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  1. RAMJB

    What the PR PR fiasco cost wargaming?

    Well they DO have kind of "competition". Coming from another russian company , Crapjin....sorry, Gaijin...in another massive money grab of a game called Crap Thunder. Sorry, again, War Thunder. But yeah, even while that game always had exceeding potential never realized because of the incompetence of their developers and it's a clownfiesta (to put it mindly), they do have tanks, and ships. And planes, on top. Oh and ever helicopters (they obviously don't know where to stop, at this rate they're going to bring in some kind of spacefaring cruisers XDDDDDDD)... the game is also mostly deathmatch between teams with vehicles they modelled after historical counterparts (that fight nothing like them). It sounds completely like a "World of..." game. And in fact it wasn't intended to be this way initially: Gaijin turned into this model pretty much on purpose. Hasn't worked very well for them, but hey, it is what it is. So yeah, they do have competition. War thunder may be crap (not that WOWS is exactly a piece of gaming art either, now we're at it), but it's competition. Problem is that Gaijin is almost on the same scale of moneygrabbing thievery Wargaming is involved into... before this PR scandal I'd said they were worse, but after this they only "come close". So it's not a case of "there's no competence". the case is that "the competence" is doing exactly the same and are guilty of exactly the same things WG is. So it's not as if it's any real alternative for the problem at hand XD.
  2. RAMJB

    Are you going to grind the Puerto Rico?

    Your call, mate. If you want to sink a huge investment of time and resources (all those flags and camos you'll burn) into an objectivelly impossible to meet goal, it's your decision. I'm just trying to save you the dissapointment you mention in that last phrase. No, you won't get it and yes, it'll be removed from the yard before you have a chance to finish it.
  3. RAMJB

    Are you going to grind the Puerto Rico?

    If he even starts with this in full possession of his mental faculties, I consider it a proof that he has no life anyway.... ....or no brain XDDD
  4. RAMJB

    Are you going to grind the Puerto Rico?

    please some helpful soul help this guy come to his senses and understand the scale of what he's getting into, so he doesn't waste one month of his life away in a pointless attempt damned to fail... I would do it myself, but I'm far removed from being able to given how hard I'm choking in laughter... XDDDDD
  5. RAMJB

    Please don't buy the Puerto Rico

    No. The idea would be OK if it was given as some sort of very long career reward. Hard to get for free, requiring effort is OK. IMPOSSIBLE to get and DEMANDING you to play 24/7 for one whole month (and even then probably not being enough) is NOT ok. And MUCH LESS when advertised as "hey, it's christmas, we're giving you a free ship". No, they're not "giving" it ,and no, it's not "free". Let's be real here, I'm not playing this game since more than one year ago, I'm just here reading the epic result of such a massive d*ck move from WG. It's entertaining to see how companies that have everything to be both incredibly sucessful while loved by their audiences shoot their own foot with a grenade launcher, just because of greed. But even I (who was never to even try getting this ship and who doesn't care about it because he doesn't play the game) am completely astonished and disgusted by the level of arseholery that WG has reached on this one. The dockyard looks cool from what i've seen in the CC videos. The idea of displaying how a warship was built is splendid, and probably can be a very nice thing to watch for people who don't know much about ships of the period. But everything else related to that ship is a sh*tshow of epic caliber, and a giant middle finger to WG's playerbase. One thing is a shameless moneygrab. Another thing is trying to do a shameless moneygrab while trying to sell the idea that the ship is "for free" for those who want it. It's qualifiable as fraudulent advertisement, FFS. So how in earth can you "like this idea"?.
  6. RAMJB

    Even CCs complain about Puerto Rico grind

    With all due respect, that's BS. And not like a little turd off the rear end of the cow. I'm talking about that being a huge, stinking, massive, pile of steaming manure. They can be the messengers of bad news. If they were that, well, ok, yes, not their fault. They're just delivering us the bad news. But they step beyond a very critical line when they openly and directly LIE to the players about something, or treat them like idiots, as if they were just dumb and not notice they're being openly lied to. Openly stating things that are NOT true acting as if those they address didn't know what the hell is going on.. And this is not restricted to the named individuals. In Reddit a certain Sub_octavian in particular is guilty of lying without shame (check the goritzia thread). Delivering a bad new is not the messenger's fault. LYING about the new, trying to pass it as something that's not and sugarcoating it as if it was all fine and dandy **IS** the messenger's fault, and he's accountable for it. So the hate in MrConway, Tucci and all those guys on WG's payroll that are going around lying with each breath of oxygen they exhale is perfectly warranted.
  7. RAMJB

    CV Rework Discussion

    More than one year after leaving the game I came to check out how stuff is going and... Oh, the bittersweet feeling of seeing every single word I uttered confirmed once again. the "rework" is loathed by everyone who doesn't play CVs (and some CV players too), the list of nerfs and buffs is kilometric by now, and it'll go on and on and on and on for no noticeable result nor real change at all, and the timer for the next "rework" is ticking down. I'm giving it 2-3 years before CVs are drastically changed again. Only to not work again. Because, and I'll insist it one year later, the only "rework" that will "work" for CVs in a game like this is to take them out of PvP modes. The similarities between this and WOT's artillery are so dramatic that's even amusing to watch WG refusing to learn from past mistakes. Arty has already gone through how many different implementations there?...only to not work in either of them. Well, we're only at the start of the road here, same story with CVs - work, rework, rerework, and rererework, WG will pull any crap in order to balance something that can't be, but won't do the ONLY thing that will REALLY balance it. Removing the problem. Deniers can fight all they want against the obvious, but in the end the obvious is...well, obvious, and no matter how many individuals want to claim the emperor's new dress is amazing, he'll still be naked in the end. One year after I predicted what was coming, it did come. See all of ya next year to check out on how well this "balancing" BS goes by then. ;)
  8. RAMJB

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Just out of the oven. Had an epic 150k damage in Iowa leading an awesome charge that rolled over everything in it's path. That was enough to get me my 3rd container of the day. Oh, it's a supercontainer. I'll get some flags, or maybe some camos, I'm running out of those... Nope...but I'll take it instead XD