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  1. BarskiPatzow

    [0.9.0] Sea Hornets on Audacious

    Could this be made for Implacable?
  2. BarskiPatzow

    Why do CVs have only tier 4,6,8 and 10?

    I'm not sure what you mean. I'm just asking what the reason for the change is. Is that what they are planning to do?
  3. BarskiPatzow

    Why do CVs have only tier 4,6,8 and 10?

    As the title says: why were most of CVs removed? I didn't play when they were removed so I was wondering why the change was made and when was that?
  4. BarskiPatzow

    Clan Brawls

    4v4 tier 8 was fun
  5. BarskiPatzow, Ranked Sprint: Tier VIII Duels

    2 Many Tirpitzes in my oppinion. I met one that didn't want to use torps though. The mode is fun, but the sheer number of Tirpitzes is annoying when you are playing a bismarck. BTW seems to me that Lenin is a better brawler than bismarck... It is great for learning angling ships though, so all in all it's not bad. Also it seems it is heavily weighted so you get the same class as your ship even if it is random to some extent.
  6. BarskiPatzow

    Which line of BBs are for me?

    Yes, the armor is good, I have bismarck. I find the guns not so good on them, at least against other BBs. I have mixed feelings, I feel like they need to be really close to be effective, because it seems people are able to damage me with ease when I'm further than 10km away from them. I might be wrong and doing something wrong though. NC- North Carolina? I didn't go above tier 5 with US ships, can't really remember how good they are. I have Arizona (got it from a container) and Arkanzas Beta from beta, not sure how they fit into general play style of US BBs? P.S. thank you guys for the replies, any help that you provide is great
  7. BarskiPatzow

    Which line of BBs are for me?

    Hi guys, I have a question for all of you. I have just above 1k games, I got to T10 with Russian cruisers and to Tier 9 with Russian BBs. I like how the russian BBs play, although it seems they are a bit on the OP side of the spectrum. I was wondering if there is a line that is well armored with guns that are good on a medium range (I don't really love close range brawls)? I don't really care about speed in BBs, although I'd love something that can avoid torpedos and can defend itself from planes. Is there something that fits in that description? One more thing: I'd love something that is good with AP, I consider it better for learning the game.
  8. I aim to finish 3 directives and get gorizia so I can do the missions for credit ships to get some credits. I will check what the game estimates where I will finish when I get home, but if I recall correctly it is somewhere around 20th
  9. BarskiPatzow, Ranked Sprint: Tier VIII Duels

    I don't know really, I read somewhere that you get it from ranked so I assumed that applies to this too. I hoped I'd get a chance to earn some, there are interesting ships in the steel section of the armory :D I'd be happy with the coal too though.
  10. BarskiPatzow, Ranked Sprint: Tier VIII Duels

    No steel as a reward? Sadness.... generally the rewards are sad. I'll try to get that coal though...
  11. BarskiPatzow

    Extra Special Lottery "Year of the CV"

    33. Howdy and Marry Xmas. I'd love to have the Massachussets.
  12. BarskiPatzow

    [RESULTS] Double Recruitment Points

    Well, I don't think that grinding tiers should be the point. Every tier should be equally viable. I could even say the game should slow the grind down and make you stay in the lower range of tiers, so that new players have to learn to play the game better or they should make some kind of skill based MM to compensate. It is sad that all those ships are just things to burn trough to get to some higher tier. As it is now, I have a feeling that I have failed myself up to tier 10 and now I get into the game with my Moskva and don't do enough damage or impact game enough. I'm not good at this game, and changing ships all the time is not that good for learning, that is why I decided to play 2 ship lines, and as soon as I did that, I got to tier 10 quickly. IMHO, it shouldn't be like that, all tiers should be played more and be equally fun to play.
  13. BarskiPatzow

    [RESULTS] Double Recruitment Points

    Economy in game is good. I have around 1k battles and have a tier 10 ship and that wasn't the only tree I was going for. I am close to another tier 10 and have a few tier 7s and 8s...
  14. BarskiPatzow

    Why can't We Gift Other Players Anymore???

    Damn, wish I was in your clan :)))
  15. I will try to follow this, it's an interesting read. :)