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  1. It totally is! I am still somewhat annoyed that WG is "hiding" content in news articles. Looking at you "Press here to participate" buttons...
  2. Ubertron_X

    Edge of Tomorrow. Live, Die, Repeat

    Insult filters dont even work in child shows...
  3. Ubertron_X

    miliards of XP and even more of them?

    As @iJoby already explained we do not need additional credits or free XP, we need something to spend them on. And even if I have not yet managed to deplete the arsenal the only thing which is still a notable ressource for experienced players is XP (captain XP).
  4. Back in my time we could actually test premium tanks on the test server in WoT, which actually made a lot of sense. And we even got the necessary gold to do so. I always wondered why WG isnt doing this for WoWs as it was a huge incentive to actually download and use the test server.
  5. Oh, sure, because being spotted by a stray plane is more important than being spotted by an invisible DD, right? But, the stupid order is less of a problem, the main thing is... NO MATTER WHAT ORDER YOU PICK, EVEN IF YOU MAKE IT CUSTOMIZABLE BY PLAYER, IT WILL BE BS. What we need is a system that shows you in what ways your ship is detected, NOT just one option picked based on an arbitrary order. 100% support this. We - the players with at least 1 brain cell left - need to know about every single source that is actually detecting us, not some arbitrary order and just one more or less useless single icon! What is the difficulty in showing every single source of detection at once? So if I am detected by assured acquisition, radar and an airplane just display the fracking 3 symbols! Everything else is just dumbing down your own game.
  6. Ubertron_X

    Suggestion to balance carriers and destroyers

    Reducing the spotting capability of CV's vs DD's can come in any shape or form. Some examples from hard to less hard solutions: a) Remove it completely, i.e. only the CV can attack the DD (as already suggested above). b) Give DD's some kind of emergency button in form of a 'signal jamming' consumable that severely limits (like cyclone) or removes (like option a) CV team spotting for a certain amount of time. c) Give plane spotting the rendering delay that the upcomming radar changes will also feature (6 seconds if I am not entirely mistaken). d) etc.
  7. Ubertron_X

    unique upgrades

    No you are not losing anything. The mission is worded for base XP to make it harder/fairer. As such it does not matter if you have premium account you will get the same result as somebody who is using a free account. Depending on the tiers you play and on your performance in battle 40k base XP will always be something in between 25 and 80 (random) battles.
  8. Ubertron_X

    unique upgrades

    So you are saying you have 12k battles and still dont know what base XP is? (team score and/or left side of results screen will show base XP)
  9. Ubertron_X

    burning dubloons without knowing that ( ! )

    The thing which is annoying me almost as much as having to uncheck this box for every new ship is that the game does not remember your setting once you have removed the last flag (for whatever reason). For example if you dismounted all your flags for some coop grind and you want to play random games again, you have to again and again and again uncheck the box once you demount and mount some flags.
  10. Dear fellow warship captains and game responsibles, as we are currently encountering a lot of problems due to the changes in CV gameplay and their respective balancing issues I gave those problems some major thought and this is what I was comming up with: The concept and necessary steps: 1) Set standard values for CV planes according to the respective nation, duty and tier 2) Use those standard planes in conjuction with quasi-restriced matchmaking for CV's 3) Balance AA around the standard planes Ad 1) First of all I would start assigning standard values for CV planes according to the nominal tier they are going to be used at. This includes but is not limited to plane specific values like hit points, plane speed, damage resistance, ordonance damage values etc. Once CV plane parameters for each tier, nation and plane type have been set we can move on to 2). Ad 2) Currently top tier CV's are often devastating versus lower tier ships and low tier CV's can be entirely powerless versus high tier ships, which is mainly due to the power increase (or drop) that the ±2 matchmaking is creating. This has been the reason for many complaints from both the CV captains ("useless carrier") as well as the ships on the receiving end ("useless AA"). But how can we ease this issue a little? My solution would be to use the standard value plane idea as per 1) and introduce quasi-restricted matchmaking for CV's, making them weaker while being top tier and increasing their power while being low tier. How could this work in game? Once teams have been assigned the server checks the CV's tier position for the given battle and assigns the appropriate plane tier and values. Example: a) Shokaku in a game where T6 ships are present as the lowest tier => T7 plane values are used (CV planes are downtiered to lessen impact) b) Shokaku in a game where T7 ships are present as the lowest tier => T8 plane values are used c) Shokaku in an entirely T8 game or scenario => T8 plane values are used d) Shokaku in an T9 battle => T8 plane values are used e) Shokaku in a T10 battle => T9 plane values are used (CV planes are uptiered to highten impact) Note that the actual planes models do not necessarily need to change, however the CV's will always use the respective plane tier and plane stats as explaned above. For example if a full researched T6 Ryujo were to meet a full researched T8 Shokaku in any single battle, both CVs would be using T7 plane values, i.e. the Ryujo would be using B5N2 Kate torpedo bombers with T7 stats and the Shokaku would be using B7A Ryusei torpedo bombers with T7 stats. So you might ask yourself, if both CV's are using the same planes, what is their difference and why should I level up? One answer to this is to have the CV's balanced against each other not by the planes they use but by other no less important factors like the number of planes within each squadron (e.g. T7 Ryujo 8 vs T7 Shokaku 12), the number of ordonance used per attack (e.g. T7 Ryujo 2 vs T7 Shokaku 3) or the flight deck plane respawn rate (e.g. T7 Ryujo 50 secs vs T7 Shokaku 30 secs). Ad 3) As a result of our conceptual changes to CV's and their planes the spread of planes that can meet any individual ship (or vice versa) will be reduced from a maximum of 5 tiers to a maximum of 3 tiers. Sticking to our example a Mogami will no longer face the T6 planes of a Ryujo and the T10 planes of a Hakuryu, most probably easily swatting the T6's and struggling hard with the T10's, but will just face T7 to T9 planes (±1 spread) which in theory should allow for much easier plane versus AA balancing than we can do now. I know that this concept is not entirely foolproof and has its own drawbacks, especially if there is just a minority of low or high tier ships within any single battle (a lone Amagi in an otherwise T6 and T7 battle will up the planes of a Ryujo and a lone Aoba in an otherwise T7 and T8 battle will lower the planes of a Shokaku), however I do consider these drawbacks minor in comparison to the balancing problems we are facing now (and have been facing in the past) and that the benefits of using quasi-restricted matchmaking for CV's are worth giving the idea at least some consideration. What do you think? @MrConway@Sub_Octavian
  11. Ubertron_X

    Did WG just kill DD gameplay?

    If planes would be standardized that would not be much of a problem. I can totally see a Ryujo, a Hiryu and a Shokaku in the same (T8) battle using the same T7 planes. Ryujo getting its planes uptiered to account for being bottom tier, Hiryu stayes unchanged and Shokaku gets downtiered planes to reduce clubbing / overall impact. CVs could still be different regarding squad size, numbers of bombs or torps dropped per attack, deck plane reload rate or other relevant factors. The additional benefit of standardized planes is that it would also be much easier to balance AA.
  12. Ubertron_X

    Did WG just kill DD gameplay?

    Well...another option would be to keep the ±2 matchmaking but to change the plane specs according to the minimum and maximum tiers a CV could see. Example: Shokaku top tier in a min T6 battle uses T7 planes. Shokaku top tier in a min T7 battle uses T8 planes. (Shokaku in a entirely T8 battle uses T8 planes.) Shokaku in a T9 battle uses T8 planes. Shokaku in a T10 battle uses T9 planes.
  13. The problem is, they can raise or lower the (damage) numbers the much they want and this won't fix exactly nothing apart perhaps making CV's so insignificant that nobody will be playing them anymore. They need to fix the fundamentals before going for fine tuning or balancing. And even while not playing CVs extensively I can tell at least two key areas they need to touch: Spotting and AA mechanics. The former is causing problems with classes that heavily rely on stealth (DD, CA), the later mostly with classes that need at least some degree of reliable self-defense from planes (CA, BB).