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  1. Monarch. What am I doing wrong?

    Totally agree I thought the Monarch was the most useless ship in terms of it's accuracy apart from the Colorado. That is until I got the Friedrich der Große Christ it makes the Monarch seem like it's got rail guns. Good luck to those who have the patience to endure the Monarch I certainly don't .
  2. My short guide to "how to play Großer Kurfürst"

    Using the 420 and B hull and 14 point captain, only 7 games in her so far and to be honest I'm not enjoying it one bit. Of those 7 games I have only won 1 and I fear it's a portent of things to come. The gun dispersion is simply atrocious. I know the Germans suffer the most from this phenomenon but honestly it would leave you scratching your head at times. At the moment I'm fitted out for a secondary build as the captain was my Bismark one. But honestly thinking of trying to bolster the AA as I'm getting almost one shotted by CV's. I'm not expecting to dominate the battle every time I play, it's just the guns seem to be terribly unreliable due to the dispersion which makes one feel so helpless in such a large ship.
  3. I'm tempted to get the GC. But I must agree the Dunkerque is awful simply awful......however I don't mind playing her from time as if you get a good game it's a nice surprise. I'm using her to train captains for my French cruisers obviously but apart from that she's a lol ship no doubt about it.
  4. Saving Transylvania - tips for success

    Well sadly I have. Must have attempted this operation about 8 times today all ending in failure sigh, I simply cant go on.Think I'll give this a miss it's too rage inducing. All I've seen today are BB's using HE with no fire chance against Rasputin, DD's not smoking up the Transylvania and in general BB's Ignoring the catapults.
  5. HMS Hood, review after a week and captain skills

    This is the bizarre thing. I enjoy the Warspite far more than I do the Hood despite the clear advantages that Hood has over the Warspite re range and speed.Maybe it's my bogey ship.
  6. unequal damage taking or error? and same old UK BBs.

    Lol none of mine do
  7. HMS Hood, review after a week and captain skills

    Well after 45 battles in her and a win rate of 38% I simply detest her and deeply regret buying her. I've never regretted buying a premium before now. Just cant get her to work no matter what I do. The guns seem terribly inaccurate (to me anyway) Perhaps it's the matchmaking of late as it seems a bit wonky I don't know. I've tried to focus exclusively on mid range combat but it never works out.
  8. unequal damage taking or error? and same old UK BBs.

    Yeah totally agree I'm seeing more and more crazy stuff with the ribbons. Keep getting Pen ribbons but no damage dealt
  9. Update 0.6.11 - Bug Reports

    I believe you first must own that ship in order to play the mission.
  10. Why is my WR going to hell?

    Remember pushing simi middle, half way up noticed that we were 5 ships down to no enemy kills. Had to haul [edited]back to base to defend and subsequently died there.
  11. Why is my WR going to hell?

    I hear your pain the last couple of days have been a bit strange indeed
  12. Graphic Errors and FPS Drops

    God it's so frustrating nearly every map 1 second pause 60 odd frames to 0. Tried DX9 etc no difference. Fine before the last two patches for me.It's not like this game isn't difficult to play at the best of times.
  13. Why is my WR going to hell?

    To be fair the OP's stats are way better than mine and for it's worth I think his doing just fine. The RNG aspect of the game is frankly rage inducing at times. As is of course the decisions made by your team from time to time. For instance last night while playing Trap nearly all of my team went to A which in my experience limited as it is, tends to always be a bad idea ( we lost by the way).Now of course what is one to do in situations like that, follow the rest or press on solo to a cap? Of course more often than not you will be heavily out numbered if you decide to press on and if you go with the rest of the team you leave the rest of the map free to the enemy side.There are many other examples of poor decisions and placement in other maps that are completely out of ones control. However I don't want to give the impression that I am completely free of blame myself I have and do make poor decisions myself from time to time.But in the main there are a lot of games that are totally out of your control from the second the map loads and no amount of carry will fix that...........even Flamu loses from time to time for the reasons I've outlined above.
  14. [] [RU][EN] WG MultiPack

    Took your advice and left out the BAD0BEST panels errors disappeared. Many thanks
  15. [] [RU][EN] WG MultiPack

    Getting the same error messages with this current iteration "res_mods.\\gui\clan_icons\460?.png" etc