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  1. There is an easy fix, tier IV CV's - bombs only, Tier VI bombs and torps, Tier VIII and X should add rocketplanes. History nerds - happy, balance - restored. But CV's will be broken as long as there is no interaction between them.
  2. Kejoz

    What is the point of light cruisers?

    Ok, thx for replies, i'll try to muddle through Seattle, hoping that Worcester will be better. I don't want to free exp Seattle as i am adjusting to high tier gameplay and i don't want to be that guy who rushes to tier X without proper experience. I still think that the Tashkient example shows that CL's (i have only the american ones so i kind of don't know how the brits or soviets will behave) are a bit broken, they are good while fighting big and slow ships but fall short when fighting fast gunboats.
  3. I've recently bought Seattle and i am kind of struggling with this ship. Not that the gameplay is different, Seattle gameplay is the same, as it was on her predecessors. The things that change are the opponents. On Cleveland and Helena i was acting as a support for battleships and destroyers, going close to caps, focusing primarily DD's, later harassing BB's, on Seattle i am unable to fulfill this role for few reasons: At tier IX and X there are much better harassers, HE spamming DD's are superior to light cruisers, they have the speed and agility, they are much smaller targets. Yesterday i was literally beaten down by a Taszkient (great player btw), he was keeping me at 12-14 km and putting loads of shells into my hull while, at that range, my slow shells were easily avoidable by him. I've managed to hit him twice, and that was after i've stopped aiming and predicting and switched to "spray and pray". Someone will say, be more passive, do not go to open water, stand behind an island. Ok, my best battles in this ship were rather static but on tier IX and X you can be easily spotted even if you hug an island and, being rather sluggish, Seatlle can't move away fast enough to dodge incoming torpedoes, incoming fire. To add salt to injury, the islands on high tier maps are getting rather tall and even american flairs (or shells) struggle to fly over them so if you want to fire, you have to expose yourself to enemy fire. So lets take into account rock,paper, scissors design of WG games, light crusiers are a support class like the heavy ones but should exceed them in terms of hunting smaller vessels. But on tiers XI and X hunter can become a pray as fighting super fast french, soviet and japanese gunboats is rather impossible/pointless. So the only reliable damage farming option, is spam tons of HE shells onto enemy BB's and setting fires. "But the radar", sure, radar can be useful while hunting torpedoboats or checking out what is hiding behind an island, it wont help you with destroyers that are better light cruisers then you, In every WG game stealth and speed are the best armor as they meddle with rng based accuracy. IMHO light cruisers are poorly implemented in this game, they solve problems that don't exist and are a counter to nothing. I've recently saw the review of Marceau, and, oh boy, it is going to be a very nice light crusier without a citadel, the european ones with radar are also going to be nice. I read the forums from time to time and notice that a lot of discussions about how battleships are overpowered when compared to destoyers, how OP are the torpedoboats, how fast HE spammers are ruining the gameplay, discussions about cruisers and their role in a WoWs battle are reduced to talking about Smolensk. Yes, ships like Smolensk should be OP, but not when fighting battleships but when chasing destroyers. Soon we will have a nice tier X game with big fat ships, airplanes and super fast, physics denying 130 meters long motorboats. In min-maxed game there is no place for a versatile class that is medicore in every aspect, gimmicks won't save CL's if they will be unable to fight their primary targets. Make CL's an area denial tool, keeping all DD's and airplanes away so they have a place on the battlefield. Farming damage on battleships while standing behind an island is not that place.
  4. Kejoz

    Overpen mechanic getting out of hand!

    This whole citadel nonsense should be ditched. It is a drug for BB captain to soothe his pain after burning , dodging torps or being spammed by hundreds of small caliber shells. I would rather see less rng dependent gameplay but... i know that WG won't touch the gameplay in a direct way as frustration is a large part of their products
  5. Kejoz

    Why do I hate Nagato so much? or does she hate me?

    I hated Fuso but loved the Nagato. IMHO this ship is very strong, fast, agile with armor that can take some beating and huge guns that work even when uptiered to t9 battle. Play it on medium range, don't snipe from afar, do some close combat knife fighting only in late game. If you dislike the Nagato, you won't fall in love with Amagi as they are very similar in terms of gameplay.
  6. Kejoz

    Quicker shorter Random Battle times

    If you like shorter battles you can always switch to WoT. That game shortened battle time indirectly by making gameplay faster and more dps dependent. I hope WoWs won't go the same path to "dumbed down" gameplay (although I see symptoms of WoT diesese) .
  7. So being dependent on rng while shooting at a destroyer 10 km away is a pro not a con ? You cherry-pick arguments, only few battleships have hydro, AA even on cruisers is laughable, if a carrier wants you dead, you will be dead sooner or later. This is a game about all-gun warships, in this setting battleships are the strongest class that has its own minigame in which they tank and deal damage. The second minigame is designed for destroyers that fight for map control with other destroyers, after they secure the map they get an opportunity to deal damage from favorable positions with torpedoes or guns. The third minigame is designed for the support class - cruisers, they support battleships and destroyers in their tasks with dealing opportunistic damage and gimmick spotting. There is only one odd-duck class, CV that has only one purpose, dealing damage as interaction between CV's was taken away. Those few minigames sum up to WoWs battle. Taking away battleship hp pool/armor or guns would make them pointless, just like taking away DD stealth or torpedoes. Apart from CV's, every class has its pros and cons, battleships are strong when supported, but are helpless when left alone against multiple fast enemies that deal direct and indirect damage to them, cruisers need a damage sponge (battleship direct sponge, island indirect damage sponge) but are mobile enough to disengage when they lose their cover, destroyers lack in HP pool but have stealth, speed and have the high risk high reward weapon - torpedoes. In this designed and controlled by game rules environment, tell me, how and why battleships are OP ? This is probably the last slow paced mmo game on the market as WoT flocked to much faster gameplay with short battles and pure dps shooting. In communism, not in a game.
  8. So you want battleships going strong at 40 kts spamming small guns at the enemy ? Yes, not being a biased elitist is a whine.
  9. Read the sentence below the one you quoted.
  10. Yes, destroyers should be the strongest class in the game with their huge 120 mm guns and massive armor. BB should be very strong as it was the pinnacle of a all-gun warship with big guns and lots of armor. You are cherry picking arguments as battleships have the worst accuracy, speed, manouvrability, flexibility. You would probably like to sit invisible, torp and stealthfire with a destroyer? This is balance in your opinion? Or running at 50 kts and shooting with 100% accuracy? This is balance? The only class in the game that needs buffs are the cruisers. Destroyers are as strong as the battleships ( in skilled hands even stronger).
  11. Kejoz

    11 campers losing in 10 minutes is the new meta

    What about destroyers camping behind BB's (i see frieslands doing that)? What about crusiers that are not even trying to assist battleships? Pushing in a lonely BB is a suicide on higher tiers, you are blind, without spotting gimmicks you will be torped/burned to death. No one likes to be killed without a slightest chance to retaliate. I know what i am saying, i tend to by stupidly aggresive and often i end with 40k dmg, sinking, with my teammates standing still behind islands 4 km behind.
  12. Kejoz

    Seatle downgrade...

    I think that this ship is in dire need of some major buffs. The moment you move away from your comfy island waifu, you expose yourself to sudden death. I am thinking about switching main battery mod to gun fire control and just grind it by spamming from range (how fun it is going to be). It is too slow to hunt destroyers, other cruisers of tier 9 and 10 can eat you for lunch, not to mention what BBs can do to you. Is there something that i am missing? This ship has any redeeming features that i am unable to see? Edit: Trading RoF for range is probably the way to go with this one as knife fighting is not her thing (bad gun arc). This boat is just to big and sluggish for dodging and evading shells on the open water.
  13. Kejoz

    Fires are insane

    No dude, you are not a part of the problem. There are some broken ships in the game that will burn you to death, yes, those ships are in theory, easy to kill but you need your team to do so. Many players defend them because they are easy to play and farm a lot of damage (looking at you trollensk). You are running a Bismarck sou you likely play aggressively so you are the closest target for tier 9 and 10 flamethrowers (Smolensk, some IJN DD's, Friesland, for some reason Worcester is much less annoying). If you see them on the map just kite away, they have serious issues with hitting anything moving on mid to high range, avoid island cluttered parts of the map, move in only with cruiser or destroyer support, don't jump on the standing still and bowtanking bandwagon. IFHE changes are incoming so flamethrowers will have to chose between skills that work for them like fire and gunpowder atm.
  14. Hitting small ships in smoke is a question of luck or oposing captain incompetence, you can do it easily with a fast firing ship like a crusier, firing into smoke is rather a last resort action for a battleship. So Georgia is unique, this is hardly an argument in a thread about buffing secondaries, thx for recommendation, ill buy her when i have enough coal. Secondaries are an area denial tool, sometimes useful on a bunch of ships. I don't know what am i doing wrong but i like mid tier cruisers, Helena was great, whole japanese line up to tier VII was enjoyable if you know when to run. And yes, i think that heavy cruisers need more tools for hunting lighter ships (less punishing accidental citadels or repairs on lower tiers). The problem is, that this is their role in this game, backbone of a push, hp pool that the team can use to attack, if they wither too fast they are just useless. Camping in battleships on high tiers is just annoying and makes the gameplay boring. IMHO main culprits are "bowtanking" and cluttered small maps that create chokepoints (WG's mapdesign gold standard).
  15. You guys are cherrypicking: - stealthfiring was removed but you can't citadel a DD. - <3 km detection while firing from the smoke for DD's makes sense, you want to be completely invisible while attacking an oponent ? - Fast battleships pay a certain price for their speed, they are still easily spotted and have less armor. - Fires and he spam are not the problem, the amount of fast/small/invisible botes is. I am new to high tiers and i see a lot less BB's there then in lower tiers, after a few battles i can see why. Stealth and speed are the best armor in any WG game as they meddle heavily with RNG, battleships are rng dependent, you fire rarely and have limited chance to hit. This whole BaBies elitist trashtalk is rather funny, as DD captains tend to whine in CV threads just like BB captains in DD threads. Try to have some sympathy guys, no one likes to be a HP piniata.