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  1. BarskiPatzow

    British BBs Good?

    Oh, I've passed both KGV and Monarch. I Loved both ships, with Monarch being my favorite tier 8 ship. Whole line so far seems to suit me very well. I feel like whole line is pretty flexible.
  2. That would be stupid, even people who like and play CVs would probably avoid games with CVs when they play something else, just for pure convenience. Also how is this topic about CVs in the first place? There is a thread for that, go use it. As for the video, it made me giggle, it is fun.
  3. BarskiPatzow

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    And the GK on the other side must have had a fantastic experience with 0 fires :D
  4. BarskiPatzow

    Battleship MOSKVA

    I love the Moskva, I can't wait for it to become a reward ship so playing it becomes cheaper :D I have a question though, can someone make a comparison between Stalingrad and Moskva? Does it have the same tanking capabilities? How are the guns, etc?
  5. BarskiPatzow

    Advice request for new cruiser player

    Don't focus on progressing trough one line, play a few lines, get to learn the game. You will see what class is capable of what and you can then think about countering them.
  6. I have 1k doubloons from a super container I got from Yamamoto campaign, so yes :D
  7. BarskiPatzow

    British BBs Good?

    Tnx for telling me things about monarch, I love the ship. In fact it's my favorite ship at the moment.
  8. BarskiPatzow

    ST - armor-piercing rockets

    Are you serious? Instead of removing, you add more rockets? I'm baffled
  9. BarskiPatzow

    I really dislike Japanese BBs?

    I hated Nagato because I did very poorly in it and couldn't figure it. I loved the guns, but I always kept dying easily. I decided to put away japanese BBs for the time being and started playing other lines.
  10. For a moment I thought that was me I did the same thing in the same map in the same position... I felt so stupid
  11. BarskiPatzow

    Hard time hitting smolensk ?

    Kremlin is totally another topic. I personally can't make it work often, I noticed people tend to focus you down ignoring everything else until you die. Regarding it's armor, it is absurd. Since I play moskva mostly at Tier 10 at the moment, I tend to shoot the superstructure as that is only thing I can damage reliably, but no matter which ammo you use it's not much. Good thing is that they tend to ignore me because of that kind of damage and it racks up after some time Kremlin is stupidly tanky and should get fixed at some point, it's much more overpowered than Smolensk.
  12. BarskiPatzow

    Hard time hitting smolensk ?

    I don''t understand why people don't want to load HE with BBs to deal with Smolensk. If you can't be bothered to change ammo type and you think you only need to stick to AP, it is your own fault you can't kill the Smolensk. How do you deal with DDs? It seems to me that people got lazy regarding to changing ammo types- most BBs stick to AP, cruisers to HE, British BBs to HE, etc... The biggest issue I have with Smolensk is the range: it should have max range as any other DD ( in my mind Smolensk is just a large DD and should be treated as such). That guns shouldn't fire more than 14-15 km and 19 km is just ridiculous, even though it is hard to hit anything at that range, hitting stuff reliably at 17 km with that much firepower is absurd.
  13. Just gief back RTS CVs and we'll be fine Also bring back odd tiers. I miss bringing only fighters and messing up the opposing CV and otherwise being useless for my team
  14. BarskiPatzow

    To much insults in game chat !

    That text formatting, though...
  15. BarskiPatzow

    Which line for a newb

    I'd suggest trying them all untill tier 5 and play around that tier for some time, to learn the mechanics of the game and to get a feeling of what style suits you and then ask around which line has that particular play style in the high tiers. If I'd tell you to play russian any particular cruisers you might not like them because you don't like the play style. I'd avoid british cruisers for now though, their tier 5 is not really good, light cruisers (minotaur line) are pretty tricky to play and the heavy cruisers seem to be inferior to US heavy cruisers ( at least as much as I can see in the game). Edit: get Kirov and keep it because it will become a premium pretty soon.