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  1. PraeTo

    Tirpitz or Roma?

    If you got a Bismark, ( secondary build with a 19 captain points ) buy a permanent Camo on her ( if you don't have one ), and you got a fantastic money maker and captains experience trainer with her ! ( like the tirpiz ) And with the meta and the return of CV's, Bismark AA def are really a good choice and like you said , you got Hydro on her too.
  2. PraeTo

    Italian Arc - First part

    The only good thing about this line is speed. Genova premium is a joke with this 20 s cool down reload time, and this size , biger than a BB ... no fun at all with her. The normal T5 ( the only i have unlocked ), is really better than the Genova, but for the rest , the shell trajectory is not good for SAP and the time travel is too long. Torps are ok for this rank and smoke can be usefull, but only 1 charge ( no premium ) et cool down is too long. It s the badest cruiser line i ve test, DPM is too low ! At this point, This branch need ajustment.