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  1. Legendary Modules - A missed oportunity

    The first thing WG needed to ask themselves is: What is the legendary upgrade supposed to do? Enhance the current playstyle or allow for a vastly different playstyle? Exempli gratia: Shimakaze enhanced => +torp reload -gun reload Shimakaze different => -torp reload +gun reload +turret traverse The second question WG needed to ask themselves is: Which is a sensible slot for the new module considering that there are "mandatory" modules for some ships respectively playstyles? Exempli gratia using above modules: Shimakaze with LM in slot 6: Many people will actually consider to use the LM instead of TTM3 or MBM3. Either for even more torpedo soup or to play a surprise IJN gunboat. Shimakaze with LM in slot 5: Almost no one will ever consider to use any LM module because it replaces CSM1, which is essential for DD gameplay. And in my opinion WG did neither do a good nor consistent job for both questions.
  2. Oil collected without a Clan

    Do we know how players who switched clans are handled? Only last clan counts or any oil collected while being in a clan counts? If the former is the case even more players will be sh4ft3d by WG...
  3. Faith of Grozovoi?

    I always thought of the Grozovia as a ('true DD') torpedo boat that has some dakka dakka capability in contrast to the Khaba that isn't a DD at all and should neither be labelled nor matchmaked as such. Having said so I would try to strengthen the Grozo torpedo boat role, e.g. be giving her better torps.
  4. Winrate on stats - how is this even possible?

    Unicums are OP, plz nerf!!1! I'd say a good start would be to disallow divisions once your division or single win rate exceeds 65%.
  5. Special Flags - usage indicator

    Ok funny guy, I tell you what I want. I want the game to have an option to AUTOMATICALLY put the ranked flags on all ships I own and an option to AUTOMATICALLY put back the original flags once ranked season is over because it is frakking inacceptable to have to mount/demount everything by hand once you have reached a certain number of ships. And yes I will put those flags on all ships, i.e. all the way down to tier 2, and I will do so even if I don't need to because my silver credits account is several hundred millions already because I don't see why I should not capitalize on any single benefit that playing ranked provides. However other players, especially those not running premium accounts, may be way more dependent on the benefits those flags provide. And it is annoying as hell having to manually re-mount every single port flag / event flag / special flag after the ranked season has finished.
  6. Injustice and unjust

    I am always astonished about those streaks because by rule of average every team should have been allocated good players and bad players once in a while. And if your usual win rate is like 50% (i.e. you can carry your weight and are not dragging your team down), losing a coin flip 13 times in a row is like 0,012%. P.S.: I know that my example is flawed from a mathematics points of view, but come on, even a bot should be allocated to a winning team more often if it can achieve win rates in the lower 40% ranges.
  7. Severe hit point disadvantage? Not wanting to defend anyone, however the screens do not state anything about the condition of the ships at the point they where taken. And I have seen my good share of games where one team had numbers, quality, cap advantage, position and points lead only to disintegrate like a house of cards in a tornado because nearly everyone left was more or less a 'one-shot' whereas the enemy consisted of mostly full health ships.
  8. Special Flags - usage indicator

    You do know that the ranked league flag benefits apply to any ship or tier, do you?
  9. Supercontainers? What are those and how do you get them? /sarkasm
  10. Special Flags - usage indicator

    WoT shows modules used on each tank, so it should be possible to display flags used on which ship and I would appreciate if it could be implemented. Also I would greatly appreciate a button for "mount the highest ranked flag on all ships" and once ranked is over an automated "mount the usual flag on each ship" (i.e. the flag before the ranked flag was mounted). It is quite tiresome to re-equip 50, 70 or 150 ships by hand once ranked has started and once again once ranked has ended.
  11. INDIANAPOLIS no progress info!!

    Sorry I was looking for event details, not missions... On a more serious note I am aware of the mission calendar however there is still absolutely no reason why the respective information for each event/mission is not also available/accessable in-game. It sometimes can be a pain in the 455 to determine if information is "hidden" within some patch notes, mission calendar or has it's own separate news article.
  12. INDIANAPOLIS no progress info!!

    This however is only partially correct, especially for events that take a couple of weeks or even months to complete. Try to look up the Indianapolis event in the in-game news and you won't be able to find it because the in-game news list is only so long. If I want to know what missions are due for the Indianapolis event during its last week I will have to do some digging, even on the homepage because news *spam* is massive.
  13. INDIANAPOLIS no progress info!!

    It may very well be that OP's request is more for lazy people, however I would also welcome an additional way to get detailed information about running events ingame, e.g. from the already existing "Events" tab (may be as simple as a permanent link to the corresponing news page). Currently this tab is only giving a general description of the event and the event dates and I therefore consider it a more or less useless tab.
  14. Tin foil hat... (TFH)

    @Ferry_25 No, no, noooooo. I can tell you for sure (tm) that it works exactly the other way round. You wait to become unspotted. You wait some extra seconds before you start to turn your ship in any direction. And *boom* 10 to 15 seconds after you become unspotted an enemy salvo hits you dead center no matter where you actually did turn to and what your speed settings were. Dead center, always...