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  1. Merlin851526

    the "carry harder!" thread

    still waiting for my turn to win
  2. Merlin851526

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Hold my beer lol
  3. Merlin851526

    Don’t buy PEF - she sucks hard

    you can throw up all the stats you like. If it walks like a Duck quacks like a Duck guess what.......yep it's a Duck. After this campaign is over I'm never taking it out of port again. Moreover I think the vast majority of people who are unhappy with it myself included don't want something OP. It's just that you shouldn't be at a disadvantage with a ship you just bought, the same way I hasten to add, nor should you be at an advantage either.
  4. Merlin851526


    That is a two way street. I can't tell the amount of times I've died supporting a DD only to have him hightail away the second the enemy show up. Or my particular favourite one is the DD that says no support no cap nearly colliding with you as he pulls away from the cap.
  5. Merlin851526

    kronshtadt overpenning bbs?

    I always expect Roma to over pen generally but it seems more prevalent lately. But it's not just ships like Roma as I've stated before it's all over the tiers . Catch a broadside cruiser and it's over pens all over the place. Caught a Wooster recently in my Mushasi broadside at roughly 9 km 6 over pens and a bounce 4 k damage if I remember correctly. LOL had I been in that Cruiser I would have been blapped back to port Another one from today from the Romas sister
  6. Merlin851526

    kronshtadt overpenning bbs?

    Somethings quite not right since the last patch in my opinion. It's over pen city for me particularly in my Musashi. It's gotten so bad that I've left it in port. Here are just a few examples of other ships.
  7. Merlin851526

    Stalin nerf?

    Caught one today full broadside in my Mushasi roughly 8 or so Km (game was long over before this) fired....all over pens had to manoeuvre away to avoid torps and inevitably Mr citadel paid me a visit . Goddamn ship seems to be immune to Bad RNG.
  8. Merlin851526

    Stalin nerf?

    I wish it was nerfed. In fact in my humble opinion it's ridiculously OP and should be removed from the game forthwith. Of course if I had one I would of course be downplaying it's effectiveness and telling all in sundry to leave it alone it's weak lol.
  9. Merlin851526

    Don’t buy PEF - she sucks hard

  10. Merlin851526


    Don't so hard on yourself. You have no control of RNG once you press fire it's in the lap of the gods after that.
  11. Merlin851526

    Attack of the 35% winrate carriers

    Well say that then. Otherwise you run the risk of being misunderstood and you wouldn't want that now. Would you?
  12. Merlin851526

    Attack of the 35% winrate carriers

    Tier 5 and 6 you can have 4 CV's in one game
  13. Merlin851526

    Tier X Carrier gameplay, threats and insults

    Just finished one of these games today and when I saw the lineup I just knew we were on a hiding to nothing. God you got to love Tier 8 . Our CV had a win rate in his MIDWAY of 14.81% and had only 27 games in her. Moreover he didn't play an awful lot of CV's. Whereas our enemy MIDWAY, yes you guessed it,(59.77% with 87 games) was unicum in his.Not only that, but spent a great deal of his time playing that particular class. well the results speak for themselves. Now the Tirpitz hasn't the best AA for a BB but I still managed to shoot down more aircraft than our MIDWAY,never a good sign. I can tell you there was some colourful language in the chat. I can fully understand why as well. It's utterly frustrating to be in a game where the enemy team has free reign. Our CV was so bad that he completely ignored the enemy Mushasi which was sunk by gunfire from us.whereas our Mushasi was gone from the beginning. Perhaps an argument for another day but I will never understand why there is so much disparity between this class of ship.You have all or nothing it's never in between. Anyway another rage inducing frustrating day playing WOW just like any other I suppose .
  14. Merlin851526

    Weekend HELL

    Of course it does the policy protects every body. Especially anyone having an issue with someone coming last in a winning team for example.
  15. Merlin851526

    Weekend HELL

    FYI you should hide all names with yours being the only exception not just your team.That aside it's painful I know, sadly it's the norm for a lot of the player base it seems.