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  1. Ubertron_X

    Why does Groningen not have a Radar?

    *cough* Russian torpedoes *cough*
  2. Good luck for your brain trying to figure out if Dazzle is active, not active, not implemented correctly or not implemented at all. There are a lot of skills that do not affect your own ship and which state can thus not at all be gauged by looking at the performance characteristics of your own ship. So all your brain can do is to assume that the skill is working when you assume that the trigger is met. A visual indication that the skill in question is at least supposed to be working when the respective trigger happens would really go a long way.
  3. Ubertron_X

    LWM Needs Help: Crowd-Sourced Missouri Data

    Well, we could still make our own thread with blackjack and ..... , and then have someone with a NA account do a copy and paste job.
  4. Ubertron_X

    The return and economic nerf of Missouri.

    On a not entirely unrelated side note let me shortly express my admiration @YabbaCoe for continuing to try to provide neutral answers despite all the outrage and negativity caused by decisions that you have had exactly no saying in.
  5. Ubertron_X

    The return and economic nerf of Missouri.

    Clearly people are regrinding credits too fast after having spend some on coal auctions...
  6. Ubertron_X

    The return and economic nerf of Missouri.

    Made some quick co-op games for comparison. First one is Missouri camo using no other flags. Second one is Dazzling camo and using Zulu signal.
  7. Ubertron_X

    The return and economic nerf of Missouri.

    However when fully flagged and camouflaged its still the number one time saver when having to fullfill any "earn xyz million credits" missions.
  8. Ubertron_X

    The return and economic nerf of Missouri.

    Though in principle I like this idea and line of reasoning, however I don't think this is a) easily executed and b) will not work out as the original ships proper multiplier would, simply because I think that is is very hard to determine what "on average, earn the same number of Credits as before" means and how it relates to all the additional camo and flags you can add.
  9. Ubertron_X

    Reactive Play vs Strategic: Ship Choices

    For many of those ships and their related playstyles it is the holy trinity of firepower, protection and maneuvrebility that you are looking for, which seems most balanced for the ships and tiers you have mentioned. The loss of this established trinity is one of the reasons why the oversizing that occurs at tiers 9 and 10 simply does not comfort the playstyle of many WoWs players, including myself. As suggested the French, Italian or Japanese battleships pose good alternatives to the German ones, that while shifting their individual focus to firepower or maneuvrebility do not totally mess up the trinity. If looking at open water cruisers Germans (hardest), French (fastest) or Italians (most maneuvrable) all offer a good selection of ships (T7+).
  10. Ubertron_X

    Brawls are fun

    Currently playing this mode for the first time because divisions are allowed (using Z-39 in ours), which by the way is both a strength and a drawback of this iteration (matchmaking), and it seems quite a nice mode. A couple of observations after one day of playing (~15 battles). 1) Ok ok, I know the mode is called brawl, however some map arrangements seem to overdo it a little, providing not even the bare minimum space to maneuvere, e.g. two brothers seems to promote a lot of strange standoffs. 2) Considering 40 wins for all rewards (if you do not consider actually playing the game as some kind of reward in itself) and assuming a win rate of 50% will still require a total of 80 games in 6 days, or 13 to 14 games a day. Even though round times are most of the time shorter than regular battles thats still 2h to 2.5h of play per day. 3) Due to the short engagement ranges smoke and torps as well as their counters radar and hydro rule. 4) Do to the shorter engagement ranges captain skills seem all over the place, most probably because people just use whatever captain they have available.
  11. Ubertron_X

    T10 matches

    I will reset my Italian BB line with the next x2 modifier too, with the simple reason being that in addition to the RB points I also need to train some Italian captains, and regrinding a line is perfect for this, especially if you already have 4 of 5 guys specced for the correct ship.
  12. Ubertron_X

    T10 matches

    As far as I am concerned I also try to adher to the advice given in my most favorite book "T10 and how to best avoid it" for both WoT and WoWs. With almost every single ship being comically overgimmicked, oversized or overgunned (or all of that at once) the respective gameplay is not much fun, at least for me. You can not simply supersize everything and expect no changes in gameplay as well as player experience. An easy and relatable example of the issue of scaling would be comparing the gameplay experiences of a secondary focussed Bismarck and a likewise fitted Großer Kurfürst (before captains changes of course).
  13. Ubertron_X

    Danish keybord and Dutch air strikes

    What did you do to your key bindings? My vanilla client default setting looks like this... Edit: Also, do you use a normal PC keyboard or a different one?
  14. Ubertron_X

    reload time of cruisers

    Keep in mind that reload can be a mixed bag of beans, even for cruisers, as theoretical DPM is only as good as you are able to apply it. If you are chasing destroyers or can engage other ships freely (which for cruisers usually means without fear of overwhelming return fire) then high reload is usally very desired. If however you can fire exactly one salvo before having to dodge for 20 to 30 seconds because of the sheer volume of impending return fire low reload and high alpha damage might be better suited for the situation.