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  1. Mandyxx

    both teams unable to move during ranked game !

    We still talking in here
  2. Mandyxx

    both teams unable to move during ranked game !

    Is so funny! Im still in battle now :)
  3. Mandyxx

    Update Hayate for Free XP

    Only 2M? Neh, should be at least 3M.
  4. Mandyxx

    Can't transfer commanders

    Restarted the game again, third time worked. Some server issue for sure.
  5. Mandyxx

    Can't transfer commanders

    I did it already, no help.
  6. Never meet this issue untill today. Gearing commander is on Black, when i click to move commander, there is only one one choice, to recruit a new one. Same on all ships. U guys have the same problem?
  7. Mandyxx

    Georgia or Jean Bart?

    JB got AP? ;)
  8. Mandyxx

    LOL russian cruisers split coming next

  9. Mandyxx

    Server unavailable, disconnected midgame

    Hamsters tired....
  10. Mandyxx

    [MORIA] is looking for a few new players

    We still have few slots!
  11. Gallant in co-op for 5 games... Pressed battle from port, not from "continue", and surprise: Back to port from random battle, "coop " is selected :)))
  12. I got this one today, earlier. I played mino in coop for 15 fast wins, and i was without any flags, only cammo. Coop was selected, i pressed battle and i was in a regular battle :))))