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  1. Ubertron_X

    thx !!

    Not sure if I would agreed to that. Operations are brutally frustrating to play right now, because apart from having no clue what to do, most players also drop like flies, even in Ops that grant plenty of opportunities to heal up.
  2. Ubertron_X

    [Poll] How many "Black" ships do you have in port?

    Asashio B, directly bought for doubloons a couple of years back.
  3. Ubertron_X

    Sumbarine counterplay.

    Last time I looked submarine surface concealment at T8 to T10 was in between 5.6km to 6km and there are at least 15 destroyers at T8 to T11 that can match or beat the lower value (many of them are torpedo destroyers indeed) and a total of 47 destroyers that can match or beat the upper value.
  4. Ubertron_X

    Sumbarine counterplay.

    Actually I found that finding an mostly stationary, unsuspecting target that does not at least have hydro to be very scarce (even BBs and there are a lot of Germans around). Which is why I see most of my torps launched from 6km or more. I freely admit that I have not yet the art of shotgunning yet, however if you do so your target absolutely needs to die else you will very probably find yourself within 2km assured hydro detection very soon.
  5. Ubertron_X

    Sumbarine counterplay.

    Glue eater here (T6 and T8): In between getting randomly spotted by CV, radar, hydro and enemy submarines as well as enemy players that apparently are all easily managing to dodge my torps no matter how many pings are on them and what kind of ship they use (I had 100 games in total BBs and even pinged enemy submarines dodge my torps) I get wrecked on a regular basis by BB ASW, especially if those BBs are clustered closely (2+ BBs + random spotting at an inopportune moment = usually ded). However I have to admit that I always try to be useful (spotting) and fight with the main fleet (overloading DCP), which might be a bad habit.
  6. On the other hand when I checked players profiles after my last couple of matches (done by hand, I dont use mods) I seem to stumble over a lot of new players lately, especially in mid tier, players that looked like "Gneisenau, 130 battles, 38.65% win rate" or "Gaede, 90 battles, 45.87% win rate" and many of whom seemed to originate via WoT (accounts as old as 2011) or Steam . However I only check stats once in a while, so my sample size is by no means representative. Also note that I absolutely do not judge any new players based on their performance, this is just about a perceived influx of new players, potentially influencing overall stats one way or the other.
  7. Ubertron_X

    General Submarines related discussions

    Technical question here: What is the difference in between Diving Plane Shift Time and Maximum Dive and Ascent Speed? What is the leading value? Or do those values interact with or even depend on each other? If I have a DPST of 6.5s and a MDAS of 3.2 m/s will I clear 60m to 30m depth in 6.5s or 9.375s? Is one the minimum plane shift time and the other setting the maximum? Confused...
  8. Ubertron_X

    [POLL] Will you buy the "Premium Battle Pass"?

    ARP Takao, one of my go-to IJN cruisers and also one of my favorite cruisers overall. By the way with the new system you can use regular camo on Takao and all ARP ships too (if you don't want to or need to sell it).
  9. Ubertron_X

    [POLL] Will you buy the "Premium Battle Pass"?

    You sure about that? AFAIK those are Myoko copies without heal.
  10. Ubertron_X

    Tier 9/10 broken, supership bs

    Didn't you all get the memo about WG's masterplan?
  11. Ubertron_X

    Richelieu T8 in brackets ?

    They usually try it once or twice, probably get shot to pieces within the first 2 minutes of their games and then settle for a BB, which will usually last for approx. 3 minutes.
  12. Ubertron_X

    Ghost ship??

    My associates would like to ask you a simple question @OldschoolGaming_YouTube: What do you want?
  13. Ubertron_X

    [POLL] Will you buy the "Premium Battle Pass"?

    Going from my own its something about 2h to 3h each day in a high WR division with a couple of occasional extra games in solo coop to fill in any missing daily progression.
  14. Ubertron_X

    [POLL] Will you buy the "Premium Battle Pass"?

    As an owner of 5x T7 IJN premium cruisers (4x ARP Clones & 1x Southern Dragon) the ship reward is more a deterrent than an enticement. Nonetheless I will consider buying the premium pass once I hit level 50 as the sum of extra rewards seems to add up quite rapidly, especially if you do consider at least some post progression. For example (and considering 10 levels of post progression) the extra coal adds up to 43k (7,500 + 25,500 +10,000). The ship will just be the cherry on top.
  15. Ubertron_X

    Groningen or Forest Sherman choice

    If I read this simple sentence slowly enough even I can understand this west germanic language.