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  1. Pro tip: Wait for the Russians and get a couple of games under your belt before you progress to tier ten.
  2. Z-52: 100 November Foxtrot Grozovoi: 25 Wyvern Flags Khabarovsk: Surveilance Radar Mod 1 Minotaur: 1000 doubloons Moskva: 100 India Yankee Hindenburg: Spotting Aircraft Mod 1 Großer Kurfürst: 1000 doubloons Des Moines: 50 La Fheile Padraig camo Montana: 50 Gamescon camo Shimakaze: Engine Boost Modification 1 Zao: 1000 doubloons Yamato: 50k free XP Gearing: Spotting Aircraft Mod 1 Some nice camo, flags and doubloons but at least one too many spotting mods (had none before). Nonetheless quite happy with the result as this was approx. twice the number of containers that I have receive before (regular ones from dailies, not counting Yamamoto campaign or other specials).
  3. And why would you need such extended ranges? While it is possible to snipe from 23km+ and get the occasional devastating strike any BB needs to close to ~15km or below for consistent damage anyway.
  4. Though PT might be the better skill because it is more versatile, however I find it more comfortable to know when an enemy is actually shooting.
  5. Is there anybody else who is using IFA on his cruisers a lot and is also super annoyed that spotting messages now commonly overwrite the incomming fire alert message? WG please fix the priorities of the displayed messages...
  6. No. It doesn't work like that. It is not 100% black OR 100% white, it's all about various shades of grey. I neither want WoWs to be a full simulator nor a full arcade shooter and therefore I don't have to choose in between absolut realism and high fantasy. You want balance first and to include realism where it does not hurt balance, which is absolutely fine. I do want a good share of realism first and balance around that as much as possible (note that I am not against "bending" realism where it breaks the game). And we are both right according to our respective point of view. However it is still a themed ship game after all. If I wanted balance first I could play any of the incredibly more balanced but 'interchangeable' MOBA's like LoL, DotA, Smite and all other fantasy themed games. And that radar is beating bad weather on open sea for just the ship that has the radar equipped is imho neither overly unrealistic nor extremely game breaking and that was the entire point of my original post. Radar beating solid land mass however is an entirely different matter...
  7. All who think radar is too powerful in a cyclone should have a read here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_the_North_Cape "The loss of Scharnhorst demonstrated the vital importance of radar in modern naval warfare. While the German battleship should have been able to outgun all of her opponents save the battleship Duke of York, the early loss of radar-assisted fire control combined with the problem of inclement weather left her at a significant disadvantage. Scharnhorst was straddled by 31 of the 52 radar-fire-controlled salvos fired by Duke of York.[12] In the aftermath of the battle, the Kriegsmarine commander, Großadmiral Karl Dönitz remarked, "Surface ships are no longer able to fight without effective radar equipment." [13] Nice example of fighting in bad weather (snowstorm in that case) with and without radar.
  8. The thing that annoys me most is IJN DD's that: a) despite having the best concealment do not even attempt to cap (as explained above there are situations where it may be legit not to cap, however imho these situations are not the norm) b) despite having excellent guns simply do not use them (more often then not I have seen full health IJN DD's trying to torp 2k HP enemy DD's, or trying to torp already crippled CA or BB instead of just killing them off with one or two salvos) c) despite having the best concealment and excellent guns, which if used properly gives them a very good chance of holding their own, are afraid of going "alone", joining a DD lemming train instead (which usually leaves one flank devoid of cappers and a spotter) WG gieve proper tutorials plz!
  9. Are you sure that, lets say a CA gets insta killed, both DD and BB get awarded 50% of the damage done? Spotting XP and credits in a DD do look so minor when compared to WoT when playing a light scout tank. Edit: I do not doubt that there is a system in place, however my impression is that a 50% solo kill is worth more than a 50% spot kill.
  10. The idea of properly sharing spotting rewards would too... It's properly implemented in WoT, why is it less properly implemented in WoWs?
  11. The World of ... forums in a nutshell:
  12. Get the "reload for turret speed module" if you don't already have it to further emphasize the Izumo's main strength, it's guns (26.4 secs).
  13. In contrast to OP and never using a full secondary build (no sec targeting mod or manual targeting) I found the FdG the best ship of the line because in comparison to Bismarck the manoeuvrability is still ok, and in comparison to GK it is quite godlike (the GK has a lot more firepower of couse but I despise the loss of manoeuvrability more than the increase number of guns). It is a super tanky BB because of the excellent deck and all around armour and if you consider the secondaries as what they are, i.e. just the secondary weapons, it's quite an improvement over an also not full secondary build Bismarck because of increased HP and caliber of guns (now finally being able to overmatch some for the tankier cruiser bows). Some people may now ask themselves, why is this guy playing German BB's without full secondary spec? The reason behind is that at that time my other German BB the Tirpitz did not work well or require the full secondary build and I shared the captain in between those two ships. In addition I really think that T8 is peak time for full secondary builds (used it in Bismarck for some time but used a free reskill before I switched to FdG), as there is almost no range increase in between T8 and T10 secs but the fighting ranges in between ships increase greatly in those tears. So if you where to utilise a full secs build at T10 you will have to be nearer the enemy team than "usual", thus being more exposed while doing so and getting focused fired easily. And this is exactly what I think what OP is experiencing.