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  1. cen4pgb1

    Is it just me or CV are only mostly appearing on 1 team?

    FlutterRage, on 28 June 2015 - 09:03 PM, said: edit: on a completely unrelated note, have the reward for both exp and credit been lowered for the same performance? Or did I suddenly became bad after the patch? Which is possible due to the many changes. Yes, Now on normal XP/Money rather than CBT rates which were inflated to get us up the tiers.
  2. cen4pgb1


    Much like WoT I suspect we'll see the lines expanding as we get more developed. So cruisers may well split into Light and Heavy, the current BB line amy well split to separate Battleship and Battlecruiser lines. More cross links between lines I also foresee as likely.
  3. cen4pgb1

    Japanese Officer speaking american english?

    I'd prefer at least 2 options, English with appropriate accent and Appropriate Language. The former offers a halfway house, as recognising even a simple set of phrases with background noise etc is quite a level of comprehension, especially when the languages vary as much as English and Japanese.
  4. cen4pgb1

    Update 0.3.1 General feedback

    Opinion backed up by masses of aggregated performance stats....
  5. cen4pgb1

    Thanks you WG

    I believe the aim assist mod as was used an old asset from alpha which did have target lead markers for guns, it may well be a change to this old asset that killed it.
  6. cen4pgb1

    TKing with torps

    You do know failure to keep an effective watch is against the law, both civilian and military, and would as a RN Captain certainly see you in front of at least an inquiry if not a court martial. NOBODY is arguing that those torpedoing should not take responsibility, they are just arguing its not always just on them. I will also add been hit by far more shells from dozy cruiser captains not realising their fore turret is pointing at me as they race past than torps.
  7. cen4pgb1

    TKing with torps

    The Rule on the seas is EVERYONE who could have avoided an incident is deemed responsible if they don't. While certain vessels are expected to yield to others (powered to sail for example) theres no free pass given to sail vessels not to avoid powered. You are also making false statements here, as the person you quote claiming they shoot and just expect friendlies to avoid them, where their actual statement is BOTH those firing and those who surround them have responsibility to be aware. So many factors can mean a torp misses, many are RNG dependent (one of my more common miss reasons is the ships sunk and therefore slowed significantly, and usually by a massive crit, or I wouldn't have fired), some just simple errors, one where an ally decided my 2 torps were a lesser evil than 2 destroyer loads on the other side, when mine were launched before the destroyers or torps were visible.. Seen near misses because a BB decided to turn through a cruiser and pushed it almost into a friendlies path... So an accidental torp hit should be punished by a deliberate TK? I know who a mod would ban in a report system there...
  8. cen4pgb1


    You need to start training the Infantry if you can throw grenades that far, arming distance is comfortably further than a grenade can be thrown under ideal conditions.
  9. cen4pgb1

    capture base at the harbours

    Capture circles are like so many things in this game, an abstraction. Plenty of naval conflict has been about who controls a certain stretch of sea, and given theres no retreat mechanic, capture circles are designed to represent this. Hell in many cases destroying enemy ships is merely a byproduct or means to an end, the end being control of an area of water....
  10. cen4pgb1

    Kitakami wallows like a pig

    Yup Upgrades (need a level 6 account) available on all ships, researched and paid for modules aren't called upgrades in the UI...
  11. cen4pgb1

    A finite no of torp reloads?

    Without the detail screen those stats are meaningless. I've had similar kill to hits ratio with a DD's guns on BBs, the last few points of damage is all the kill means, even a pea-shooter can do it with luck. In fact that looks exactly along those line torps hitting already damaged ships (between the US and EU servers lost count of the number of times I've fire torps on a full/high HP target at 3km-4km and had either one hit the ship and kill with others hitting the wreck, or all hitting the wreck (or missing due to wreck deceleration) as a number of teammates also targeted it...
  12. Had a quick browse and can't see anything solid on where they attach to the existing tech trees, prefer not to have to repurchase an old ship to get them...