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  1. Hello. Im an old git and may be interested in joining?
  2. damo74

    So how do I fight subs?

    Just like global thermo-nuclear war... The only winning move, is not to play.
  3. damo74

    All games are the same....

    Most FPS games are ruined by the sniper class in my opinion. Im looking at you planetside 2.
  4. On the plus side, detonating a Smolensk today in my Izumo at 17km nearly caused my sides to split, I laughed so much.
  5. damo74

    Rate the Captain rework update - Poll

    The rework is shite. Time for another 9 month break.
  6. damo74

    Help for choosing a ship (Thunderer vs. Georgia)?

    Is Pommern worth a look? I'm close to the coal required now and am after a T9 or T10 battleship. I think I'd prefer T9 as T10 matches just aren't that much fun. I guess I could always hold out and see if an Italian T9 battleship is available for coal soon.
  7. damo74

    Is Lion still a bad ship?

    I really liked KGV, although it took me a while to click with her. In my experience Monarch has the worst dispersion I've ever seen. How, do I play this lump?
  8. damo74

    Is Lion still a bad ship?

    Why woukd you even be asking about a T9 BB after less than 300 battles? I suspect a reroll. Im on Monarch, and I hate it. Shame to hear the next ship in the line is also a swamp donkey of a ship.
  9. damo74

    Getting Georgia

    Thank you for the explanation. Ive never had very much steel to be honest, as I stay away from ranked battles. Plus I don't play all that much as you can see. 2000 battles since beta. So I'll likely never aquire enough steel for a ship at this rate.
  10. damo74

    is a worst BB than FLORIDA?

    Meet Monarch
  11. damo74

    Getting Georgia

    How do I convert steel, and what is the conversion rate? Also, why isn't it recommended to convert?
  12. damo74

    New ranked is breaking the game

    I used to find ranked battles incredibly frustrating. So I stopped bothering with it. Now I'm not frustrated. Simples!
  13. And yet you allowed the toxic thread header to remain.
  14. damo74

    teams are awful, as expected

    That just about sums up every game in every mode really.
  15. damo74

    Losing streak

    I've suffered many bad losing streaks, a lot more than winning streaks that's for sure. When I'm having a bad run of defeats I just stop playing... Usually for months at a time.