...

    I sometimes give my team mates a great gift. By playing Kidd with my full AA spec I guarantee that there will be no CVs in the random battle in which we find ourselves.
  13. *Fewer. I have had enough grinding. I'm neglecting other hobbies playing that Rogue Wave mode, of which I've had my fill. I got my pension ("second payday") yesterday and I decided to treat myself.
  14. I hit my target of 425 Fuel and bought the containers. Got her now.