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    All World War II history. I play Advanced Squad Leader and have over 50,000 battles in World of Tanks.

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  1. Hedgehog1963

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I finally got a game with CVs in my AA specced Kidd
  2. Hedgehog1963

    There are no Russian Ships in Ranked

    I don't have any Russian ships.
  3. Hedgehog1963

    Random battles now include that grab a buff mode?

    Epicentre removed??? I am delighted!
  4. Hedgehog1963

    Whoa it seems that ALL operations are returning!!

    I used to love the Dunkirk evacuation scenario.
  5. Hedgehog1963

    World of Torpedos!?!?

  6. Hedgehog1963

    Thanks. But no. Thanks.

    Read this as though OP was from Merseyside at first.
  7. Hedgehog1963

    That's a first.

    Excellent result for Neptune.
  8. Hedgehog1963

    Shore Battery?

    When was the last time you were sunk by a shore battery? I'm thinking in "operations."
  9. Hedgehog1963

    Russian Submarine?

    Time we had one, don't you think?
  10. Hedgehog1963

    Neptune seems very good!

    Neptune is the best!
  11. Hedgehog1963

    How was I supposed to deal with the submarine?

  12. Hedgehog1963

    About more credit box

    Always felt the credits boxes would have been stingy if they were in WoT, let along WoWS.
  13. Hedgehog1963

    Best mod ever !!!

    Just click on the picture of the crate you want and it is done. Wonders!
  14. Hedgehog1963

    Finally had enough