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  1. zoban

    New Portal confirms submarines!

    Might I ask how did you find yourself on this page? If there is a missing link or a mistake, we can fix it. Cheers
  2. zoban

    No more wipe: confirmed?!

    Because every time someone asks about the wipe, god... sinks a ship!
  3. zoban

    No more wipe: confirmed?!

    You know what, guys, we should just make it a sticky announcement on the portal, RIGHT ON THE TOP Who cares about a nice picture with a ship! What do you lot say? It is just a click away..! Poll incoming...
  4. zoban

    No more wipe: confirmed?!

    "And since you have been asking a lot - we are not planning any wipes after the OBT start, so happy hunting!" If there is any other way how to make it more clear, I don´t know about it