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  1. Ubertron_X

    American 406mm - Do damage how?

    The problem for long range engagements often is not the 406's shell speed or penetration power but trajectory & aiming. More than once I found myself in a position that I am able to murder ships at ranges of 12km or less while dealing pitiful damage at 15km+, even on stationary targets presenting flat broadsides. If the distance is short enough you usually hit where you aim and at an angle that will probably see your shell going through any armor with ease. If however the distance is too big your shells will start dropping from the moon, i.e. not being able to contest any vertical armor due to angle of impact. Long story short, if you have rainbow arc shell trajectory do not aim for the waterline, especially at extended ranges. Aim high and go for plunging fire.
  2. Ubertron_X

    WG throws another fit?

    Ahhhh, that is where all the DDs went!
  3. Ubertron_X

    Buff Neptune pls

    The biggest problem of the Neptune is that while the Fiji and Edinburgh are still somewhat tanky (within their respective tiers) the Neptune just disintegrates if hit by a wet noodle. So while the former two can at least try to pull off some basic cruiser stuff and get away with it the later simply can't.
  4. Ubertron_X

    new anime captains

    As far as I know those are still childrens books, so I doubt WG would run into any major problems, ten thousand thundering typhoons!
  5. Ubertron_X

    new anime captains

    Well well, I for one would certain appreciate a certain Captain Haddock from the adventures of Tintin over any anime girls.
  6. Ubertron_X

    Ranked : 41 bbs for every dd?

    Man, it's like 2 out of 3 ship classes do not like being perma spotted....
  7. Ubertron_X

    Looking to buy another premium ship

    You will be hard pressed to find a ship without downside, may it be gun size, reload, concealment etc. Regarding cruisers the tier 8 IJN Atago is still a decent choice because of low visibility, good torpedoes, hard hitting guns (slow reload though) and heals. Regarding battleships and despite all the bad reputation I still consider the tier 8 KM Tirpitz a real workhorse that can either fit a survival or secondary build. One of the few downsides is the 8x 38cm guns, so you can not overmatch T9 cruiser bows. However it still is one of the best destroyers currently in game. ;) If you look at T7 I can only recommend the KM Scharnhorst (very small main gun calibre though) as I generally dislike this tier for cruisers without appropriate survival mechanics (smoke, heal etc). Apart from that SN Lazo looks and plays decent.
  8. Ubertron_X

    Odin - Dockyard progress

    8/20 with the 9th happening today. Reasonable grid so far.
  9. Ubertron_X

    Ludendorff for?

    Despite usually not caring much about political correctness, I don't see how Pommern is that much better than Ludendorff. On one hand we have a most controversial historical figure and on the other hand we have a (mostly) lost German province. So if I were a nationalistic revisionist I would glady be waiting for ships like Pommern, Schlesien, Posen, Elsaß-Lothringen as well as West- and Ostpreußen.
  10. Got her to complete my selection of assorted super cruisers. Nothing to write home about though.
  11. Quoted for truth. Apart from that I do think that Odin should have a valid HP progression from Gneisenau/Scharnhorst (58k/56k) to Bismark/Tirpitz (69k), so around 60-62k HP would not be wrong.
  12. Ubertron_X

    Trust in RNGesus?

    Is it ok when I say that I generally trust computer generated random numbers but I am more than sceptical when it comes to actual WG coding, e.g. while trying to hit slow moving or standing ships, especially in the vicinity of islands?
  13. Ubertron_X

    Warhammer 40K containers

    @Tanatoy@Crysantos While surfing the premium shop for new content I noticed the newly added WH40K items. Being a huge fan and already having purchased the pre-sale package I was just about to purchase some additional containers until I noticed that you need to purchase every single container by placing a separate order. Going through the order process up to 10 times not only is very annoying, it can also get your credit card blocked very easily (at least my credit card company is very pro-active when it comes to fraud and has already blocked my card for repeated small "test" purchases, e.g. when I bought christmas containers for a couple of friends). Adding an option to buy multiple containers at once would therefore really be appreciated. Just saying.
  14. Ubertron_X

    I have enough spaces. Ty.

    Just for the lols because I understand that not everybody can be a 4+ years player: