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  1. You can however see how much oil you've gathered for the clan by going to the clan tab in port and looking at the roster.
  2. D'aww, did the poor widdle battleship sink because the poor widdle battleship can't manage repair party?
  3. Don't be silly and drop every torpedo you have on battleships that obviously are actively trying to evade something..
  4. Yes.
  5. Because the regular weekday playerbase consists exclusively of brilliant players. EDIT; Also, aren't you part of the weekend teams? :3
  6. Moooom, it's unfair! Make them stop! Also, the gameplay isn't supposed to be that realistic, if you haven't noticed. Oh, and not like battleships are stronk enough, amirite?
  7. I still don't see the struggle in a +2 matchmaker, I'm not especially competetive of me nor am I a great player - but I quite enjoy the matchmaker as it is anyway. Then again, I was fine with the +3 in WoT too. EDIT; To clarify, I'm not saying that the matchmaker doesn't have problems.
  8. Imagine how they would have been without!
  9. It's way older than 0.6.4 though, it surfaces every now and then since I think cbt.
  10. Get in close, bait shots on your belt and kick them in the aft!
  11. Input/Output.
  12. To the moon with you, to the moon! Tea is the real thing. All the pretty pony princesses drink it. Here, have a sip.
  13. Having WASD controlling the ship after pressing enter would cause just as many to run into problems with ships going everywhere. A workaround to no third key input would be using Q and E (locking the rudder to half or full on either side). Though keeping the engine key depressed is not needed.
  14. Probably should be in off-topic to avoid rage of the mods.
  15. Fire at the shells that comes out of the smoke? Boom goes the minotaur.