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    Hello guys, Was thinking of starting a blog/article hosting page in order to suplement my tiny income. Some years ago, I had some articles on historic themes published (like Evolution of Tanks-dummies version, D-Day landings etc) and I would like to re-enter this world of independent article writer. I already have a few themes in mind and layout for those articles as well as a complete research. To finish writing and publicising them I was thinking of a blogging website The thing is, I can barely find a way to start it. As said, I am quite on a budget for the moment and familly does not really agree with such stuff (former communist country, so being a journo or a writer is seen as dangerous for people around you by older people). So, any piece of advice or tips are welcome

    Hearts of Oak recruitment thread [HOO]

    Greetings. I am looking for a clan to play Clan Battles with and have some division support. I am quite an active player, have a few tier 10s in my port and a many other lines that can be brought up if required. Stats are not great, but I am always open to learning.
  3. Well, hello there. I am here from PEC, Penguin European Coalition, a storm-league clan. If I were to trust your resume, I don't believe there is any need to state what we are looking for players. About our clan: UK based, not really as we are an international clan. However, we have quite a few Brits and bloody colonials :) and everyone here is fluent in english. We had some pretty big migrations of people this year due to various factors and this is why we try to recruit as many as possible. We believe in great humour, teamplay and personal development. Of course, our immediate objective for the next CW season is to assemble a solid and active team and break out of storm. To conclude, join us and I believe the desires you have mentioned will be satisfied

    Need a clan to join

    Hello Sanex We have a storm-league clan and we are currently looking for new players. We won't demand 'unicum' level skill, as we believe we can teach part of it, but rather, for the bonuses provided by our grind for our clan base, you answering the call to arms during Clan Wars nights, Wednesday, Thursday and on the Weekends. Or at least on the Weekends. If you are a casual player who wants to have a taste of coordianted team play (aka competitive) or purely competitive, you will surely have a good time among us. Requirements: Discord with at least a working set of headphones (so you can hear what we talk with you) A tier 10 would be exceptional, but we accept tier 8s and 9s as well.

    Battleships rebalance.

    Nice theory. Prove it. Take a Yamato and a Montana and do that for 50 games

    Battleships rebalance.

    You see. THIS IS THE EXACT PROBLEM: TEAMPLAY. Just going to give you an example from a battle I had today and it ilustrates most of the battles. Scenario: Domination, Hotspot Me: Yamato, two cruisers(zao and Roon maybe?) and an Izumo, spawned in the north, right side. Deceided to make a push and invited my team to help. Cruisers, because they were faster, obviously, went ahead,when all of a sudden a wild Missouri, a Tirpitz a Zao and a Roon appear. I start taking shots. First Missouri, RNG is crap, of course, most of them miss. Then engage Broadside Tirpitz. Then rival Yamato appears. By the time Yamato is dead, Missouri comes back and I am on half HP Burning. Something seemed strange because I was the only one shooting at Missouri and barely a few shells touched Yammy(and the two rival cruisers were miles in front of me) so I looked at the minimap. To make an ideea. I was at the middle of it, around E F line. My cruisers, the ones all of you defend and say: they are always at the frontline blah blah were at B line, 13km back. While I was soaking all the damage from 4 ships-tirpitz died by that time- Those guys were shooting at the maximum range of their guns on the only ship that was in their range. You see. This is the problem: a cruiser or a destroyer if team sucks or deceides to [edited]off or a push fails can turn around and get the hell out of here. A battleship cannot do that because the moment it starts turning, citadels from enemy BBs or walls of torps

    Battleships rebalance.

    You are the most recent, so going to answer you first: A shot would barely delete 1/3 of any T10 cruiser, with the solely exception of 1 citadel from Yamato on a Zao. But Zao has citadel well armoured and quite low in water, so hitting a citadel in that is not easy. DDs are not a counter to battleships. DDs are spotters and area deniers. Counters to battleships are other battleships and carriers. DD vs BB should not even be a battle unless special circumstance, like end of the game. Spotting planes( And by that you mean fighters) do not circle around you forever, especially since last patch when WG nerfed the crapout of them, strangely enough, only for BBs, cruisers are still untouched. Bismark and all German BBs are ridiculous(it's Hydro also got nerfed BTW), that is something I've been saying since they were introduced, but why compare all others with them? And RNG 'help' is something only potatoes would say. No, RNG does not help. I would rather have 5 times my shots going somewhere close to the place I aimed them(at least the ones shot from the same freaking turret) instead of having shots that I did not aim hit the ships.

    Battleships rebalance.

    Damn, pressed the wrong button. This mights show up later. 1: Game is not 1:1, but some ships got a hella of a buff. Like japs, or any other torp boys: my torps took a hit. Blah blah. Played Minekaze, Played Nicholas, Played Gnevny, Played Ognevoi, Tested Shima, Khabarovsk, Shiratsuyu(oh, just wait untill Ranked comes up. It is going to be lovely with that thing). Let me tell you something. Torps are fine. Time scale? While BBs still keep their rate of fire from real life, DDs have 1-3 mins to reload torps. IRL, it would take more than 10, if possible to reload. Also, in game 8km is doable, IRL, not. It was not even close to that. So, why not doing something about that? Also, when they scaled down the game, why other stuff did not get scaled down? 2. Realistic AA vs 300 planes. A lot can be done, right? Also, was thinking of covering the toppic of carriers in a separate toppic. 3. It is not about dodging. Again, played all classes, have hell of a fun on kamikaze raids on idiots, but feel bad when some guys just have no chance to fight me. It is not about dodging, they can dodge? Fine. But it is not fine when they do nothing to manouver, but shots land all around them 4. I know the reason behind it. Played since Open Beta, following the game since CBT. I know how scary stuff used to be when WG tried to make the game at a historic level. And I know how that affected the gameplay: BADLY. Cruisers sail far more broadside than before, but because of this module, they do not worry when a battleship is shooting them from 14km because they can just turn away. In the current meta, as someone with almost or more than 1.5k battles in cruisers, I can say: If you get nuked by a BB it is 95% your fault. 5. Read that comment again, And then read the one about balancing. First of all: HP on Cruisers vs Radar on BBs. I was saying why cruisers get an un-nerfed fighter or Radar, HP regen and def AA.or Radar while most BBs do not get radar or hydro and their fighter is nerfed? Also, german destroyers get hydro as well. Second: I said some cruisers should keep their HP regen, like the original ones, or the ones that have a similar style to BBs, like Moskva. I also stated some changes that would benefit all classes. My point is making the game less about HE spamming and more dynamic

    Battleships rebalance.

    So, here is what I think should be done to Balance BBs, based on those categories: make them a special class again, with mational flavour, especially for T10. RNG: Increase the accuracy on lower ranges. Make it reliable. Another issue not stated before was Overpen. A big shell has a bigger effect than a small one because of kinetic energy. Considering the fact that a destroyer can survive without trouble a salvo from battleships(did that with no problem in DDs) whereas in real life it would be destroyed( without the fact that DDs have no Citadel here, we have torpedo armament exploding, ammo exploding etc. To compensate for the long reload to make overpens most devastating for BBs, why not increase the percentage of damage AP ammo does. like 15% instead of 10% for overpen and 40-45% instead of 33%. Or better, reduce the shell fuse time for all AP ammo. This will leave DDs able to survive AP with overpens, but would balance the game against cruisers. Consumables: First of all: special class. Ok, so T10 Cruisers have heal, all of them. Why? I do not get it. It would have been cool to be just Zao, DM and maybe Moskva as the original cruiser lines+ one that plays like a BB. But not all of them. If based on this logic, give all BBs a tier 10, at least, a special consumable, like Missouri has Radar and Germans have Hydro, Or there is something else that can be done: decreasing the reload time of consumables. Bigger ships, more men, more supplies, better compartimentation etc. Makes sense, right? National flavour: Well, here things could be easier. Why? Germans have turtleback armour and hydro. And Montana has biggest shell alpha combined with long duration of Damage Control. For Yamato, things could be just as easy: give back its original heal. It was removed when there were only Zaos and DMs. One had Low HP other was big like hell and just a few more HP. Now, you got Hindenburg with BB range on Main Guns, Moskva. Minotaur with Smoke and sequential torps. Etc. The game has changed. Montana can get a buff to the Repair too. Modules: And this has to do with the update in testing. Concerning it: most modules are pretty useless. Like what? Extra flight for spotters? Spotters that many hate because it's ridiculous PoV and because it only increases range, while we do not need range, we need accuracy! Module for Damage control? Which slot can we equip that in? Oh right, the one with Damage prevention II. Great, so where is the buff we should get from this special module? My Option for improved modules:Add a 7th slot(or 3.5 one?) for T10 ships, not only BBs, where we can equip those new modules and make use of them. Also, make them available for purchase, Being dependent on Supercontainers is not good at all. Mentality: People will think big slow ships should be the one that tank damage and be at the front line, that's life. But, instead of fighting against them and making each guy friends with each other, why not taking advantage of that? What am I thinking is a change in economy and award. What I mean, in current state of the game, if I do 60k damage and take none, I can still earn more credits than 90k damage done, but sunk. I have an average potential damage of 1.8M and a maximum of 3to 4 M. Yeah, not the stereotypical type of sniper, right? I HATE SNIPING Why not reward people for going in front and taking the damage? Increase the credit making for damage taken. It can be made by class, like if a cruiser takes the same potential damage as a BB, it would earn more credits, because it is 'harder to do that'. Also, make an achievement that takes into account potential damage as well. I mean, something like Spartan or Cool-Headed from WoT. From personal experience, I find it a little bit easier to earn a Dreadnough in a Takao than in a Yamato because if I take enough dmg in Takao, I can run away and hide without dying. With Yamato, well, had dozens of games where it was me on low hp, one last enemy ship far in the distance, usually carrier, and the team. Guess who dies first?

    Battleships rebalance.

    I know the rage of many players around here with battleships, playing against them or with them. Introduction: Since WoWs claims to be based on history as much as it can, let's admit it, the two most powerfull classes in the history, BBs and CVs have been drasticly dumbed down, while others got massive buffs to fit the arcadish style of gameplay, but, by doing so reduced the standard of the gameplay. So, to set this straight for Battleships. They are not OP, by no means, they are not all that weak. They are unbalanced, and this makes the frustration. Troubleshooting(long chapter, skip it if you want): What I could find: RNG that dumbs down their historic power, Consumables, Captain skills, Modules, Mentality. RNG: I kow many people complained about RNG and this is a real issue. Even with Yamato guns( "most accurate BB guns blah blah") you can miss salvos in less than 8km(which is a letal range for torps and more). And I also know people had posted historic battles with low hit ratios. However, the hit ratios can be found in the game, what is not found if the RANGE. There are cruisers with max range closer to the one BB start to have a chance to hit a thing. In Real life, some example: Denmark strait: Bismark Opened fired on Hood from 32 KM, this is the maximum range achievable in the game, at T10. Other examples. Iowa firing range 38km. Yamato 42 km. The 25km it has in game it was 'effective range'. By that logic, at least at 11-14km battlehips should be able to score hits reliably. Not that would be the case in the game. The layout of armour and the size of it means Battleships take much more HE damage than any other class and because they are easier to hit, this means they set on fire much more often. History fact: in 1943, Yamato was stripped of every flamable item, now can someone tell me how can a Yamato burn to the water because a Gearing is shooting peas at it? Consumables: Apart from Germans, US and IJN have nothing special int his category. Untill RN came in, at least cruisers untill tier 9(+Atago) had no heal. But, at tier 10, cruisers have an ability that should be special for BBs. Not to mention, they do not get other consumables they should, like Defensive Fire(Yamato, Montana, Iowa, Bismark all had dual purpose mounts, and could also use Main Battery shells for AA). Nor do they have Hydro(not countring germans, again). Oh, forgot. As per last update, Fighters got nerfed. Yet, cruisers got to keep theirs. How does that make logic? Who needs planes more? BBs that are sluggish and have nothing for long range detection, or cruisers with Radar, Hydro, Manouverability etc,? Captain Skills. The new tech tree drastically reduced the combat effectiveness of BBs, both active and Passive. Active: 2 main skills for BBs got moved up 2 tiers( BoS BFT) while most powerfull for cruisers got reduced. So, now a Build encouraging brawlers reached 19sp from 15p. for a cruiser an HE spammer build with CE is less than 15(literally got some on my T6 ships, previously this was something only from T8 and up). Modules: And here is a big problem. First of all, the number of modules BBs get is the same as the minimum for Cruisers. But, for the 6th slot, cruisers, that are faster and manouvrable get Steering gear 3. BBs that need it, do not. Mentality: Since this game is made by WG people tend to compare it to WoT. Well, guess what: THEY HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON. People still think Armoured slow, big ships should stay in the back while others camp behind them or away for them. And more.

    Public Test Update - 31/01/2017

    Honestly? Buffs for Kurrywurst? Isn't that ship OP enough already? Good Accuracy, Turtle back etc. You increase the turning speed for some turrets 'for comfort', but not Yamato? Really? 82 seconds traverse time on that. You buff the speed penalty for Kurfurst that has 30knots, but Yamato with less than 28 stays the same? Really? Also, had a look at those modules on the Test Server: garbage. They will just decrease our chances of getting awesome prizes, that we might actually need, from Super Containers

    Public Test 0.6.0 - Changes for Test 2

    "Fire damage can be fully repaired right?" False. The damage control party can only repair a certain ammount of damage per use. If the fire damage is higher than that, the skill will not fully repair it in one tick. The damage that has not been repaired counts to the next repair bar for the next use of the damage. Considering you will get set on fire multiple times during the battle, it is possible to burn more damage than the repair party can. If all the fire damage could have been repaired, people would not be getting Arsonist medals. Also this works only in the event of damage being caused only by fire, like 12 Clemsons firing at a Kurfurst and doing no HE damage, just setting fires. Repair progress bar takes into account all the damage: Ramming, AP damage, HE damage. Fire repair is just a portion with it. To sum up, no. The damage caused by fire cannot be repaired fully. Also, I do not know what to think about Kutuzov. For me Zao is a bigger problem. Kutuzov is big and made of paper. And then, 1. Bismark is not a particullary slow BB, 30 knots is decent 2. Running away in a german battleship, that cannot be citadeled and has good secondaries and hydro, and with only 1 HE spammer-also has only 152mm shells- is not a big thing. Try doing that in an Izumo, or Yamato, slowest BBs at t8+ :
  13. This classification might help you reduce the hate towards certain classes( Erhm BBs, CV Erhm) or Nations(Russian Bias) or make you apreciate others. So, to get this started, I came up with these 3 classes from personal experience after playing most of the ships on Live and Public Test Server Beasts: Ships that are overall great and powerfull with a characteristic that stands out from the rest(best in its class and tier). What others might call OP.. Most of Jap cruisers, ship of refference Zao. Of course it is Zao, Doubt any sane person would say this ship is not a true beast. I.Excellence in its tier: 12 203mm Guns. Highest Fire Chance in its tier. Concealment II.Strong and Above Average: Good AA, AP is quite good(can also citadel unangled battleships) with some luck, Range can go up to 19+km Sits low in the water, armor is decent, can bounce Yamato at the right angle. Fastest torps with decent range and damage. III Drawbacks Lowest HP for TX cruisers. However Repair Kit, armour and currently the ability to invisible fire make up for it. Lowest Reload and travers As well, most of the Japanese line combines good concealment with AA capable to take care of themselves and weilds powerfull HE and good AP. Hindenburg and German Cruiser Line I: 12 203mm guns with highest Alpha. Excellent Sonar, II: Very good AA, second to US CA; 10 second Reload, second highest apart from Minotaur(3rd with it). Decent torps. Big Range(2nd) III Poor shell penetration and HE performance, makes up for it with RoF. Also, Most of the german cruiser perform quite good on all tiers starting from konigsberg. Gearing and US DDs, especially above T7. I Fast firing 127mm guns, can invise fire. Great Torps. Can fire over islands.Currently capable of invisi-firing. Stealth torps above t7. II Decent speed and AA and HE III: Some people might complain about shell arcs, but it is a matter of taste since it allows firing over islands German BBs: I Turtleback+Secondaries. T8+ also get hydro. Tier 9 and 10 have highest HP. II Very good AA, especially long range-> good escorts, decent speed for BBs above T7, Good reload. III Manouverability and size for T9 and T10. Low AP damage for T9 and T10, Low caliber guns for T7 and 8 With the exception of maybe FDG. the german BBs are very good all-rounders which are almost impossible to citadel(can happen, but rarely). And the damage maximums are slowly getting closer to Yamato. Because of this, most people regard BBs as OP shits who should stop complaining. Ugly Duck: Ships that seem undesirable because of one of their traits, but have many other bonuses to make up for it, sometimes more than necessary. A good captain will have no trouble getting the most out of them. People hate them because they are different. RN Cruisers, Everybody hates them for the lack of HE, small caliber guns and lack of armour. Also, they lack defensive fire and planes What they get for it? Heal and Smoke starting at TIER III, Excellent AP normalisation, decent AA even if they lack defensive fire. HP is in the middle. Awesome traverse speed. Smoke screen lasts for quite some time. German DDs The only reason I put them here is the poor HE performance and AP penetration They get decent health pool, the range is great, considering BFT and AFT, apart from Tier 6/8. They get good concealment(t10 only slightly behind Shima and Gearing and far in front of Khaba). They also get Hydro. For T10 the torps are better range than Khaba with same damage as stock one. On other tiers, the range of torps is comparable to Japs. All DDs above t5 can stealth fire Poisoned Kiss: Ships that have one or more awesome traits for their type or tier, but pay a heavy cost for them in many other parts(Range, RoF, Concealment etc) and sometimes even the main flavour/trait backfires on you. I will get crucified for Denying the Russian Bias: Moskva,special case; What it gets: Biggest guns in the game and biggest HP for a cruiser, good secondaries, good penetration and shell speed;long range Radar What it pays for this? Citadel is very high in the water and the 170mm are exposed with no aditional plating. The shells cannot be lobbed over islands, HE included. AA is crap. Turns like a brick. Despite having the biggest guns, it does not have biggest AP damage, nor HE damage or Fire Chance. Has no plane. Also, only 9 guns and no torps, so vulnerable to kamikazes. Radar only lasts for 25 seconds, which is roughly 3 salvos if you are pre loaded Soviet cruisers above tier 6 What they get Good Range and shell speed, good fire chance combined with good RoF. What they pay for it? The guns are the smallest in their tier for any cruisers. Torpedoes suck, apart from Dm Donskoi, from tier 6 to 8 it goes from bad to worse(5X4km torps/side for Budy to 3X4km for Chapayev). AA is nothing to talk about. Especially considering the size of those ships. They also have bad concealment Soviet DDs What they get? 130mm guns with good RoF, speed and good Health Pool. If a few months ago I would have classified them as Beasts, especially Kebab, with the new nerfs to range, RoF and turret traverse, the complete removal of the invisible firing in the future, bad concealment and how much the torps suck, I belive they pay quite a high price for their 'special thing' Montana What it has for it: Biggest AP potential per salvo 162k, 12guns in 2X3+2X3 turrets. Great AA What it pays for it? Lowest HP among tier 10 BBs can get citadeled from the front by Yamato, poor secondaries compared to the other ones. Yamato How do I dare to put the mighty Yamato lolpen. loldamage machine here? What pays for those things: only 9 guns(historic design, what can you do?) HORRIBLE TRAVERSE for guns. Penetration seems good, but will cause you a lot of problems.At this tier, most of the cruisers will bounce your shots if angled correctly, not talking about BBs. Bigger guns= you will get far more overpens than citadels or penetrations(even combined). This causes big problems while fighting DDs. It draws a lot of attention. Slowest T10 BB, 27knots compared to 30. At short ranges no 2 turret cannot fire in front of the ship US Cruisers represented by Des Moines What they get: good shell normalisation and gun arcs as well as greatest AA as well as best traverse What they pay for it: speed, shell performance. IJN DDs What they get: Torps and concealment What they pay for it: Anything else.

    Invisi fire

    how does it buff bbs?