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  1. Recruitment is currently closed! Exceptional players will still be considered!
  2. @Araagoth Apoligies for this extremely late reply, our recruitment bot has broken down and is in dire need of some bashing That being said, I am sorry to say that you do not meet OMNI's requirements for joining, and we wish you the best of luck finding a suitable clan!
  3. Exustio

    wows-numbers vs. warships.today

    In all fairness, win rate (WR) the 2nd to last thing people should look at (aside from WTR). In my opinion, simply try to aim above the highest statistic there is (whichever of the 2 it might be), and you are ok.
  4. Exustio

    Dutch tech tree

    Imo WG should try to stick as close as possible to the real ships, however at some point it needs to fill in gaps, so hypothetical what if drawings will at some point come round the corner. I personally have no problems with this because we are not playing a historically accurate game anyways, WoWs has always been more arcade-like, and should not pretend to be something it's not (within reason of course, don't want another FV215b 183 like in WoT, that was scribble on a napkin by a designer while on the toilet) With regards to niches (which is one of the things WG is always looking for), i see the following trend, and advise the following: All Dutch vessels should bolster equal/better ballistics & rate of fire (RoF) then the germans. Mostly because a lot of the designs were originally german, but then redesigned by the dutch (especially after tier 6/7). If the AP pen should follow this trend (as in copy/pasta from the germans), i am unsure of (for now). The DD line should have floatplanes up till tier 7, and from 8 up switch to hydro. I can also see a trend where the low deck armour & good torpedo hulls will fit in nicely with the new AP bombs USN CV's just gained with the recent update (nov 30, patch 0.6.14). Low deck armour means AP will go straight through, doing minimal dmg. Good torpedo bulk for... torpedo's. This means that, even though it has mediocre/bad AA, it has passive protection to CV's, which would work nicely for the CA's. With regards to the BB's it might need something different, need to think about that a bit more What im suggesting might not be historically accurate, however i think what i suggest will be good food for thought for game-balance. Interesting read, and i (as a dutchman) can only hope for a dutch line to come into the game. Till then, keep up the good work! P.S. Use pagebreaks please, my inner OCD was going mental
  5. Exustio

    6.12 marks the end of World of Warships

    A few things: No game mechanic change should ever effect 1 single class. This is bad game design. If you ever want to change it in the way i think u want to change it, then BB's specific stats should be changed. Minotaur smoke concealment range: 5.4km. Minotaur Hydro range: 4.92km. This is a 500m buffer zone, which imo is near perfect for UK CA's. Reasoning is simple, the buffer zone allows the rushing ship (within 6km at t10 of smoke is rushing) to spot the Minotaur, however is too short a distance for the ship to turn and run without getting spotted. Considering the fire rate/turret traverse speed it seems like a well enough balance. What you also seem to forget is that the ship that is spotting u needs to be within 5.4km range to keep u spotted, the moment he moves out of the 5.4km range, u become unspotted again.
  6. Exustio

    6.12 marks the end of World of Warships

    It seems a large amount of people think this is a direct nerf to DD's & CA's and a buff to BB's, yet i believe its a nerf across all classes (bar CV), with varying degrees of magnitude between them. There is a clear difference between what WG intends for smoke, and what people expect from smoke. The first thing people need to understand is that smoke and the ship able to deploy it need to be looked at seperatly. Looking at the smoke mechanic, both in randoms and competitive, its considered as a defensive ability (i know UK CA's are debatable, but will get to that later). Smoke enables ships to increase their ships potential (especially if he himself cant deploy smoke), prime example of this is a smoked DM. Now it can be argued that there are major counters against smoke, however people seem to forget that to utilize those counters situations need to have highly specific criteria to use it. Hydro is a way of finding out smoked targets, yet it is also one of the most suicidal, where a hydro ship will need to be within 6km of the smoke to spot, at these ranges its pretty much a yolo or a won/lost game. Radar is the hope & dream way of dealing with smoked targets. However there is no guarantee that a radar is available on your team, nor is there a guarantee that the radar ship (that just like smoke-able ships tend to be soft armoured, with a few exceptions) can get within range without dying in the process. Alongside this, radar lasts between 25-40 sec, meaning ships need to be prepared for it and be able to hit the intended target of the ship. Torpedo's are the primary way of dealing with smoke. However, anybody playing this game above tier 4 should instantly understand (i hope) that a smoke is a torpedo magnet. Meaning that ships using smoke often keep torpedo's in the backs of their minds and angle accordingly. Torpedo's deal damage, but considering the damage done by torpedo's compared to main battery dmg, it is substantially lower. The "pro" way to kill smoked targets is with a scout plane, this is unreliable as it depends on the ship in said smoke. Final resort is a rush, where you simply pray you get within 2km of the ship in smoke (proximity spot) and kill him. This is generally a suicide push because smoked ships are rarely alone (as they cant see outside smoke) and therefore have ships outside of smoke to spot, meaning the rush will be spotted long before the 2km mark. All smoke-able ships use torpedo's, meaning the rush is 75% of the times a suicide. Considering the aforementioned ways to dealing with smoke, one could immediatly see how hard it is for an enemy team to push a smoked enemy. Circumstances need to be near perfect, where there should be islands around close enough to the smoke for either a hydro/radar or pure luck that a torpedo will do dmg (and preferably a kill) within a smoke. Almost everybody in WoWs instantly recognizes (consciously or subconsciously) that a smoke in the distance would within seconds of deployment shower every ship within its vacinity with a hail of shells, causing everyone to turn and hide, both for pro players & random players. This aversion to smoke is purely based on the fact that the counters to said smoke are unreliable. Teams that have no radar & no real torpedo DD (Russian DD's) will lose 99% of the time, simply because these teams are unable to push a smoke which contains random numbers of ships/classes. Most people should realize by now that this change is orientated mostly towards ships that can not deploy smoke by themselves, with a primary focus on BB's and CA's. Now as i said, there is no denying that this is a general nerf, however this will in effect have the following consequence: Smoke is primarily used as a defensive measure, not an offensive one. (for the sharp eyed, and generally salty amongst u, yes UK CA's are different, will come to that soon) The reason it is defensive, is because (and almost everybody here seems to have forgotten it) is that i CAN sit in my Montana in a smoke and not get spotted at 2.1+km. How? Simple, don't fire, if u do fire you should be aware that your concealment range isnt 2km anymore. This change has the effect that people should consciously decide by themselves if they want to get spotted from 10+km away, or from 2km away, WG essentially gave people a choice. In the current state of smoke, there is no choice, regardless if i fire or not, i will not get spotted beyond 2km unless its a sonar or a radar. Now, i need to think before firing and consider if someone is within my smoke concealment range. This is where the majority of people are getting angry/salty about, that said smoke isn't as simple (and borderline overpowered) as it used to be. As a large amount of you already stated, UK CA's are different, and according to different people Edited by varying degrees. If we look at the complete picture, i would agree. It is a nerf towards UK CA's, because they need the smoke for survival. For UK CA's, smoke is used as a defensive & offensive measure. However, this change should in reality have minor impact towards how this ship should be played, UK CA's should generally position themselves next to islands near a cap (i said near, not in) or position themselves on an island where a push is imminent. Smoke forces ships utilizing it to play static (because smoke doesnt move) meaning its usefullness is near 100% on a side where an enemy is pushing in, which is exactly where UK CA's shine. I won't deny its easy, UK CA's have always been a niche line, and this change (eventhough a nerf) will have little effect on how this line is played. the only real difference is the margin for error is smaller. I do however think the concealment ranges for UK CA's need some tweaking, as i personally believe its slightly too much currently. However i believe a nerf followed by a buff is considerably better then a nerf followed by another nerf. In general, this change is a welcome one, as it fixes a problem that has been present both in randoms & competitive, smoke camping. Is the change perfect? Doubtfull. Will it kill this game? Definitly not. Are the ranges perfect? No, but some need tweaking. Will people be salty? Most definitly. P.S. This change is a good change for the entire game, however BB's still need considerable tweaking to make it balanced. This post has been edited by the moderation team due to swearing.
  7. Exustio

    Divisions and there impact

    There is a problem with your statement that division players are using the same class. For the "elite" players out there, playing in a division with the same class is bad, and here is why: If you all play the same class, you will all be competing for the same enemy's. In WoWs, there are certain threat levels classes pose, CA is low, then comes BB's and then DD's. It means, that the majority of time this devision will be shooting at the same target. This is ineffective use of a division's full potential because all firing at the same target means less dmg for everybody. Not to mention, divisions will always stick together, meaning 1 flank is heavily favoured over the other (especially in a 3DD/3BB situation), meaning the other flank will suffer significantly. By having the same type of ships in a division, there is 0 flexibility in the gameplay. 3 BB's will not be able to push hard when there is 1/2 DD's floating about, same with 3 DD's not being able to push 1 CA & 1 DD. 3 of a kind in a division limits the amount of options for a div to handle certain scenario's. Now there are those gimmicky divisions out there like 3 smoking CA's, but they are easily dealt with by simply by running away. Smoke makes people stationary and unable to move. If they smoke, dont push. All the "elite" div's out there will play ships that compliment eachother, example: CV/BB/DD. CV is for spotting torps/enemies, BB for AA & brute force and DD for torping and smoking BB. CV/BB/CA. CV for torps/enemie spotting, BB for AA & brute force, CA for AA & Defensive/hydro/radar BB/CA/DD. BB for brute force, CA for defensive/flanking fire/HE spam/radar/hydro, DD for torps and smoke. Generally, having a minimum of 2 classes per div provides the most versatile setup to handle any kind of situation that might come up. OP seems to forget that the 3 class div's might have a blast of a game where he (OP) got raped, but the other 9 games that div played, they are either ineffective/done low dmg/not alive long enough etc, simply because 3 of the same class can only deal with very specific situations.These situations happen, where that div will have a field day, however setting up a div purely for that one scenario is, in the eyes of "elite" people, bad, simply because that one scenario does not happen every 10 games. "Elite" players are elite because they play for consistency, which is best achieved by having a mixture of classes that compliment each other to handle various situations that happen over a lot of games. U say u laugh when someone has a lot of games played in division, however im quite certain, that if his stats are in the correct order, he will be better then anyone else simply because he recognizes the symbiosis that exists between classes. For him to know that, he needs to know the ships he plays and fights against. Not to mention, that this guy will most likely have a team orientated mind (which is the core of competitive play), compared to a solo player who only thinks of himself.
  8. Exustio

    Henri IV Secondary Build

    @OP We in OMNI use secondary builds on loads of cruisers, Roon, Hindenburg, Des Moins and even the Henry IV. It is an excellent way to spend the remaining 4 captain points. We also recommend using the 3rd captain skill Survivability expert on CA's & BB's because u will need that extra health when ur going for secondary builds, especially in high tiers. Good luck P.S. TL:DR Don't even think about it.......
  9. OMNI is always looking for exceptional players to join it's ranks! If you feel you have what it takes to join one of the most competitive and established clans in WoWs, don't hesitate to apply! Are you up for the challenge?
  10. Exustio

    Incomming smoke nerf?

    Im getting the feeling people think the smoke changes is because of 1 single ship, the belfast. That seems weird and wrong. Smoke always had his vices, and for ships that did not possess smoke to encounter a ship that was firing at them in smoke is what prompted this change. Nobody likes to get shot by 12 shells every 10-15 sec (once again a guess) without having any real counter to the said ship. I sincerely mean no counter, because if i were a radar ship, im pretty sure every CAUK would have left that smoke ages ago. Will UKCA ships get affected? Ofc, every single ship in the game will get affected. Will it make UKCA ships harder to play, to a degree yes, unicum or not, it becomes slightly harder because the margin for error (in this case 4km, seeing its not 2km but 5.9km avg now) is smaller now. Does it completely break the UKCA ships, ehm, no. As many have stated, situational awareness is important when playing this line, and with this change it becomes even more so. @Bladezfist Also, Flamu running in guns blazing is because he has the situational awareness needed to play the line, alongside the knowledge of how smoke mechanics work in WoWs. He is a unicum, like so many others, so he plays ships to its absolute limits, meaning that yes, he might have might have died if the new smoke changes were implemented, but if they were, he would never have positioned himself there.
  11. Exustio

    Incomming smoke nerf?

    If we look at the grand scheme of things, the number of torps are irrelevant. We are talking about the ability to use torps, whether its 1/2/8 torps u can fire per side is irrelevant to the actions u can take when engaged to an enemy that is coming towards you. I do see and agree that the number of torps are relevant based on what kind of ship the enemy is. As u said, 3 isnt enough for a BB, but is quite enough for a DD or a CA. Keep in mind though, we arnt discussing if 3 torps is enough to kill certain classes of ships, we are discussing different options a smoked ship has with the new smoke change when being rushed by an enemy (regardless of class).
  12. Exustio

    Incomming smoke nerf?

    I admit, 10 torps shouldve been 2x4 (per side) for tiers 8 & 9 and 3/4 torps for other tiers. I have no problems with being corrected, cause as i have stated before, i dont play UKCA's that often, let alone tiers 5/6/7/8/9, even my Minotaur games are far and between. Trying to paint me a liar and spreader of false information because of a lapse in memory about the number of torps a certain line has per side is questionable at best. Me trying to make you out as a "nut picker", who wouldnt after a comment such as this: From what i have seen, all you have added to the smoke change conversation is that i am wrong about torpedos on ships by 4 and that i should feel ashamed and discarded for not fact checking, making my original point invalid. If u have read my point, u wouldve understood that the number of torps makes 0 difference, so long the smoke ship is able to torp, regardless of how many torps he has per side. Just to be sure u dont miss my point (again), the point i am (and always have) been making is that a smoke ship in a smoke has 2 options when being approached by a enemy. Stay in smoke, get detected at smoke concealment range (5.9km avg) and kill enemy before he kills u. Turn around, drop torps, and then run away. The reason why said change is good because currently on live, the concealment range is 2km, which makes the rushing enemy suicidal. The extended range for concealment only has effect for the reaction time given to the enemy, a reaction time u have control over by either firing or not firing your main guns. If u keep firing, he can spot and guess ur torps at farther distances, whereas if u stopped firing before u get spotted, it basically becomes the same as we have in live. As u can see, the number of torps in my point is not important as much as the ability to launch torps is. I still stand by my previous point where u are sidetracking the whole conversation based on the mistake of a guy by 2 torps at tier 9 & 10. Yes, you derailed this discussion prior to me because of the aforementioned quote. If u want to nitpick my mistakes in facts again, please do so in a pvt and stick to the point i was, and always have been, trying to make.
  13. Exustio

    Incomming smoke nerf?

    I never said u dont fire the entire game, just dont fire whenever someone is within your fire concealment range when in smoke (which is below 5.9km for average CA's, seeing UK CA's have generally smaller caliber guns, so their concealment range is lower). If your target is hovering at 7km, by all means, go ham, but when he comes within 6km, u just need to remember that he will be able to spot u in your smoke. Beyond 6km, u can act as if there is 0 change whatsoever.
  14. Exustio

    Incomming smoke nerf?

    At this point ur just trolling.... It works the exact same way with max range firing, dont want to get spotted, stop firing. Once u see the enemy divert its attention to another ship, fire again. With smoke, its the same, except instead of watching what the guy is doing, u either launch torps, or run away. Me? Embarrassed? Not so much, i hardly play tier 5, 6 &7 (let alone UK CA's, eventhough i grinded them all). I made a mistake, i own up to it. Ur the one sidetracking the debate by hammering on me not remembering how many torps a ship has at certain tiers, which, if u read the comment i made, hardly makes a difference, because im talking about ships that can use torps in general, regardless of how many torps said ship possesses. No, im pretty sure ur just showing the internet that is infront of u how much of a **** u are. I am sorry i am not 100% accurate with my guesses (which is was, hence the .......), but i will, when in the presence of the all mighty fact checker step up my game and look up every single detail that is, quite frankly, irrelevant to the discussion at hand (seeing we are discussing smoke change and general torpedo use) So please, unless u have anything substantial to add to the conversation with regards to the smoke change, go somewhere else.