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  1. dreddwales

    Surface Radar

    Hey, thanks all for the input! Grateful. The only way I can see this resolved, especially as the Developers "Computer Says No" ....... is to call it 'Satellite Spotting'!! It has put me off the game and I find myself slowly playing less and less. DD's for me are the most fun, failing badly at sneaking up on the big boys and then missing them with my Torp's ...... sigh :/ BUT at the point where I have hunted down an Island camper and I am about to pounce ....... when he Radar's we through the land mass I'm using to hide my fragile rust bucket and his Team splode me in seconds :( Radar should have the same principles as Line of Sight , it should just make your Line of Sight range far longer and enable the spotting of those hiding out of range / in smoke. How about an option ....... being able to join games where there are no Radar equipped Ships?? A Tick Box list of Options ..... ?? (bag of worms right there :) )
  2. dreddwales

    Surface Radar

    Hello, Before I give up on this mostly enjoyable game ....... will the developers ever do anything about Surface Radar working through land masses?? You can hide in smoke quite well. You can hide behind land masses quite well and this makes playing as DD enjoyable but add in Radar and its pointless? You can spend time pushing and find your self spotted through a billion tonnes of rock? Line of sight works quite well with regards to general detection and again, also in smoke ....... why cant the same principles be added to Radar?? Radar should be for spotting those in smoke or those with a smaller detection radius, where they can spot you but you cant' see them!! Please say this will be addressed ..... or ..... sniff's ...... I'll cut my investment in the game and take my leave :(