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  1. Merlin851526

    How to fix the game!

    Lol I have been away since the first CV update (got too ridiculous for me) came back yesterday. Played 4 games won the first game, was over in less 5 mins total rout. The same happened for the last 3 except in reverse. All total defeats probably lasted no more than 7 mins a game. The longest part of my experience yesterday was the loading times for the maps Nice to see things are still the same.
  2. Merlin851526

    Gameplay *edited*

    Look! Hillary lost. plain and simple, build a bridge and get over it.
  3. Merlin851526

    *edited* ( about 0.8 )

    So lets see if I read your post correctly. Firstly you complain about the various complaints by the community regarding CV's. Even going as far as to call them "kids" and "whiners" etc. and this predicated only on the fact that you like the current CV meta. Moreover you tell all concerned to not to play if they don't like it. After all of the above you then proceed to whine about the ranked game play, Flint, Yueyang , Moskva, and finally Khabarovsk. This is somewhat bizarre because you seem to be ignoring the same advice you gave to everyone earlier in your post which was "if you don't like it don't play it". Amazing, even for here thats amazing. I have never read anything so hypocritical and so redundant as this post to date on this forum. And that's saying something, as there are some Gems floating about here. So people have no right to complain about CV's just because you think there are fine! Give everyone else a break son, and take a step back, good lad.
  4. Merlin851526

    Bismarck Vs Hakuryu LOL!!!!.. :(

    What are you stat shaming for?
  5. Merlin851526

    Is this a GG?

    You can stop now. That hole you've dug for yourself is deep enough!
  6. Merlin851526

    Is this a GG?

    How was his post malicious? He posted a screenshot of a good game which he seemed to have. Never claimed the CV he was in was this or that, just remarked the class was powerful. Your issue seems to be about something thats completely unrelated to the subject at hand I.E. is this a GG. I don't know how many games he lost before he posted that screenshot nor do I care. You do it seems. Something happened in a game between you and the OP and you follow him into forums about it. Say's a lot more about you. You can try all you like to justify your behaviour, but that Hound just wont hunt son.
  7. Merlin851526

    Is this a GG?

    No excuse for your Hostility or rudeness. Not to mention your stat shaming.
  8. Merlin851526

    Is this a GG?

    Least he's not hiding behind an alt account. It's ok for you to brag about playing a particular class of ship in a different account to your forum one hmm? and we have to take your word for it. At least the OP posted the results from his game as opposed to just telling us. Oh and look up the word Irony and study it's definition before you call someone else Ignorant.
  9. Merlin851526

    DD 0.8.0 The murder of an entire ship type

    Well you didn't play those 8 games with your current account. So I guess we only have your word that indeed you did play DD yesterday.
  10. Merlin851526

    [ALL] ModStation

    A lot still not working sadly. Modified compass = Greyed out. Torpedo markers = Greyed out. Combat ribbons (my personal favourite) = Greyed out. Target lock = Greyed out. Detection markers only 1 set working the rest are greyed out. Shame really as the above in my opinion give a nice visual aspect to the game.
  11. Merlin851526

    8.0 Upgrades heads up

    No better further up the tiers either I'm afraid and 5 is a no go area as far as I'm concerned. Sadly I think this nonsense is going to last longer than a day. I've been in some tier 5 games today and it's 3 CV's aside sigh.
  12. Merlin851526

    8.0 Upgrades heads up

    Does anyone know yet if it's viable to sell the AA mod 2 as it's going to cost an arm and leg to replace the ones they removed?
  13. Merlin851526

    Musashi Lovers Appreciation Thread

    For the life of me I cant do a thing with it. All I'm doing is over penning everything.
  14. Christ another one, this isn't about me it was about a situation where all the ships weakness were apparent. that particular game was lost in the first few minutes all the DD's died it seemed all at once. Game was over so I pushed in to cap no one else was going to do so. That.s why I ended up the way I did. I could have course hit speed boost and head out to border area of the map and snipe in. But no doubt if I did that you'd still find something wrong with it. Just stop like a good lad I've wasted enough time on you.
  15. WTF was I doing in tier 10 I believe was your first response to me . It's as if your some sort of gatekeeper for that tier. You could have read the accompanying text attached to my screen shot but you didn't you decided I didn't belong in that tier because your having better games in that ship than me. Because if you did you would have seen how I ended up as I did. A point which I feel illustrates the strengths and weakness of this ship namely 32mm and over penning guns. And you make the assumption that it was a Harugumo that burnt me down, nope wrong of course Zao and Hindenburg that did all the damage. Furthermore you have the temerity to call me a retard for getting torped by the Roon because I didn't push in? It's precisely the reason the Roon was able to torp me because I was in the cap trying to make a silk purse out of a pigs ear. If leaping to conclusions was an Olympic sport you would no doubt be a Gold medallist.