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  1. Mandyxx

    Free XP from where?

    Nope, i sold my CV from inventory. Well, nevermind, 2,2 mil is 2,2 mil.
  2. Mandyxx

    Free XP from where?

    Any of u read what i wrote in first post? After i sold CVs, i was at 1,4 mil fee xp. I know i will get xp for CV. Today, i have 2,2 mil instead 1,4. 800.000 free xp extra.
  3. Mandyxx

    Free XP from where?

    Before patch i had like 700.000 free xp. After patch i sold my CV, japanese CV from tier 10 and US CV from tier 6. After that, i had like 1,4 million free xp. I start the game today, i played like 6 games and now i just realised that i have 2.283.443 free xp. Any ideea?
  4. Mandyxx

    Low level SEAL CLUBBERS

    I just playeed a game at tier 2 to see who is sealclubbing. Was a 3 vs 3 game... My team: Me Second player: 1,495 battles, 43% wr and 6k average damage. Third player: new in game, 80 battles, 40% wr and 7k average damage. Enemy team: First player: 291 battles, 41% wr and 11k average damage Second player: 980 battles, 47% wr and 10k average damage Third player: 43 battles, 70% wr and 36k average damage. Not new player for sure.
  5. Mandyxx

    Where are my commanders?

    I never clicked on ship parameters. And after first restart was the same, after second restart worked.
  6. Mandyxx

    Where are my commanders?

    Ah, thats why... TY :)
  7. Mandyxx

    Where are my commanders?

    Restarted the game, no change. After second restart commanders are back in port.
  8. Mandyxx

    Where are my commanders?

    I send the Normandie commander on reserve, he is gone :))))) Probably for a beer....
  9. Mandyxx

    Where are my commanders?

    I started the game and i want to move some commanders. But magic, even it shows that i have vacant places on my reserve, i can`t see my commanders. Or to move commanders to premium ships. You guys have the same problem?
  10. Mandyxx

    Low level SEAL CLUBBERS

    I have 19 skills commanders on my Umikaze And i lik that ship. If i want to play Smith, i have also 19 skill points commander. But umikaze is so fun, omfg...
  11. Mandyxx

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery. GL all!
  12. Mandyxx

    Sealclubbing at T10

    Sealclubbing is 3 shimas with 20 km torps in same division. It works with 12 km also but it not so funny.
  13. Mandyxx

    WG is spying with crashreports

    Switch on mac.
  14. Mandyxx


    I would like to know who edited this title and post :) *edit