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    All World War II history. I play Advanced Squad Leader and have over 50,000 battles in World of Tanks.

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  1. Hedgehog1963

    What If - S2E1

    Sounds like a load of bollocks to me.
  2. Hedgehog1963

    Auto return last Captain

    Too hard to read the thread?
  3. Hedgehog1963

    Mid tier RN CAs are unplayable - help!

    I've never got on with smokeless cruisers outside of co-op. I was therefore expecting to struggle with these ships but my WR in Devonshire is above acceptable. Knowing that I can be deleted by one salvo from a passing BB does not make for comfortable play. I do not like her.
  4. Hedgehog1963

    Blyskawica Verdict? Worth Some Coal?

    I have her. Paid money. She's OK. There are many spectacular ships available previously only for steel coming to coal soon. I'd not buy this ship because you have nothing else to spend your coal on right now
  5. Hedgehog1963

    The mistakes of RN CAs in game.

    Some of it had to do with following treaties like Washington and London also.
  6. Hedgehog1963

    WoWs v0.9.3 - Changes in the Armory (No more "Smolensk")!

    Exactly. If I'd have had knowledge that Black would be available for just coal I'd have Somers by now instead. Steel doesn't come easy to me.
  7. Hedgehog1963

    Commemorative Flags (not Signal flags) - do they give you anything

    It gives me a profound sense of well being to fly the Jutland flag on almost all my ships.
  8. Hedgehog1963

    Commemorative Flags (not Signal flags) - do they give you anything

    I have a related issue when looking through torrent sites for BBC productions. I'm after the British broadcasting Corporation, but not everyone sees it that way.
  9. Hedgehog1963

    Wargaming, please just stop

    Apparently so. Makes my point for me.
  10. Hedgehog1963

    Wargaming, please just stop

    if you think Smolensk is OP, then play Smolensk.
  11. Hedgehog1963

    Is this bug or something?

    Yep. Wrong thread. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Hedgehog1963

    Is this bug or something?

    Get rid of Epicentre all together... Or like a popular tank game let us deselect the chance of being in that game mode. It is shite.
  13. Hedgehog1963

    A small psychological insight for you WG

    I'm with OP. I'm completely demotivated to pursue these early access cruisers. You don't gain anything of actual value by getting one. The camo is very nice but I'll never use it because I've always got dozens of camos with better rewards in my account. You don't even get a custom ships flag, as we got when the RN BB line was released.
  14. Hedgehog1963

    Swedish Legendary captain!

    You seem to believe that I am confusing the two nations. I am not. Nor am I here to amuse you.
  15. Hedgehog1963

    Swedish Legendary captain!

    Yes. You do know the concept of land locked nation having a navy is intended to be amusing?