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    All World War II history. I play Advanced Squad Leader and have over 30,000 battles in World of Tanks.


  1. I agree. I was looking at my present highest ranked KM Commander in Bismarck and he uses none of the perks that the special commander gets a bonus. And I don't play cruisers without smoke so I'll pass on the "special" German.
  2. Unique Achievements

    Sunk many ships that way with Belfast. So happens all the time.
  3. What special skill does those special captains have?

    Yeah I was reading the list of commanders in the quoted block and thought Doe was a Royal Navy commander... he isn't. For once the Best Navy gets an edge with three enhanced skills where the USN, KM and FN get just two. That being said I haven't used the smoke size enhancing ability with Jack Dunkirk because he is in a BB, the Conqueror. I think his newly arrived brother is destined for Minotaur.
  4. What special skill does those special captains have?

    Bought myself Bert Dunkirk. Don't have time for a grind right now.
  5. What special skill does those special captains have?

    Where do we get Bert Dunkirk from? Where George Doe? I haven't played the ships at all in over a week because of the Frontline mode in WoT being a huge draw. Trying to decide whether such a week special German commander is worth any investment.
  6. BULL crap

    Stop making this all about you...
  7. Under the radar features

    So I can choose the people I sail with well. Of course downside thay might flank speed away from me..
  8. names of ships in chat

  9. Victory in WW2 Mission set

    Posting again an hour later and I'm seeing this. It is definitely bugged. Going to log off and on again..
  10. Victory in WW2 Mission set

    Just logged in right now and the mission reads correctly for me. I'm 4.5k into the final XP task.
  11. 3 clan members in ranked battles

    What do you think they can do? Manually manage ranked matches? Dream on...
  12. new penalty system

    It does let you know there's a ship near yours.
  13. new penalty system

    Show us the replay. Be careful when you shoot. It is easy to do, but there's a minimap which you should be looking at as well as though your zoomed in sights.
  14. Client crash

    If I'm running anything else, such as You Tube or Twitch in FireFox on my second monitor I get crashes. So far, If I don't run anything like that I don't. Not rigorously tested yet though.
  15. All it took was just one battle