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  1. Ok, looks like I read or remembered that wrong.
  2. Aren't you locked if 2 vs 1 without possible escape by strafing? Another counter-intuitive rule.
  3. I'll take an eXpresso, a lasaggne and some gnokkies. ^^
  4. The most curious thing is, that WG's WoT has all those game mode options, but you also need to keep in mind that the player base is much larger so you will always have enough players for each mode.
  5. @PzychoPanzer@ForlornSailor As much as I hate standard battles myself and disagree with @ColonelPete he is clearly not derailing this thread. The opening argument was about how boring standard battles are and that we need to have a choice not to play them (which I agree to), his valid input to the discussion was that - depending on playstyle - standard battles do not need to be boring per se, which is a valid opinion.
  6. Like father and sons? (even the historic dates for the ships somewhat match)
  7. If you need credits and have a port slot to spare (and you will need some patience too) I would suggest the following. 1) Work your way up the US cruisers until you unlock tier VI cruiser Cleveland. 2) Buy Cleveland at a massive discount (e.g. there will be a US special starting 30.11. which will grant 30% silver discount for Cleveland; ~2 million credits still required). 3) Optional: Consider buying permanent camo for Cleveland (1000 doubloons). Why do I recommend this? The US cuiser Cleveland will be moved up the tiers because of the upcomming US cruiser split (date not yet fixed though, so it may be quite a wait) and it will move from tier VI to tier VIII. This means that after the split you just can sell it for an extra couple million credits (selling price will be around 4.5 million credits, so you will earn ~2.5 million credits in one go). Why is the paint optional? Because ships usually take their camo with them when they are moved within the tech tree (however this is not fixed yet, so you should wait for the official anouncement). This means that if you paint your Cleveland at tier VI (1000 doubloons) and want to keep it you most probably will get the tier VIII Cleveland with its respective premium camo "for free" (regular price for tier VIII premium camo is 3000 doubloons).
  8. Guys...guys...guys... You just can't talk about Worcester without providing sauce!
  9. However I can't really understand why, because: *Edited
  10. Just keep in mind that HE gets significantly stronger by as much as your fires started manage to overpower the enemies repair party, as you will have noticed if you ever teamed up with a friendly RN CA in comparison to a friendly IJN CA. The more people use HE and start fires the more potent and dangerous it gets! So I too use HE often, especially if accompanied by a friendly fire-starter (Kutusov, Belfast, Mogami etc), even if in a BB for as long as the enemy does not offer better pot shots.
  11. The prime question is not when but for how long...
  12. Though I am not as pessimistic about my chances as OP when I do get uptiered I too don't like the overly high probability of being uptiered. Maybe change matchmaking algorithms to create full T10 matches first and only throw any remaining T10s in lower tiered battles? Apart from having to play less uptiered battles as a T8 then it also is a huge difference if the setup of T10/T9/T8 is 2/5/5 or 8/2/2 per team.