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  1. damo74

    CVs and gaming enjoyment in WoWs: Polls

    I only came back to this game because I can't get MWO to run smoothly any more. What a time to return though. So much salt.
  2. damo74

    Gameplay *edited*

    Maybe try expressing your opinion like an adult, instead of like an entitled millennial cry-bully.
  3. damo74

    Gameplay *edited*

    Metas change. Deal with it snowflake
  4. damo74

    Did WG just kill DD gameplay?

    Low tier dd play is great fun. Had several matches where I've sank three carriers. However high tier dd play is horrible. Planes everywhere and too much radar means your mostly perma spotted. I also think skies full of planes will be a nightmare for RN cruisers which rely on stealth to survive.
  5. damo74

    Update 0.8.0? Major release, major fail?

    Played many games with three cvs per side. That's just too many.
  6. damo74

    County class cruiser

    I have to ask. Will there be a premium county class cruiser appearing in game soonish? I'd love to play this beautiful ship. An 8-inch gun cruiser for the RN would be an interesting addition.
  7. damo74

    Give all cruisers heal?

    T8 cruisers Yes. Especially as more often than not, they end up going against T10 BBs
  8. damo74

    Monarch. What am I doing wrong?

    Help me out here. I've just got King George V, and I'm hating it. As far as I can tell you have to play it like a big Atlanta? Just spam HE and hope nothing shoots at you as you take massive damage if hit, no matter the angle of the armour? I think Atlanta tanks damage better actually. I can't believe I free xp'ed past Queen Elisabeth to get to this turd. How do I make this thing work?
  9. damo74

    How to get extra Clash of elements coins

    World of grinding, turned up to 11
  10. damo74

    How to get extra Clash of elements coins

    This is a wargaming event. You must all know how they work by now.
  11. damo74

    Should I come back?

    Come back and play mid-tiers 4-7. Tier 8 onward is generally some form of purgatory.
  12. damo74

    Which lines are you looking forward to the most?

    I'd like to see British destroyers the most.
  13. damo74

    UK BBs Coming soon

    How original.
  14. damo74

    Are you happy enough with WG to buy Premium ships?

    At the moment No. I also haven''t renewed premium in a while, as I'm just not playing the game all that much these days. Also none of the recent premiums look worth it. I was really interested in HMS Hood, but it doesn't look like it's going to be very good. I already own HMS Warspite, and HMS Belfast so I don't really see any point in buying another T7 premium ship. I'm basically holding out for the Roma. Rumoured to be coming sometime in the future.