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  1. Take a look at this and reconsider (image courtesy of LittleWhiteMouse's Hood review):
  2. AP mechanics being screwed does not stop at DD's. Just yesterday I received (exactly) 2 AP hits from Montana in my Baltimore for over 30k damage (without detonating), which is more damage than even 2 straight citadels. And I can easily imagine that DD struggle because of riccochet or double hits too (non-pen and pen in one hit). This is something WG needs to look into. Apart from the fact that I agree that DD's seem to take a lot AP damage (but keep in mind that BB hit rate on DD's is high too) I disagree on the some of the 'not the correct shell type loaded' argument. As a BB you can not hold fire indefinitely. And against a target that has either never been spotted or blinks in/out just once every few minutes you shoot what you have, even in a CA. Considering the typical visibility window versus BB reload times there is only one (1) instance where I do consider a ammo switch, and that is when my reload is already finished AND the BB captain is a certain Mr. Segal AND he has the correct skill (which brings the switch down to an acceptable 7.5 to 8.5 secs).
  3. Still not convinced that these modules actually do anything apart from close quarter fights (which you anyways do not want in a DM DON) or perhaps if you constantly stay at 18km+. In my experience in a cruiser it is usually your turning circle that is killing you, not your ability to wiggle or not to wiggle, but not playing too many long range HE firestarters myself I may be wrong.
  4. It's ok to have different opinions, just keep in mind that though they can't outspot T8 cruisers, T8 BB can mount that module too. And 12.3km visibility Tirpitz or 11.8km visibility North Carolina are a nasty surprise for many a T8 or even worse T7 cruiser (who indeed can't mount this module). And if you are bold you can even ambush and cripple a Hindenburg or Moskva in your T8 BB.
  5. I think so because irony, you know? :P
  6. The current BBabypocalypse is the sum of many game "features" that lead to BB's cumulating at certain game tiers. Tier 3 to 6: BB's, while not especially week (some T3 designs may be), are still slow and cumbersome. And while T6 brings the first heavily armed designs like Fuso or New Mexico, speed ranging in between 21kt and 25kt (exception Dunkirk) is still a great balancing factor. Tier 7 and 8: Sweetspot for BB's for many different reasons. Still affordable maintenance costs at that tiers, even when not using premium account. Speeds and maneuvrebility are now almost in line with cruisers, across all BB lines, which leads to very comfortable gameplay. BB's peak at the overall package of speed, protection and firepower as the later "super battleships" tend to loose a lot maneuvrebility, leading to static gameplay. Class balance is also in favour of BB's in this bracket as their prey aka cruisers in relation to BB's tends to be much weaker than before and CV's are still not powerful enough. Give dem bl**dy T8 cruisers heal already! DD's are hampered by increased emergence of anti-smoke and anti-stealth tools (something e.g. a Minekaze rarely needs to worry about). Tier 9 and 10: Still being on the strong side BB power is notably on the decline. Though armament and HP have gone through the roof, a lot manveurebility has been lost, which makes for an easier target, especially for CV's, who now have the plane durability, number of squads and plane reservere to severely punish any bad move. 3x4 parallel drop anyone? Also due to reduced manveurebility (reduced rudder shift and increased turning circle) gameplay becomes more static. General rule is that if you can't turn your ship in between 120° to 180° within 30 secondes of enemy reload and an additional ~10 seconds of shell fight time, you can't turn at all. Maintenance is expensive, true for every ship, but I guess many standard account users simply stop at their T8 BB. So unless WG changes some of the parameters that lead to said cumulation they can release as much cruiser or as few BB lines as they want to, BB will always peak at T8.
  7. Yeah, mucho disappointed too. No Imperator, Gremyashchy, Flint, Black or Kitakami on discount. So sad...
  8. French BB Italian BB Russian BB German BB/BC split RN BB/BC split etc.
  9. Simple solution: Implement what people want, infamous BBs. However make them bad, so people actually stop playing them after a while. Win win.
  10. "Oh look, fires reducing accuracy, even more reason to stay 20km+ and outrange those pesky cruisers" - BB's probably
  11. Not going for the top ranks I'd nonetheless say that DD's are a good start because then you wil have at least one decent DD on your side...
  12. AND ABOVE ALL: Mount a freaking speed flag on your Duca, she's a beautiful Italian race car after all !!!!!
  13. It's a long road from CE to IFHE and very much dependent on your play style (in the end you want both of course). As I tend to be more of a sneaky git I got CE first. Being focused later and able to vanish earlier has its benefits. If however you are a pew-pew-never-stop-shooting kind of player use IFHE first in order to deal more damage while you are still alive.
  14. To better cope with toxic chat just use thickskin.exe hax to give exactly zero f....