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  1. Kejoz

    Abandoned flank as a BB

    First of all, if you suspect that you are heading towards multiple enemy ships and you are alone or in a small group start turning away. In certain situations you can back up with your bow facing the enemy ships but this is only prolonging the inevitable. Kiting is your only option of fighting the enemy ships BUT it is sometimes better not to shoot and move away, being invisible while the enemy is looking for a different target.
  2. Kejoz

    The Kitakami returns!

    So there will be kitakami troll-divisions spamming 120 torps across the battlefield. Time to git gud at dodging.
  3. It would be nice to give AP a bonus effect, torps have flooding, HE have fires. In theory AP has citadel hits BUT that one only works in certain circumstances. My idea is making an AP saturation mechanic, more AP damage a certain part of a ship takes, the bigger the chance of a debuff happening: bow (speed debuff), middle section (flooding), stern (rudder shift). I know, it sounds quite similar to module damage but that would make AP a bit more useful for every class, not only BB's and CA's.
  4. Subs are WoWs equivalent of Wots wheeled vehicles, playerbase sees them as a poor addition, devs and marketing pushes them into the game anyway to beef up new account numbers. Subs have a massive marketing potential so we will see them in randoms, in one form or the other.
  5. Kejoz

    How on earth do I Baltimore?!?

    And i can understand that, i might even give range a try one day but after Seattle i am heavily biased against range mod for american cruisers. Nope, OP stated that Buffalo seems better then Baltimore. I would like to point out that you are the one going off topic and personal for no reason. This is my last response to you, not going to spam forum with posts unrelated to discussion topic.
  6. Kejoz

    How on earth do I Baltimore?!?

    Baltimore can't get the range mod. Before you stats shame, try and read the post you are quoting, and try to be less patronizing. Patronizing tone is kind of a bummer in human interactions. This i can understand, if someone is a performance player, he can try to farm tons of damage at stationary battleships. Maybe my aim is jinxed but hitting fast moving and actively maneuvering ships in american CA's is kind of a challenge therefore better RoF gives more flexibility. This is my opinion, i prefer RoF over range on every single ship in game.
  7. Kejoz

    How on earth do I Baltimore?!?

    Yes yes i know, "shut up noob, how dare you have your own opinion". Nice! Well you have to unhug the island from time to time to support other ships. If someone wants to lob slow shells at stationary ships from afar, he can get the range mod, i want to have fun and i prefer more flexible build.
  8. Kejoz

    How on earth do I Baltimore?!?

    No, it is not but taking the range mod means that you are building a one trick pony that is good at hugging islands. RoF module gives more flexibility when chasing DD's or repelling enemy cruisers or battleships. Extending you firing range means that you will be spotted from further away and that is a huge con for a sluggish heavy cruiser.
  9. Kejoz

    How on earth do I Baltimore?!?

    Taking range extension on US cruisers is a rather masochistic move. I was frustrated with Seattle so i've mounted range mod, couldn't hit anything, that was a very bad idea. Those shells are just too slow to handle reliably at 14+ km. Murican CA and CL are great at ambushing anything from a DD to a BB, they are my favorite techtrees but i feel that they are getting more and more powercrept and upcoming soviet cruisers will force me to look for different funbotes. Do not fxp Baltimore, it is much better then Buffalo (tier for tier). Get the hang of those wonderful AP shells, work on positioning and remember that you have to be close to get those guns working. Yes, Balti can be annoying, it is situational, dont get into firefights with kiting HE spamers, don't chase gunboats, focus on dealing damage to cruisers and battleships, use a lot of AP.
  10. Kejoz

    BBs in the sub mode

    Sure. There are plenty of cruisers that know how to avoid being citadeled and a lot of DD's that can dodge airplane rockets. There is also the question of fun.
  11. Kejoz

    BBs in the sub mode

    BB's camping in the back - bad, BB's moving forward - bad.
  12. Kejoz

    BBs in the sub mode

    Too much wasd helps with taking hits straight into citadels. Dodge torpedoes from DD's, airplanes, subs, wiggle to dodge long range HE spam and control your angle to mitigate BB salvoes. Sounds perfectly doable.
  13. Kejoz

    Refund for Moskva and Kirov (official)

    And you can 100% confirm that the same thing will apply to Moskva? If i want any money out of my Moskva i have to sell it now and i will be granted a free Moskva after the next patch ? There is a lot of fuzz about this free coal Moskva event but i would like to point out, that every tech-tree vehicle moving into freemium/premium state usually had one clear condition - you have to own techtree vehicle to get it as a premium/freemium. This is how it worked in WoT.
  14. Kejoz

    İzumo freeexp or not

    Nevertheless it can be set on fire. Izumo is a massive ship (significantly bigger then JB ) with a lot of free deck, in HE meta this ship is useless and frustrating to play. Slow and sluggish high tier battleships have some hard time atm. Can you imagine being chased by a high tier pan EU destroyer while sailing in a Izumo? Being spammed by a Smolensk? Oh joy. Currently tankyness is as useful as AA.
  15. Kejoz

    İzumo freeexp or not

    Is much faster and agile, she can disengage. Izumos size and sluggishness makes it an easy target for he spammers and destroyers.