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  1. crimsonuk

    Torpedoes Arm Time Needs to Be lengthened

    I dont see the problem with DD cuase closing that distance is very hard to do just from watching DD playesr but as for torp Bombers the arming distance is really to short they can drop them far to close to ur ship
  2. crimsonuk

    Escorting capital ships ?

    didnt mean to hug them just ment a few games ive had all the DD and CA rush into the enemy all one side get wiped out in the first 3 to 5 mins of the game when i say escorting i dont mean but hugging them i mean stay nearish to provide support not just AA but to help against other CA and DD
  3. crimsonuk

    The RNG in BB combat

    lol i never once said stop and shoot if u do that u might aswell pull ur pants down and kiss it goodbye as for speed you should be constantly changing speed and slighty changing distance to make it harder for them to hit you as for
  4. crimsonuk

    Escorting capital ships ?

    lemming train is the problem and u get alot of bb players the charge straight at the enemy and just get ripped to shreds in seconds but its nice when u get a good team and people protect each other ive had a few good CV escorting me with planes as i use my self as a shield for them and a few CA and DD work well as a hit and run squad its more trying to get people to understand the way there ships work
  5. crimsonuk

    The RNG in BB combat

    Ive also notice speed and the way you fire effects the dispersion fire all at once they seem to go every were firing them in sequence you get alot better dispersion. Also if you fire them manualy leaving about 1.5 seconds between shot you can minimise it alot sorry for my bad English i am english i just have problems
  6. crimsonuk

    Back to the closed alpha

    English: no American: Hells no German: Nein Russian:nyet POI