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  2. I would like to thank everyone for their points and observations in this discussion, especially Vanhal who has put his case forward in the most interesting way. I heartens me that this conversation was what I hoped it to be, both constructive and instructive, and it give me hope for the future of the game and the people who play it. I personally will stick with this game, and will try to bring my friends with me. I look forward to meeting you all on the battlefield.
  3. lol.. You know I wasn't originally ranting. But I suppose trying to offset those who criticize everything because it isn't exactly how they personally think it should be, is going to eventually descend to ranting. Personally I think if something is Premium then it should have a premium quality. I would argue even that the Atlanta has a premium quality, and one of the reason it tends to have the stuffing blown out of it early is because it can become a major pain in the butt if not taken out quickly. As we seem to agree.. I think the Tirpitz is a great example of what a premium ship really is and when it comes around again I will be sorely tempted to get it, even with all the bundled stuff, and so will a lot of other people.
  4. If you hadn't put single player game in the reference I wouldn't have known which game was which. Kerbal is a constant beta driver.
  5. I'm sort of mixed about the bundles. Do we want the ships to be at such a low price that they lose their uniqueness? I'm not naive enough to think that this isn't just a money spinner for WG, but lets be honest there isn't a ship out there that is special enough that it is essential we pay money for it. We want the ship for its uniqueness and rarity value. Perhaps by tagging on the flags etc (Which I like to use) is what makes it out of reach execpt to the most determined. And when I'm old and I've had my fun, I'll sell my inventions so that *everyone* can have powers. *Everyone* can be super! And when everyone's super... [chuckles evilly]*no one* will be.
  6. Honestly this isn't really for WG. Its for everyone like me who has to sit out there and read the constant negativity about a game they thought they liked. Its to say that they are not the only ones that like this game. If you want to read a forum should be like , what a community is, then go read something like the Kerbal forums. That game has gone from strength to strength because of the work put into it by its community.
  7. Vaderan, You make great points in this that I cannot dispute. To me WOWs as a wallet grabber game is unique. The really good players I have seen dont want the top ships. As you see all over the forum the good players sit at Tier 5-7 (8) and play a game that equally drives them crazy and keep them coming back. Constructive criticism IS a vital part in the growth of anything (Including us), and yes I am whining about the whiners. But we all know that if all we do is sit and criticise we are as likely to end up speaking to deaf ears and the people who have something constructive to say will get drowned out by the tide of whiners who really just want the world to rotate around them. I never played the Alpha (I wish I had) and its important that people like you keep dedicating your free time on something we all care about. So thanks for that. All I'm saying is this is a great game that fills a gap that I have felt since the Battlestation games. I love playing this game and will be following for a long while. I dont spend a lot on it any more because I have been up to Tier 9 and didnt like it (Moved back to Tier 7 ships), so now I play a game that is pretty much free of charge and get what I consider great value entertainment.
  8. If I receive flack for this then so be it. I love this game. I love the gun inaccuracies (If anyone complains about targeting then perhaps we should add a ships roll at sea into the calculations and see anyone hits anything...ever. It would be theorically possible to do a tight turn and shoot during the apex of your turn to gain additional distance.) I love the different abilities of players. (I'm not that good as can be seen from my stats but I love the fact that I get a fair play. Not everyone is a constant tactical genius and I have made some real howlers, like coming to close around a bluff in a Battleship looking for a DD I just saw) I love some ships are OP (Sometimes you need to get your mates together and beat the snot out of a ship that would spank you any other time. For a real world comparison lets talk about the Bismark.) I love big maps, small maps and even the open ocean. ( Not all battle were fought in ideal conditions for the ships involved. Some of my most gratifying balttes were in Atlanta in the open ocean.) I love the premium ships in premium bundles. (Bright twinkily gifts that I cant afford but can dream about. Every time a new one appears I look up the history of it on Wikipedia etc, and decide if I have the ability to take it for a meaningful spin) I love the detail the developers go to. (The videos of the ships, the minute detail on the ships. Rust spots.) I love the whacky dazzle Camo (Even with our latest christmas camo we are hard pushed to beat what was used in real life) Its a great game, I can lose myself for hours and stay awake during weork nights much later that I should. What annoys me are the constant moaners on the forums. Its too big, Its too small. Its too strong its too weak. Its too accurate, its not accurate enough. Its a game.. Its there to escape from the events of the day. Its not going to be perfect...its never going to be perfect, but its enjoyable. Its a game with ships so its going to take a long time to get into the action, but at the same time its been arcaded, so its not a true sim. Its going to evolve and grow, sometimes correctly and sometimes incorrectly. Our duty as players is to bring constructive criticism with intelligent observations, not to take out our suppressed frustration on having a dead end job, an annoying boss and a wife that doesn't look like a playboy bunny, is a professional contortionist in the bedroom and a top chef in the kitchen. So enjoy it as I do, with all its flaws and if you feel you cant play it without getting frustrated, go outside and enjoy the real world, find a park and wiggle your toes in the grass.
  9. Kicked again...thats it for tonight...bah
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