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  1. Invisible ships

    5.4km is the magic number. Remember it and that there is absolutely nothing you can do about it in a BB unless you a) have help in form of friendly ships, b) have help in form of friendly planes (CV or own ones) or c) have help in form of gimicks (hydro or radar). As is frakking should be in a one on one BB vs DD encounter!
  2. American cruiser Salt Lake City

    Who knows, you might as well be a scrub...
  3. American cruiser Salt Lake City

    Thats actually a normal to fast reload for 10 guns 203mm, considering that the direct competitor T6 Aoba reloads her 6 guns 203mm in 11s. You have +66% more guns but only +36% more reload. Additional comparison: T7 Myoko - 10 guns in 14 secs, T8 Hipper - 8 guns in 13 secs, T8 Atago - 10 guns in 16 secs.
  4. Why the gameplay dies on Tier V?

    Dear OP, it apears that you still have much to learn about this game. Most formumites do consider 1000 games under your belt a critical number so you still have a lot to learn in front of you. Depending on your personal preference I therefore recommend to watch some videos of more successful players (lots of tutorial and how to videos on youtube) and get your clues there AND/OR find a friend or join a clan ingame and get the game and its mechanics explained to you by example. It is not a bad thing to start anything as a freshman but to stay one.
  5. Reporting system

    The problem is that the report for "bad" language option, is the ONLY known report option that has proven to have any effect at all. Report for playing poorly? - Either really does nothing OR is perceived to do nothing (apart form the fact that this reporting option is most stupid to begin with)? Report for unsportsmanlike conduct? - Either really does nothing OR is perceived to do nothing. Report for being AFK? - Either really does nothing OR is perceived to do nothing. So what do you do when you want to report someone with at least a tiny chance of something actually happening and regardless of what he did?
  6. Destroyer numbers

    Apart from skill, support and numbers very often it is also type and level of destroyers that are pitched against each other that can greatly influence any battle. Too often have I seen setups like Shimakaze, Shimakaze, Benson (me) vs Gearing, Yueyang, Z-46 and Kagero in a domination game and I instantly knew that if I do not manage to kill at least 3 enemy DD myself we probably will neither win any cap nor this battle.
  7. Destroyer numbers

    Most of the time it is not the number of DDs that is crucial, but their type and relative level. Unfortunately the current matchmaker disregards both and does not account for Russian gun-boat non-DDs or balances DDs that are not top tier. And while I agree that most of the time battles are not decided by capping the spotting advantage of an unopposed DD is huge and will often lead to said kills. There is a reason why most captital ships turn tail once their DD screen is gone. Being permaspotted is a pain in the a** for most CAs and sometimes also for BBs (especially if low health / under pressure already) in addition to the constant thread of potentially devastating torpedo barrages.
  8. Why? If you so desperately hate something to should at least try to minimize the chances of it happening. So if detonations are your prime concern then mount the damn module even if you are not 100% safe like the flag, if however you don't mind detonations and broken equipment is your prime concern then you mount the other module. Easy as that.
  9. Sleeping Giant map

    Map is too small for up to T10 games and the lay-out is simply rubbish. Cap A is too protected and/or a death trap (depending on your class), cap B is too open and no random will ever go to open spaces/center anyway because of danger of getting shot at, which leaves cap C to actually fight over. In effect that means that only one third of the map area is utilised.
  10. Sleeping Giant map

    I honestly don't know how in hell this map made it through playtesting as a valid high level map...
  11. Minotaur, Conqueror, Großer Kurfürst, Moskva, Grozovoi, Gearing, Des Moines, Montana, Shimakaze, Z-46, Benson, Warspite. Almost all my T6+ skippers are 14+ with some rare cases only being 10+ (like Huanghe out of this years christmas boxes). In general I do not play T10 much so I try to have lower tier premium ships available if I mind grinding elite XP (Nelson and Duke for Conqueror, Tirpitz and Scharnhorst for Großer Kurfürst, Kamikaze R for Shimakaze etc). However my personal style of play is that - apart from retraining or skill reset - I do not use elite XP to level captains but to grind the XP on the individual ship itself.
  12. Who needs balance anyway...

    Most Germans agree to simply call the ship: "Schorsch".
  13. @15JG52Adler good game at 132HP! :P
  14. Who needs balance anyway...

    Match them against a triple Missouri divison of course!
  15. Detonation

    In a game where RNG is literally all over the place people complain about RNG? Really? How about: "He was full broadside and all I got was lousy over-penetrations, what a stupid mechanic!!1!" Perhaps we should remove RNG completely for the "should always be able to outplay your opponents" faction and call the game World of Warchess? And if you are really annoyed, afraid of or just p1ssed by detonations, then use the frakking module. Just don't whine about how it's not 100% chance reduction and that you can't use another module then. Thats the deal when chosing in between modules. You chose one and can't use the other. So if detonations are bothering you as much as to open a topic here then use the frakking module to minimize the risk. Works 70% of the time, all the time. Real competitive game modes (tournaments and the like) is a different matter and detonations should indeed be removed there, as those modes indeed attempt to focus on skill. For random games however I am pro detonation for two main reasons: 1) Tension: Nobody should ever feel safe. Not the potatoe player who will die to regular damage sooner than later anyway, nor the super-unicum player that can flawlessly outplay almost any opponent. Every opponent and any source of damage needs to be considered dangerous no matter what. 2) Variety: Detonations is one (not the only) RNG tool to avoid pre-determined outcome in similar situations, which is a big element of game design. A chess grandmaster will probably beat me in 100 of 100 games. A world class poker player may probably only beat me in 99 of 100 games. Why? Because chess is almost 100% pure skill and poker has a fair amount of RNG involved by default. And for WoWs detonations are one way to avoid repeating content as well as a way of providing a "level playing field" where literally everyone can triumph, at least once in a while. Do I rage a bit when I get detonated out of the blue? Yes, certainly. Does it still bother me when joining my next game. No, absolutely not.