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  1. Giulio Cesare guns accuracy

    A few weeks ago I had a mid 50's win rate in her now it's down to 49%. 97 games in her to date average damage 45k . Getting wreaked in almost every game lately it seems. If your matched with your tier things can be fine, but if up tiered I find the ship impossible to play and incredibly weak . The wiki says she has good AA for her tier lol who ever wrote that didn't come come up against tier 6 or 7 CV's of which they tons of at tier 5.I have the ship specd out for AA and if there is anything other that a tier 5 CV in game all I'm doing is giving away my position. Moreover if up tiered (90% of the time you will be) tier 7 BB will only laugh at you. I'm still wondering what advantage the ship is supposed to have given it's paper thin armour and crusty the clown AA and woeful range, Christ the range 16.4 are you kidding me wargaming. At least the Texas who is at the same tier can get her guns up 19 Km with an upgrade.
  2. The "Loot"ening (SC LOOT FEST)

    Not wishing to seem ungrateful but I have only 1 tier X ship and all I got was 25 flags.To be honest I would have been stunned had it been any other way.
  3. Friedrich der Grosse - What am I missing?

    Just got rid this ship last night finally got the Kurfurst. My god I've never detested a ship as much as the Grob (Perhaps Dunkerque a close second). One of my final games in the Grob I had a Yamato broadside to me 3.6 Km fired and guess what? not one hit not one. I watched those rounds arch and splash all around that ship but not hit. Needless to say the Yamato had no such handicap as German dispersion and most if not all his rounds found their mark. I know people will say shes a great Brawler etc but brawling is very situational and not all maps will suit such game play. You cant snipe from afar because of the Krusty the clown accuracy, push in too close and your focused out of the game back to port, thats if the Shima wall of skill doesn't get you first. I'm still wondering what advantage that ship had in lue of it's accuracy. I had good games in her for sure. But they were few and far between. Overall I advise avoid like the plague and free xp past it.
  4. Ditto, using the same type of mods and have never experienced the black screen crash. Moreover my division buddy who uses no mods gets the black screen crash maybe twice a night.
  5. Got a ST Ship E-mail?

    Got the email but no test ships.
  6. Bagoshite epicenter

    I have won on epicentre mode plenty of times and I still abhor it. Particularly that awful map Tears of the Desert. Oh and by the way Google translate is not your friend.
  7. Scharnhorst: Getting the most out of her?

    Love this ship but have a terrible win rate in her (40%) I mostly play her like a heavy cruiser but generally lose more than I win. Some days I struggle even to get my daily win in her. However I enjoy my time in her nonetheless.

    That's not the only thing it lacks. It manoeuvres like a football stadium, even with The rudder shift modual.
  9. Friedrich der Grosse - What am I missing?

    God I wish I could help you I'm struggling with this ship myself(46% win rate). No matter what I do I can't seem to get it to work. If I'm not on fire I'm torpedo fodder for DD's. Moreover with the crusty the clown dispersion you don't have any confidence in the guns be they 406 or 420. Sadly I'm not enjoying this ship at all and look upon it as a chore to be gotten out of the way.

    I went for IFHE and honestly I'm glad I did. I came late to the IFHE party and noticed in my other Cruisers that didn't have it struggle to consistently do any damage.I'm working towards Demo Expert next.

    Yeah got the 10 point Captain package. Your right the ship is decent and given the right map and MM it can be really fun. But it's no open water ship played on Tears of the Desert last night and I think I lasted about 6 Mins lol.

    Got this bundle recently as I wanted a change of pace for a while. I Normally play BB's (Badly lol) and dip into Cruisers every so often. Anyway I decided to concentrate on cruisers for a while and honestly I'm having fun. Particularly in the Nueve De Julio. Although I found it to be extremely map dependant, it's no open water ship But it's helped somewhat by the unusual aspect of a heal in a Tier VII cruiser. You will need this heal if caught in open water as you have 16 mm of deck armour. So what do you guys think?
  13. Do the French cruisers need a concealment buff?

    Your kidding me? I thought it was originally 12 and was thankfully buffed to 10. Now it's going back to 12!
  14. Dunkerque below 8km

    Sold mine just couldn't bare it any more god knows I tried. In the end I started using HE only as I found it more consistent than the AP. One of the worst ships I ever had the misfortune to buy. Over pens on cruisers constantly, no armour to speak of even when angled. Remember having to yolo a Dunkerque in my Algérie and all the while I knew during it I was pretty safe, and yes true to form all of his shots either missed or over penned. Which allowed me to torp him quite comfortably. Such was the awfulness of the Dunkerque. Strange thing is I don't remember it being so bad when I first bought it.
  15. Richelieu - Tier VIII

    Must say I'm loving the Richelieu at the moment. Honestly I didn't think I would as I had the Dunkerque and I simply despised that ship. I know they are different ships but I'm comparing gun/ship configuration. The Richelieu hit's like a train notwithstanding the BB dispersion and it's fast. Not to mention the range is not too shabby 23 Km stock and 25.3 Km upgraded. It's funny how certain ships suit particular players/play style. For Instance I simply hate and I mean hate the North Carolina, just can't get that ship to work for me no matter how much I try to protect my broadside. However I know I'm in a minority with regard to that NC as a great deal of the community seem to think it's fantastic. Currently the Richelieu is like that for me and I hope that continues.